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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Liko, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Liko Well-Known Player


    Trying to run older content is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. Is thing anything coming in the pipe work to address this issue or is it pretty much here to stay?
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  2. Darth Piper Committed Player

    Given that we will now be purchasing catalysts from John Constantine, perhaps they could revisit the idea of "CR Relevancy" and at least give you a single MoV for completing an entire run in older content if you are above the CR rating of the instance. That MoV would be granted, and not available as a loot choice for defeating a boss. Between that and the Nth metal drops, you may find more people running more older content because it will help them level up some of the artifacts faster.
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  3. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    It isn't just the older stuff. Stuff that's been around maybe a year it's impossible to form groups to run raids. Try to queue for War Torn stuff and see what happens. You'll be waiting a while and if you have nothing better to do, queuing for stuff like FoS is an exercise in futility.
  4. Shark Dental Loyal Player


    Did someone say Q time?
  5. BumblingB 10000 Post Club

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  6. lordexecution365 Dedicated Player

    Not sure if their is much they can do.

    OK suppose they dropped more MOV in the older content, sure they would get a few more players to run it, but it wouldn't change much or to the extent to where you would get a great pickup in the time it takes to get into the content.

    The only thing that I could see that would help a whole lot would be to gate the community within tiers, but even then would be a problem because of the RNG that they use that would reward a small populace with lucky drops and would hold others back.

    Then there is the thing with selling the latest dlc not many at endgame and the heavy influx of newer players is causing and has always caused the same problem of inexperienced players bouncing to endgame and diminishing the difficulty of the game as a whole.

    People don't want grind but they want to catch up how can you do both?
  7. Knarlydude Dedicated Player

    MOVs have been dropping in lower content more than they were a few months ago.

    LIke you said. Mark Relevancy needs to be looked at and then junked because that stigma needs to be gone.

    Edit: The sooner DCUO dumps Marks Relevancy and acknowledges the bad after effects it caused it the better it will be for everyone.
    The only issue really after that would be over geared players but that could be resolved by capping stats in content that drops loots.
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  8. Knarlydude Dedicated Player

    I think the Devs could be working towards that solution with the previews and different rewards for the previews vs the harder versions.

    Run the easy version & get less loot or run the harder version and get maxed loot.
  9. lordexecution365 Dedicated Player

    Could be, but wouldn't that just lead to the same as now anyway.

    I mean let's face it if content is to difficult players quit, and if they finish it quickly they quit and complain of boredom yet the older content is a ghost town as they are claiming and so many still need feats out of the older content vs newer content with an even smaller player base.
  10. Knarlydude Dedicated Player

    The devs just need to realize that they cannot please everyone and there is a cause & effect for everything that they do. The just need to do what they need to do.

    Here are some things that I see that hurt the game as a whole
    #1 Marks Relevancy
    #2 CR scaling/differential
    ( Like I've stated before GU 47 killed the PC server )
    These two things above really did a number on the player population and the type of player that DCUO attracts.

    These issues here make setting difficulty hard for the devs

    A. Some people want easy stuff ( over geared players that want a walk in the park )
    B. Some want to be carried by over geared players
    C. Some people want hard stuff ( with A & B that's kind of difficult to do )
    D. Some complain because end game players know nothing ( reason ref A & B )

    From what I see
    The devs have set good a base on which to build.
    The base that I see are three different difficulties.

    Preview = easy
    DLC = normal
    Elite or Expert = Hard

    The devs can use this base and build off it in regards to each type of player using loot and types of currency throughout the whole game like they have been with the newer stuff.

    If overgeared players or players that want easy content want better loot they need to run harder content. Harder content would be stats being capped in lower instances and running at CR or elite content to get better loot. This basically something that DCUO is doing now for all the new content that they release. The devs at DCUO just need to apply it to the rest of the game and call it good because someone is going to complain no matter what.
  11. SuperBoyPrime91 Active Player

    If you are a US hero then you have some hope, maybe with cross faction operations US villains will have a little hope too. But the game no longer has enough players to fill all tiers, because of p2w, bad content, bad updates and other trash they've put in the game, so, we'll have to deal with it.

    If you are EU...It takes about 1 month to get a group for a old raid Operation or PvP, that's why i'm no longer playing in there and if you are in the same situation, you should do the same (change servers).

    Catalysts were a really nice incentive to run old instances, but they removed them from the instances instead of removing the % breakthrough chance, seals of completion and catalyst MP packs.

    They are hurting the game a LOT just to get some money and the community took it like they did them a favor. Sometimes (All times) i think the game is at this state because some players keep supporting P2W and RNG.
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  12. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    all these queue time can be solve by just adding in a teleporter... so people can solo it... no need to wait for queue....

    people gain CR way too fast now days to bother with low level duo, alert and raid...
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  13. BabyBoyzim Committed Player

    Get rid of content relevancy and make it how it was. Who cares if you could blow through old stuff, this is just no fun. A cr 240 can be one shot in some instances it’s been reported here. Makes no sense. Why even get higher cr to struggle in older stuff? Wave takes forever as a high cr helping a friend level an alt. Doable, but SLOW. we need people to come back to the game as is, not keep driving them away. Would the ‘elites’ prefer the game to whittle off and die due to low population or have people come back to the way it was when it was fun?

    It’s too much of a chore to run things at level half the time, and when a high cr comes in it’s just better.
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  14. TheLorax Loyal Player

    Not everyone can solo group content. That would make queue times shorter for high levels and even longer for people at level.
  15. Plowed In Committed Player

    What you can do in the short term(like right now, without any developer changes):

    1) Be able to play as a support role. Buy an extra armory and be able to switch as needed. I still think the teleporter is the most impactful purchase...but slowly I’m getting close to saying it’s the extra armory...

    2) Make friends. Especially other players who will play the other 2 support roles you aren’t. Even if you don’t form an entire raid group, queueing up as tank, troll, and heal with almost always get you in.

    3) Use LFG. Market yourself effectively, think about what groups you join...include terms like “speed run,” “feat run,” “style run.” They always perk up my attention when I’m looking for stuff. Let people know how full your group is...5/8, 7/8...other people are more likely to join if they don’t worry about sitting in a group waiting for 30 minutes...like all of us. ;)

    4) Random single instance Q, only as dps, only as yourself is the worst. Last resort. If you HAVE to, Q as soon as you log on before you start doing your daily stuff.
  16. WilderMidnight Loyal Player

    combat needs to be revamped. used to be difficult finding support players. now its difficult finding support players and dps. things won't get better til they actually fix things.

    beyond that we also have easy time capsule gear to blame for this. makes it too easy to just skip over everything. not the best course of action to take but most players in this new meta are disposable. they come and go so fast these days.

    why put tons of effort into your character when your power sucks?

    why put effort into your character when its cookie cutter fotm that rules the day?

    why put effort into your character if all you need to do is find one rare-ish item to sell and you can buy all the gear you need off the broker?
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  17. recoil2 Committed Player

    i would support old raids/ alerts being made solo instances. i prefer the solo walkin stuff anyways, it's just faster and less hassle when someone decides mechanic A or mechanic B is just too hard. though it would involve taking out the group mechanics like twisting all 4 keys at once in inner sanctum, few groups can do that with 4 players, much less somebody soloing it 0_0? other alerts and raids would include: oolong island which has the metal man rooms, khandaq which has the plug the well bit, sunstone chasm and core which has the bridge and group split parts etc.
  18. lukelucky Loyal Player

    We get events to level low guys up

    Dcuo and the community swear horrible business models like time capsules are "successful " yet the population is drastically smaller then it should be due to such methods. So much revenue is lost and way to much damage to the game.
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