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  1. SamyX1 New Player

    Hello I had a question about the flash lightning strikes dlc mission - happy because on the internet but its not helping me much

    I did the missions of central city as well as the villains of the genre Meteo Black canary ect .. I would like the rest afterwards? thank you very much
  2. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    I don't understand the question.
  3. Iconic Simulation Loyal Player

    It's probably best to post in your native tongue, so we can translate what you are trying to say.

    Probablemente sea mejor publicar en su lengua materna, para que podamos traducir lo que está tratando de decir.

    Es ist wahrscheinlich am besten, in Ihrer Muttersprache zu posten, damit wir übersetzen können, was Sie sagen möchten.

    Provavelmente, é melhor postar em sua língua nativa, para que possamos traduzir o que você está tentando dizer.

    Il est probablement préférable de publier dans votre langue maternelle, afin que nous puissions traduire ce que vous essayez de dire.
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  4. Reinheld Loyal Player

    My guess is that he(she?) is referring to the different spawns points for the CC bounties? Maybe the fact that only one of the 2 in CC map spawns at once, and that's random and sometimes repeated(so maybe they can't find that last one)? I'd think this is available somewhere already.

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