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  1. Unknown Member

    Can anybody tell me why do PvP sellers in the HoD can sell u gear AND weapons for pvp, while the PvE vendors only give u armor? Can we get them to sell some PvE weapons, too?
  2. Katheryne Active Member

    The only vendor that sells weapons is in the "Lightning Strikes" DLC within Central City that cost 600 Marks of Triumph.

    Personally I wouldn't mind a T4 131 Weapon for about 45 Marks of War or 3000 Marks of Triumph. Hopefully the T5 weapons will be in the vendors like in Central City.
  3. Unknown Member

    Thanks for the reply... anyone else would like to see the vendors in HoD/Watchtower selling weps?
  4. dWI Active Member

    no support, i dont believe it would be looked down upon to enter a raid(may not apply to operations) with a T4 or even T3 pvp weapon, and by doing so you can get a decent pve weapon. i got a pve staff from fos 3 my first time doing it and i was using a T2 pvp weapon i believe.

    but hey if making an easy game easier is your forte, by all means.
  5. Rahiel Active Member

    Probably because enemy players don't drop weapons when you kill them ;)
  6. Statman Well-Known Member

    Was just gonna say this, but you beat me to it!

    PvE weapons can be attained through playing the content, and are recieved as drops, PvP weapons cannot - they need to be purchased only.
  7. Unknown Member

    OH!!! Now I get it! thanks!
  8. Unknown Member

    Wait, but u can get PvP weapons from weekly reward boxes (the same way u can get PvE weps).
    I still have the same question...
  9. Rahiel Active Member

    Right... but in PvE, you ALSO get weapons from drops. Not just reward boxes, but dropping directly from bosses. Drops are by far the main way to get weapons in PvE.

    In PvP, they only come from reward boxes, so that primary method is absent. So instead, you can buy them from vendors.
  10. Statman Well-Known Member

    It's not the same. If weapons dropped off people you killed in PvP, then I would class it as the same. Being only in weekly boxes or through purchase, it's limited.
  11. Unknown Member

    It is limited, but not unbelievably different. U can make the weps with only 1-3 points up of each stat than the regular tier weps u get in instances... that should solve the problem, no?
  12. Statman Well-Known Member

    I don't really see the problem at all. I think it's fine how it is.
  13. tukuan Well-Known Member

    Thankfully the DLC6 instance missions almost always drop a weapon. I hated the fact that the only T4 weapons dropped from raids so you had to compete with 7 other players for them.

    BTW keep in mind that the CC weapons have a second tier that you can buy at 68CR and they are still the same 600 MoT. That at least keeps you competitive in the early stages of T4 content.
  14. Rahiel Active Member

    Pretty much this. Sometimes you have to use a weapon type that isn't your favorite for a while (although in some ways this is a good thing, since you get to try out other weapons and also learn how they work), but it seems quite rare to be deprived of a tier-appropriate weapon for very long at all.
  15. Unknown Member

    I don't say the fact that the vendors don't sell PvE weapons is a problem. The "problem" mentionned in my previous post was the difference between weapon drops in PvE and PvP make a big difference and don't let them sell any PvE weps as they can drop in instances, while PvP weps can't. That's all.
    I know... I actually made this thread because of an alt of mine, forced to use a rifle (for HL, I have nothing against rifle except that they dont offer the dps advantages melee weps do) cause its stats are better than any other weps I had til now on this alt. I try to find some other weps... but I can't find anything beating its stats... maybe cause this alt can't access T2 yet! I want at least the same wep styles, but another type of weapon. I love rifle, but... for a HL DPS? nope. And I was exploring a bit when I noticed there are PvP weps sold from every PvP vendor in the HoD, and I went directly to check if I can change my weapon with a PvE vendor. Can't. Forums->New thread-> why???
  16. VO1D Sentry Active Member

    Since ya guys are talking about weapons. I have a question.
    Currently I'm on item lvl 56 weapons (103.5 DPS). Then I look at dcuo-db to where I can get the next level of weapons and all I see it that lvl 62 weapons(113.1 DPS and up) can only be obtained by doing T3 and T4 raid bosses drops. Is that right?
    Can I also get lvl 62 weapons from anywhere else? weekly reward boxes? alerts? duos?
  17. Sechuran Fox Well-Known Member

    Once your CR hits a certain point, the Central City vendors will start stocking 113.1 weapons as well as the 103.5 ones. They should be the same price as the 103.5's. Can't for the life of me remember what the CR rating is though. For some reason I've got it stuck in my head that its 65 but that could be wrong.
  18. Bioinc Skull Well-Known Member

    It does add a bit more insurance of getting a weapon as I have an extremely unlucky guy in my league who has yet to get a weapon above the CC one due to bad loot roles.
  19. Statman Well-Known Member

    68. Tukuan also mentioned CC weapon info a few posts up! :)
  20. Sechuran Fox Well-Known Member

    Thanks :) Downloading Neverwinter and watching the X-Files so only half paying attention at the moment.

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