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  1. Dillon0_o New Player

    I'm not a new player, but I am when it comes to raids, and some alerts, I switch between damage, and controller. I'm just curious if any veterans have any tips, or power loadouts that are optimal for Dps/Controller.

    I noticed in most of the abilities it says in controller role enemy healing reduced, or enemy damage reduced. do these effects stack, or do i only need to use one of them to get the full amount?
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  2. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    You'll have better advice from an actual controller but here's my input. Debuffs do stack. If you want to debuff their healing received and also their health, defense and damage, you can. If you mean stacking the same debuff over and over then no. Debuffs only last 6 seconds I believe.

    DPS, need more info. What kind of playstyle do you want to do? I seen some cool pet builds as a hard-light. RSK, Grim and Quislet mixed in with source shard. You can run strat and trans and maybe solar. There's many ways you can go about it. Chainsaw on a green lantern doesn't sound very heroic that's more for a yellow lantern. When I was a hard-light DPS, I like using the combo Frost Breath, Heat Vision and Light Blast. All three can hit multiple enemies and can be used from long range. If you like the idea of a green lantern Superman that is.
  3. PhilOsyfee Active Player

    Controllers have 3 de-buffs (Defense/Health/Damage), all of which can be placed on an enemy at once. In some cases with the right artifact, gear or OP item you can benefit even more while attacking enemies with all de-buffs applied, or get return power from each de-buff applied and much more. If you are playing controller role all 3 de-buffs are vital on your load-out (unless you have the B.O.P. Comm-link or something in it's place). Once applied a de-buff has a certain amount of time it stick to a target, and spamming the same de-buff over and over doesn't stack that de-buff, so use all 3 and just use weapons or give power until they go off and replace them, repeat the rotation.

    Hopefully any of this ridiculous wall of text helps. I'm not a pro player, but I have been playing the same and only character since the games Beta, so I'm pretty aware of how to play my class, but I'm sure other folks would be happy to give you more info as well.
  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

  5. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Trollers don't have the debuff to reduce enemy healing?
  6. PhilOsyfee Active Player

    The Health Debuff is just that, it reduces/prevents enemies self healing.
  7. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    It does both? o_O reduces health and reduces healing received?
  8. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    It just reduces the amount they heal back. I'm sure he meant to type "Heal Debuff" instead of "Health Debuff".
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  9. PhilOsyfee Active Player

    yes simple mistake
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  10. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Some basic stuff to keep in mind. If your playing DPS you'll want to use DPS armor. If playing Controller you'll want to use Controller armor. Each will have increased stats based around the main function that role play's with other teammates. Skill point spec and artifacts should also be considered for each role. If you'd like more detail on that feel free to reach out.

    The debuff's DO NOT stack but you can apply one of each type on the enemy and use more than one power in your loadout to recast/apply the debuff. Each debuff will reduce the effect description on an enemy. There are phases with some bosses where that debuff can be negated (due to a buff phase). I'll go into a little more detail on those below.

    Defense Debuff - base reduction of 10% defense on enemy.
    -Whip Thrash is quicker to cast and not vulnerable to interrupt but will put you in melee range unless clipped. You can choose to clip it with recharge to avoid entering melee range.
    -Light Blast will work from full range but is vulnerable to interrupt. It is also a finisher.
    -Each are AoE attacks but will only apply the debuff to your main target. Consider line of sight as ray type cast powers will place the debuff on the first enemy it hits.

    Damage Debuff - reduces enemies attacks by 10%
    -Light Weight Strike is an AoE attack and supercharge generator. It has a longer cooldown
    -Grasping Hand is a single target pull. Consider the ray type cast when using.

    Heal Debuff - reduces enemies ability to heal by 25%
    -Entrap will encase enemies and has a high power cost. It is also a ray type cast
    -Snap Trap is a single target attack. The animation is a little wonky post GU 36.

    Any of these are usable but I wouldn't carry more than 1 debuff type at a time in a loadout unless I wanted to use Grasping hand for its pull function and normally just swap it out for LWS.

    Example loadout for controlling
    Light Weight Strike (damage debuff and super charge generator)
    Recharge (power dump or buff if using claw)
    Light Blast (defense Debuff)
    Snap Trap (heal debuff)
    Light Barrier (shield for pickups. Controllers are best suited for pickups due to our high shield strength and the way power regen works)
    Group Shielding (group shield and power dump)

    For DPS
    Spec Might with skill points. If you have additional questions please reach out. I personally feel light works best when I use two armories. 1 for Melee AoE and 1 for range single target. Lights AoE at range isn't great but is phenomal for single target. Below are two example loadouts.

    Melee AoE
    Sonic Cry - Dazed PI applicator
    Whip Thrash
    Light Weight
    Light Blast
    Robot Sidekick
    Neo Venom Boost

    Range single target
    Grasping Hand
    Hand Clap
    Light Barrier
    Robot Sidekick
    Neo Venom Boost

    If your using a 160 and up grim it will apply dazing for you and you may be able to change out your loadout. It will apply dazing to a single target at 120. I don't want to get into artifacts too much because they should coincide with your skill point build and loadout. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
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  11. Aetrius Well-Known Player

    Another thing to keep in mind for light, the debuffs only reapply when you cast them from your bar, not when you combo them.
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