question about sorcery healer

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  1. xskateXX Well-Known Player

    somone gave me the loadout
    2.ritualistic world of protection
    4.boon of souls
    5.soul well
    6. watcher
    now i saw that i dont have any 8 plaeyrs heal,
    whats ur opinion about that? is this laodout is good?
    if it is then im bassicly count on my HOTS and my pet?
  2. Darkerusaelp Devoted Player

    Replace soul well with soul siphon or shared fate or whatever it's called now a days. You may have noticed your pet using it. Well if it works for him...
  3. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    Here is, what I posted in another thread:

    I use two different healing loadouts.

    For raids and harder Content/weaker Groups I use:
    • Circle of Protection (AoE healing over time)
    • Watcher (healing-pet)
    • Ritualistic word (Group burst-heal, powers and shields the watcher)
    • Rejuvenate (single-target burst-heal, also heals yourself)
    • Boon of Souls (very good Group-shield, shields 4 people)
    • Arbiter of Destiny (Supercharge-Transformation, which increases your stats and gives you a huge powerpool to spam heals, using the same loadout as above, just putting a power which Appeals bad Karma in the open Slot)
    I spec into my movement mode innates, my weapon Combos, critical healing Chance and Magnitude and then into resto, critical power Chance and power to unlock weapon mastery innates and into the 30 resto per point. I put the two powerpoints, that I had left, into the iconic crit. attack Chance and Magnitude for a Little extra damage.

    For alerts and stuff, where I want a Little extra damage and don't Need Maximum heals:
    • Circle of Protection
    • Guardian (pet, that helps a little to do damage and "tank" the enemies)
    • Shard of Life (Group burst-heal, does damage and puts bad Karma on the enemies, so my Circle does damage, too)
    • Rejuvenate
    • Boon of Souls
    • Transcendende (Supercharge Group heal)

    I spec into my movement mode innates, my weapon Combos, critical healing Chance and Magnitude, resto and then into critical attack chance and magniture and into prec or might to unlock weapon mastery innates and into the 30 resto per point. Not sure right now, if I had power Points left. But if I do, then they should be again in the iconic crit. attack Chance and Magnitude for a Little extra damage.

    Soul well is not worth it for healing in T6-content. There are not enough quickly dying adds, so the burst heals for dying enemies is barely happening and unreliable. The healing-ticks were also insignificant, when I tried it last time. (Something about 60-90 every few seconds in full T5-gear or higher, I think).
  4. Gargamond Dedicated Player

    Yeah. That's perfect for t6 raids.
  5. Delta795 New Player

    I would replace soul well with something like shard of life or Invocation. Probably shard
  6. Immortal Kyrro Loyal Player

    Swap soul well for transcendance or ior during bosses and its golden...watcher circle and soulwell should be enough to keep everyone alive through adds. I would reccommend trying transcendance first because ior is a bit slow but once yiu get used to it its awesome. Whereas transcendance is the oh **** heal that will bring everyone from the brink of death back to full health almost instantly
  7. Proto1118 Committed Player

    This. I personally use Soul Siphon because it's quicker, uses less power, hits the while team, and gives you Golden Soul Aura. Shard is nice because of the bigger initial heal and the HoT but the delay for the Shard to drop is crucial when teammates are taking big damage plus it only heals people who are within range.
    The downside of Soul Siphon is that it needs an enemy target to heal.
  8. ARI ATARI New Player

    this loadout is perfect
    the best pve load out possible
    you dont need an 8 person heal
    ritualistic word clipped with rejuv will top off the group

    I repeat you already have the best load out.
  9. Spacedude2 New Player

    I would choose between soul well and circle of protection. CoP is very good against bosses that stay in one place. Soul well heals over time. Watcher does healing also. I use soul well because of the power interaction and it doesn't eat up alot of power. Choice is yours.
  10. Too Many Toons Dedicated Player

    I lose soul wells for IOR or shard - well is only super when there's lots of adds.
  11. xskateXX Well-Known Player

    in lockdown ifounded my self in situation where all the group takes damage
    and sorcery dont have 8 player heal
    can sorcery top the celestial healing?
  12. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    The problem with this loadout is it has very few active heals. Newer players don't realize in order to get the HoTs from Circle, you only need to walk in and out. The HoTs from SW are not very strong so you would probably be spamming Rejuv a lot (I see it happen constantly). The problem with the Watcher is when not healing, it attacks, thereby draining it's power bar. Additionally, RW has a long cool down.

    Sorcery is so versatile, though, that there isn't one perfect healing loadout. That's not a negative, that's a strength.

    For T6 content with lots of adds, SW will be very useful, like in Security Breach except the boss fights with no adds. For the final fight of SB: Boon, Rejuv, Soul Siphon, Circle, then two of your choice, like Watcher and RW, or a SC. You can still use RW without a pet.

    For T6 raids, I would use Rejuv, Circle, SS clipped with IoR for huge heals, then you have 2 open. You can pick from Boon, SC, SoL and Transmutation.