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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Iron YoJimBo, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    What horrorshor was that?
  2. Jeazy Baby Dedicated Player

    On my cr 103 nature dps/healer I will queue up for any raids that I can pretty much solo anyway. Gates, prime, venge, bd, Fos123, and anything lower. Haven't tried it for T5's yet though just get pre-mades/league runs for that.
  3. KidMidnight Loyal Player

    I've gotten just about every raid done on every toon at one point or another just by queuing up for it with the exception of ANB and Dox.

    Its easy to use LFG if you need to run T5 content and some t4, particularly walk ins.

    If you need something out of a t2 or 3 raid its pretty much the way to go these days. Never takes long for the queue to pop, far less time than it takes to form a group for these things. Sucess to failure ratio is pretty good. This is where you get to see how many new players the game really has.

    A few nights ago I ended up with very little time at the end of my day. Figured I would queue up for a few raids to see what pops while farming. Within a few minutes I was in a broken fos2 raid. Stuck at the bridge, half the group left. Pulled it out of the ashes. Enjoyed myself. By the time we were done our group was 1 tank, healer and troll with 5 dps, besides myself only the healer was t5, the rest of the group was pretty new to the game, most completing fos2 for the first time that night.
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  4. winter13 New Player

    I was in a Nexus run first week it dropped for about 7 hours...and we finally finished. The run actually was over 700 minutes, but I came in a few hours into it. It was epic, and one of the best times I've had playing this game. Anyone just starting to run nexus post nerf has no idea what it was like running it in a pug wearing t4 gear back in the day. Ninja was the devil. This was also pre lightweight/telekenesis door glitch. Good times... Good times

    I think only 1 or 2 people in the group had ever tried running it before, so it was a learning experience for everyone. I remember one of the guys was looking for YouTube videos on how to beat ninja in the side room. Ha! Ha!
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  5. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    My wife & I took a six month leave just after OC dropped, was a buttkicker for a fire tank & sorc healer at cr 88.

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