Quark Vendor Discount

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    Might be worth it if they were a proper AI Companion that leveled up with you, like what you have in Star Wars: The Old Republic! But unlike SW:TOR, this game wasn't built from the ground up to have those. Even still, the Allies could have been based on the same idea as the Robot Sidekick Iconic Power. But there I go again, making sense. I keep forgetting that isn't allowed. :rolleyes:
  2. Pillowpet New Player

    Neither was ESO but they just added proper companions like SWTOR didn't they?
  3. MEMO2 Level 30

    how can find ppl to play last dlc with 3 min ???? if i cant find ppl to play last dlc what does this mean ?

    i try to find ppl in LFG chat to find grop but no one find what is the reason ???

    do i have to search for tow hours ? i wasted a lot of time

    i try find ppl in eu failed and US failed
  4. MchaelAceHunter Level 30

    Oh come on Mepps. The qwark prices r still horrendous. With the new change esp to way u do stabs now, shouldn't the qwarks store be reflected in that. Esp on auras and materials. I'm never gonna get the ones I need.
  5. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    I wouldn't know, DCUO and SW:TOR are the only 2 MMORPGs I play. But given the popularity of the Elder Scrolls franchise in general, I'd imagine that game has a much larger team of Developers than DCUO, which would allow ESO's Devs the freedom to implement such a project.
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  6. FazlaBakmaKafaYapar Level 30


    DC Universe Online Managers, What you have done is a great injustice! I can understand that you can remove it for free players. But why remove it for Premium players? If you give 3 times a month for monthly members, you need to give 2 times a month for premium members! I think you need to give free players once a month. The reason you brought a new event this week was to buy Destiny Token from us!!! I know this very well. I request you to fix this immediately. If necessary, create a different portion for Free players, a different portion for Premium players, a different portion for Monthly members for daily rewards. But do not do this injustice! We invested money in the game and we continue to deposit when necessary. I AM A PLAYER OF 10 YEARS. It would be a shame for you to do this to us!

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  7. Pillowpet New Player

    This be true, but as you also said, we have the robot sidekick. The groundwork is there, I think it might just be in this circumstance the devs trying to be "different". I mean, if most players are using the omnibus there is little chance of needing to fill an empty slot with a companion, no way they would allow everyone to bring a comp into an instance together.
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  8. MchaelAceHunter Level 30

    The cost of items in booster gold now needs to be reviewed with this update. Esp with the way u do stabs now. Even resurgence needs a relook, maybe 4 stabs per resurgence capsule. The materials in vendor needs to be around 2000-3000 now. Cause it's more harder than befor
  9. Yvtq8k3n The 7 Well-Known Player

    I know I wasnt worth 5 dollares, so thanks all for your support! I will be worth my penny cents elsewhere. Maybe a place that doesnt try to rip you off 25 bucks for a think thats worth 10 bucks. I wonder why keep with this mentaily of stuff behind pay walls, if every other game i know makes money by selling skins like a single ally could have multiple versions. Why DCUO has to be diferent?
  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'd honestly rather have seen the quark discount in a week or 2. Megas are just dropping this week. That means, except the whales, most won't be opening all their caps for a few weeks, or after the sale is over. And we already cater enough to the whales, don't we? I'd like to have seen the sale at the last week of megas...not the first.

    And we just had a quark discount it seems like...didn't we?

    Feels like the devs are looking down the list of stock bonuses...
    "5x stabilizers?....Nah, can't do that...no stab run"
    "2x source?....Nah, can't do that...source is everywhere now...pointless"
    "2x STU currency?....Nah, too early...just launched 2 weeks ago"
    "2x Nth drops?....Nah, just did that a few weeks ago, and the members would get like 6x the drops....we don't want that."
    "Umm...Quark sale?....Now, THAT'S a good idea my good man...make it so!"

    Tune in for LPVE bonus week next week....
  11. MchaelAceHunter Level 30

    Re-evaluate the qwark costs. Cause of the new update things r gonna make things harder.
    1. U dont do stabs everyday now. U bring them in clumps.
    2. Now that there r no more 5x stab events, there is gonna be less stabs heading into next resurgence. Esp if u r going to do new capsules. I didn't open a single one of the past 2 capsules when they came out. That gave me 91 stabs Inc the two 5x stab events u did. That's around 336 of the 420 stab fragments now gone I believe( members estimate in 5x stab week events.
    3. Only way u can recompensate that is doing the 5x at least once for a whole month on the stabs. That way there's a compromise. Ur not getting it twice just once upto the next resurgence or the resurgence costs needs to be at least 4 stabs instead of 7 next time but the qwarks vendor needs a re-evaluation.