Quark prices should be reduced...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Last Dragon, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Last Dragon Well-Known Player

    ...on things like phoenix material and such... 5600 quarks is just an ABSURD price... you need to open roughly ~373 time capsules to get it, which translates to ~33599 daybreak cash, which is 33599 dollars...

    Are you guys joking or something? That price tag for a thing that doesnt even exist is simply ridiculous and inhumane...
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  2. Plowed In Committed Player

    There’s lots of ways to get to the center of a tootsie pop! :p :p :)
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  3. Vesper Dedicated Player

    Your math is completely off. I've spent maybe $100 on assorted batches of Daybreak cash for stabilizers and I bought another $50 of straight-up capsules on the last Resurgence event capsules. I have over 10K quarks.

    You get a free stabilizer bits from running the daily, and you often pop more bits from opening capsules. Also, as a Member, I get $5 free Daybreak cash every month, too. I have occasionally let that money pile up for a couple months at a time to get more stabilizers.

    Phoenix aura is a 50 point feat. And capsules are a money-generator for the game. If you want the feat and you've had poor luck on getting the Flaming Phoenix Feather to pop, the 2nd Chance Emporium is there as a back-up. It's expensive. On purpose.

    I do feel your pain though. I am personally dreading the moment when the Void material eventually comes to the 2nd Chance Emporium. I know that's the only way I'll ever get that stupid feat finished.
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  4. Iconic Simulation Dedicated Player

    Well its either that or go farm whats left of the Amazon TCs. If you want the material just save up your qwarks over time and then you can get it.
  5. Last Dragon Well-Known Player

    No its not, you get roughly 15 quarks per lockbox, 5600/15=373 lockboxes on average.

    And lets not forget that some countries have average sallary of 400$ where half goes to bills...

    Conclusion? You're a walking moneybag who doesn't even realize how much you spend.
  6. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Wrong math. If you would get 15 marks on average like you say, where the upper limit is 100 Quarks IIRC, it would mean that you could also get less than 10 Quarks in a Capsule - and that is not correct. 2nd Chance and Quark items are something you work towards getting it. It's not the intention that you can get one additional super rare and awesome item per TC cycle. It's more like one item per year or a bit more. Which is imo fair considering that you have multiple ways to get the items, including TCs, Resurgance and Broker.
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  7. Last Dragon Well-Known Player

    Wut?! 100 quarks per capsule? I dont know what game you play but thats definitely not DCUO. Max I've got is 25 and I've opened around 50 of them. Even if 100 drop exists it must be 0.0000000000000000000001% chance.
    So ye, following this all your further statements are not worth even considering. Bye.
  8. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Prices are reduced...if you're a member :D
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  9. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Meh get your facts straight, kid. The limit wasn't 25 at all. Unless they changed it in the last TCs you could get way more quarks with a small chance....
  10. Last Dragon Well-Known Player

    Ye, abyssmally low chance. Opened 50 of them, never got more than 25.
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  11. Schimaera Devoted Player

    True, I remember getting a lot more in a few though. In general it would probably only reduce the total number of TCs needed by 5-10 over the course of a year...
  12. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Also on topic, the prices are fine. These arent items you are expected to get right off the bat, these are overtime and you work towards it. You know, like progression. I know, weird for cosmetics but its still something to work towards.

    Now as your example and many others have proven, its flawed. Now I do need to apologize because even in my Post in the guides I provided the breakdown of TCs to Dollars regarding obtaining the Quarks. But what i failed to mention, and you do as well to not notice, is that these are prices "over time". If you wish to drop that much in one sitting, more power to you, its your decision but the price tag should be looked at over time and budgeted like an adult would versus looking at wanting to drop that much money in the bucket at once.

    Regarding the prices for Quarks, its better to look at 20 Quarks minimum. The initial Quarks from opening will be RNG but always min at 10 and then another 10 which is static as you choose your reward. This 10 Quarks is an option that you dont have to choose of course but if you are solely focused on just getting Quarks, you'll get these so again, 20 quarks minimum. But even this is flawed because we are looking at the minimum and thats not how the game goes because it doesnt go by the minimum and you cant really average it because the amounts vary.

    Even with the 20 minimum, needing 5600 Quarks means you'll need to open 280 Time Capsules (5600/20 = 280).

    Now needing to open 280 Time Capsules, you need Keys and now lets solely look at buying keys on the MP and not using ones from playing the Stab Event. If you're a Member, it'll cost $252.00 (280*.90=252, 90 DBC/MP = $.90) and if you're a Non-Member, it'll cost $280.00 (280*1.00=280, 100 DBC/MP = $1.00).

    Now I understand Currency will vary from country to country and exchange rates blow which is why Im sure your math "might" be accurate to you but you're number of Time Capsules needed proves that you did your Math and division wrong which ultimately led you the wrong way. I'm certainly not perfect in Math either and have been wrong before but I made sure to take my time on this one and I believe I'm right. 5600 Quarks, open 280 Time Capsules. As a Member dropping 252 bucks is not ideal to blow ALL AT ONCE, some might be able to do it and kudos to them. But spreading 252 bucks over the course of a few months, easily done and easily obtainable. Hell, also benefits I get 500 DBC every month as a Member I get 5 keys a month I could buy if I wanted. Of course solely relying on 5 Keys a month from only this benefit would result in me farming 56 Months (also note there would be a 50 DBC carry over that is not equated in this Math) but thats also IF I dont run the Daily Stab Event which if you arent running it, you're hurting yourself if you want these Quarks Items.
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  13. Reinheld Dedicated Player

    The math is sound, but It's even lower than that. You are accounting for buying amounts of MC/DBC below 10,000. If you were really on a mission to open enough boxes to get this done as cheap as possible I'd guess you would buy the $85 vs the $10 pack. Even if you assumed 280 stabilizers at 20 a pack for 1900(MC/DBC non member price) you'd need 14 purchases at 1900 (26,600 MC/DBC) which you could get for $255 and still have 3400 MC/DBC to spare. Less if you are a member of course, but as the OP is using a household income of $400 as a basis, I'd guess membership is not involved.

    Of course, if the household brings in just $400 a month, I'm not sure a Phoenix material should be the highest concern in any case.

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  14. Trexlight Loyal Player

    Well I was accounting for Individual 1 Key purchases. i wasn't including the "pack amounts" like 2000 DBC for 20 bucks in the math nor how PSN does the MC. i also didnt include the purchase of the 20 Key Pack for 1900 DBC for Non-Members and 1710 for Members which makes it a bit cheaper too. And you're right, with 400 a month coming in, gaming itself should be on any person's radar lol
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  15. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    i typically get 23 quarks if i take the bonus quark option so 5,600 quarks divided by 23= 243 capsules. 243 capsules times the days needed to actually save up the stabilizers=1215 days divided by 365 days in a year=3 years and 3 months, provided you only use the free stabilizer event and have no premium benefits like an extra fragment which would reduce the days down to 4 needed per stabilizer. 3 years? i doubt anybody will even care for the item after that.....the human attention span wasn't designed to give a flip that long.
  16. Reinheld Dedicated Player

    Well. I'm personally still waiting to purchase the 'resplendent' cache, and have been accumulating the quarks for it since the quark vendor came out, what....2 years ago? I only do the free stabilizers and the occasional loyalty purchase of a 20 pack (bought one last week to get a few extra megas opened), and rarely take the extra quarks. I did spend some along the way, but as the resplendent cache costs even MORE quarks than the Phoenix material, I'd expect to have them saved up right around the time the game is shutting down. Oh well.

    But you are right....I don't really give a flip. I just like having everything in feats 'green' so one day I'll get it done.....but it will be for free, even if I make more than $400 a month.

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  17. recoil2 Dedicated Player

    same, though what i'm after probably won't be in the 5,000 range, seeing as a non aura/material (hades' crown) style is something like 1750, the wings of sin shouldn't bee too much more than that. and if i assume correctly that they'll keep the addition rate the same (2 capsules worth of content added every resurgence event twice a year for 4 capsules a year) then i should be able to have enough capsules for quarks saved up in about a year and a half. that's why i had some of this math already preconceived XD. can't exactly pay for any stabilizers being unemployed and all, but shouldn't be a problem provided my assumption that relevant pricing (per item type) and release rates stay the same.
  18. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    For the record:

  19. Shark Dental Devoted Player

  20. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    The conversion of daybreak cash to dollars is incorrect here, but I'm guessing you've realized that by now.

    I agree paying in the neighborhood of $200-$300 for a material is insane.

    However, you have to understand how bad the drop rates were when the Amazon time capsule originally launched. Many people who got them via RNG were forced to spend that amount or more in time capsules to obtain them. For Daybreak to offer them now for a rock bottom price like 2,000 quarks or something would make owners very, very angry, and I doubt Daybreak wants to risk that.

    So you can look at it this way:

    1. Daybreak listened to players and gave them a direct purchase price option.
    2. This option is potentially just as expensive or more expensive than playing the roulette via Time Capsules.
    3. Players aren't obligated to buy the item or open Time Capsules to get it.

    Basically, the option is there if you want it, if you're not to prepared to spend what it costs, then don't. Personally, I'm glad the option exists versus it not existing at all.

    I, like you, hope that in the future, the success of this latest resurgence capsules - hopefully - will encourage Daybreak to market more accesibly priced items as well.
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