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  1. DCUController New Player

    What's everyone's thought on quantum DPS?

    rather you are quantum or have league-mates / friends who are quantum, what is your experience with it?

    good? bad? where's it fall on tiers of power?

    granted I am already quantum so the good/bad and the tiers doesn't matter just curious tbh :rolleyes:
  2. That guy New Player

    It's more than competitve if utilised right thanks to WM.

    It will get its AM soon, if it's similar to gadgets and mental (it will be most probably) then there's nothing to worry about.
  3. DCUController New Player

    yea I use WM alot, if there is no troll I do nothing but WM til cola comes off cool down lol
  4. Rejoicer1 Well-Known Player

    I Love Quantum as a dps. I generally toss off WM -> Gravity Bomb (plus Time bubble and/or warped reality if they are off cool down) for some serious DPS, especially in tight mob areas like inside Necro or Artifacts. Not to mention Quantum has one of he best group shield SC around and it has saved my groups bacon more than once let me tell you. And with both teleport and swoop, I can jump out of trouble and across the floor to help some one like nobody's business. I love pulling the nightcrawler trick and always teleporting away just before the villian gets to me. It also makes it a lot easier to get off my WM combos.
  5. rival exe New Player

    It's the best DPS/Troll power IMO.
  6. duEprocEss New Player

    Quantum DPS is awesome but it has some drastic flaws that really stand out in the DLC12 content.

    Some of the bosses move around a lot (Harly, Catwoman, Larfleeze) and thus, our dps drops to the floor. Singularity and Gravity Bomb miss all the time and Gravity Well depends on a target that stands still. Then there's the inherent issue with our substanard PI powers and Warped Reality not consistently applying its PI. And let's not even talk about how the Time tree is terrible.

    Soooooo, yeah. I can't wait for the advance mechanic to come in. However, I'm not looking forward to seeing so many players being the same power as me. I loved being the rare quantum dps.
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  7. DCUController New Player

    so does gravity well's DoTs not stick like fires enferno does? like if someone walks in the AoE fire on the ground it continue to ticks at the enemy, does gravity well not do this?

    haven't tested any of this, just been playing content lol.

    but now that you bring all this up, makes me wonder about it o_O

    also for moving targets, I usually pop warped then spam WM combo's til their standing still TBH, then go back to my rotation.

    this saves on power + prevents missing moves on enemies and possibly aggro-ing more adds with sing
  8. DCUController New Player

    yea I'm liking it so far, I've been quantum now for roughly 2.5 days (I think).

    beat a rage player today in crime wave :D by 2.3mil damage, wasn't really expecting to beat someone by that much but expected to hit top lol

    was getting all the aggro so kept getting interrupted alot, or would of had more dmg out probably :p

    cant wait til Im in 95 & ^ gear.
  9. DCUController New Player

    where I am new to quantum, what are the flaws to quantum DPS?
  10. DCUController New Player

    does event horizon feed power in DPS stance?

    would think that would be a waste of SC when there's oblivion, possibly other SC' to use for more dmg purpose.

    and does DPS need shields / quantum tunneling? ATM I dont use either lol I'm 100% dmg spec'd.

    you did bring up a point that may be worth looking into though, quantum tunneling allow you widen the gap between you and adds to get off your rotation again, without interruptions. I may try to work that into my loadout.
  11. AnonymousToughGuy New Player

    I cant speak for DPS, but Quantum is my favorite Troll power.
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  12. duEprocEss New Player

    Wow. Fire's inferno does that? Gravity Well's DoT does NOT continue if the target steps outside of its range. Ok, so let's add that as another flaw in Quantum. :(
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  13. not_again Dedicated Player

    All I can go on is assumption as I have only tested quantum on a limited basis. The controller side of quantum seems to be very good. The DPS side leaves something to be desired. I would also assume quantum's AM will be a pet thus some of the powers in the trees will be changed.

    Before people blast me for saying it is a pet mechanic lets look at what we have currently in terms of similar AM:

    Electricity, Nature- Heal

    Rage, HL*, Celestial- Combo

    Ice, Fire- Tank

    Gadgets, Mental- Control

    Sorcery, Earth- Pet

    So I would have to speculate that quantum will also be a pet AM.

    *HL gets a revamp every update so who knows what its AM will be by the time quantum gets theirs.
  14. Judgmental Jolt Well-Known Player

    I don't even understand where you could have made any logic in that

    My personal guess is that Time Bomb will be made to work similar to Paralytic Dart and Distortion Wave will work similar to EMP and Quantum will get the Advanced Interactions AM as the developers originally intended
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  15. Crzyrazr Well-Known Player

    I love using Quantum for my troll. I set one up and started playing it in troll roll and never looked back. I tried DPSing the other night and realized how bad of a DPSr I am. (We had three trolls in a 4-man I offered to DPS).
    I have a wonderful setup for troll, not so much for dps, guess I need to go back and look at that. LOL.
  16. not_again Dedicated Player

    It is quite simple, why would they add a third similar AM to a controller powerset? To me a all new AM not similar to any that we know of would happen before a third AM similar to the other controller powerset AM.
  17. Judgmental Jolt Well-Known Player

    OK, I understand more of what you're saying now. I think it was the way that you presented it that made following your thoughts confusing for me.

    You meant:

    DOTs: Electricity and Nature (both healers)
    Focused Attacks: Ice and Fire (both tanks)
    Advanced Interactions: Mental and Gadgets (both trolls)
    Pets: Earth and Sorcery
    Combos: Rage, HL, Celestial

    and then Quantum being the odd-man out, you expect it will be the troll pet power. I'd still personally doubt that one. Keep in mind, Munitions will be coming in the future. When AMs were originally announced, I expected Gadgets to be the controller Pet power but that didn't happen. The reason they would add a third similar AM to a controller set is because it's quick and easy while Quantum trees need a little bit of work anyway.

    I personally don't see a pet making much sense in the power set at all but that doesn't mean it's impossible. If anything, I would expect it to become either DOT or Focused Attack if not Advanced Interaction. BUT so far the developers have stuck with their listed plans, so I expect it will still be Advanced Interactions
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  18. duEprocEss New Player

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  19. duEprocEss New Player

    Your logic doesn't make sense. In fact, your logic goes against you. You can also ask why they would make a third similar powerset for pets then. See? That just doesn't make sense.

    Now, if you say it's a new advanced mechanic we haven't heard of, then that would make quantum unique by being the only powerset with that particular mechanic. Highly unlikely.
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