Quantum Time bomb nerf?

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Delta2Four, Jul 20, 2018.

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    I jumped on the test server to check how much stats you would get after putting golden exobytes in the dominance, vitalization, precision, and might augments, since I need to figure out new loadouts due to only have 4 golden damaging and support exobytes to compensate for 3 loadouts. When I went to get the exobytes, I already found 4 golden damaging exobytes, and no journal mission to get the support exobytes. That said, I don't know why or how I don't have the golden support exobytes on test server so I couldn't check it. But that's a different problem.

    Saw a friend log in, did some duelling for fun, and noticed that Time bomb did really weak damage. Did the Devs nerf it? I used to do maybe 4-5k damage but now I hit the cap at 2.2k damage (This is in open world dueling). Time bomb is a 300 power cost power, but einstein's ray is 200 and does more damage (~2.5k damage on average) and my weapon mastery combos does even more, despite being spec'd into might/power.

    These days, Arenas is really broken (not that it's ever balanced). Mental Stealth, Gadgets stealth, Atomic tanking, and Electricity might dps are all top tier powers and there's a huge gap between that and anything else. I used to get by with Quantum and relied heavily on the time bomb to be able to compete with top tier pvp powers but now I can't. It could be something in the augments update, but can't say it was the transition since I never used might mods in PVP.

    If I could get a dev's response I'd like to know if anything was intentionally done to time bomb in PVP... because right now it seems like Devs don't do PVP nor know the PVP community.

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