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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Stitch, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Stitch Well-Known Member

    So I'm sitting here talking to Migraine and needless to say, we're excited. The newer powers that have been introduced (HL, Electricity, Earth) all bring a new type of fighting to the table.

    HL has its construct chaining. Electricity has the rescue heal. Earth has the aftershocks.

    We are hoping that Quantum brings something new to the table. I'd like to see a new way to crowd control, such as grounding. I'm not sure if any of the other controller powers have grounding abilities.

    With the ability to alter space, time, and gravity, it would make sense for a move or two that increases gravity so enemies aren't able to move as effectively as they would like to. Increased gravity would prevent enemies from using their movement modes for a short while which would be quite interesting to see in pvp.
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  2. TK PUSHA Well-Known Member

    this is the first time i've been honestly excited about any of the powers.
    the idea that there will be some sort of new controlling mechanics should be fun, and hopefully functional.

    more than anything i really hope its been tested through pvp a good amount.
    i hate to have to master a new power for arenas, but hopefully it will bring something exciting and new to the table.
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  3. Burning_Baron Well-Known Member

    I hope some of these new ways to control are the kind that don't require a specific dom like Unstoppable.
  4. Octantis Well-Known Member

    The Joystiq interview made it sound like there will be a slowdown kind of thing. Maybe that's just for movement, but maybe for attacking, too. Then again, I could totally be wrong and misinterpreted it. Looking forward to the Test Server feedback. It better have some kind of cool gimmick or unique playing style so that it doesn't just feel like a re-skinned Gadgets or Mental.
  5. MrMigraine Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I've been babbling to poor Stitch all night, posing hypotheticals about all of the stuff we learned today and generally talking his ear off. But I'm curious about so much and the questions need to be asked...

    -As Stitch mentioned in the OP ... what sets the player-side mechanics of Quantum apart from the other added powersets (in the Combo/Aftershocks kind of way)?
    -Will Quantum use existing Power Interactions (Crushed or Dazed for example) or will new Power Interactions be created (presumably to be shared by future Healing and Tanking power sets)?
    -Will there be new Debuffs? Movement Down seems likely ... but what about Power Down or something similar?
    -You know how the last boss in Area 51 has the Teleport-Behind-You-And-Stab-You-In-The-Back move? I'm wondering if the Quantum version of that will have a similar 'tell' or not to make it more balanced for PvP. (Heck, just the fact that Quantum is going to have a Teleport-Backstab move helps reinforce my feeling that Controllers are intended to be Rogue-like classes ... which makes me even happier!)
    -And if Quantum is a Rogue class ... how about we allow them to manipulate Time and Space to increase the drop rate of rare items? Then EVERY raid would have one. ;)

    Too much to speculate on ... but that's a good feeling. :D
  6. Zpirit Well-Known Member

    Or 7 of the raid would be quantum, 2 trolls 1 healer 5 dps
  7. BrotherMutant Well-Known Member

    Gotta figure that "crush" PI would be something to be used in this new set. I for one hope they have a grounding move that works on those flyin robots that swirl around you in the batcave. As for TROLLER staples, you gotta figure that they have the three big debuffs in there somewhere, but HOW they differ in application could be quite cool. I think the teleport power (if its for YOU the player) might not have the "tell" above the head, but would make sense if its one of those charge/channel type of attacks.

    As for the slowing of bad guys (mentioned or aluded to by Meps?Spyttle?), gotta figure for AoE grouping that power will help any AoE DPS out. Hate it when they run out of the damaging field. Could be used with great effect against Feared/Panicked guys too I would think.

    Personally though, I am wondering how the buffs to self and team are going to work. Not sure you can argue that Time/Gravity gives a "bubble", so what then? For the time aspect, a slow regen of both power AND healing (albeit a LAME heal) would be nice. If we look to the newer sets and see how their mechanics are relatively unique, we can kind of pick from them and make them more troller-like, just don't know how they will be received. I think a power "safety net" like electrics heal safety net might be cool.
  8. ShadowGaiden New Member

    Same here, HL isn't functional as a controller at all. Mental and Gadgets have gotten really boring after only having just 2 choices, so I'm really excited for this. Hopefully there will be gravity related cc affects such as lifting multiple enemies and having them float helplessly, and for the space-time aspect some black holes that would suck enemies in then spit them out somewhere else.
  9. Eärl Member

    Elec already has this power:) but too simple, I hope they will be more creative,and you will able to teleport your enemy away from you:p
  10. Disasterpiece Active Member

    That's a load of rubbish. Just because you can't do it doesn't mean it can't be done.
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  11. Unknown Member

    Since this power seems to be able to manipulate time and space, I'm pretty sure it will have:
    • A lift move, like telekinesis in mental, probably called "antigravity" or something.
    • A freeze/stun move, like the enemy can't move anymore because it's stuck in time.
    • Maybe a black-hole multiple-target pull.
    • I think they said something about teleportation in the producer's letter or the DLC announcement, not sure.
    But I can't think of anything else, especially not game-changing (like after shocks, clipping powers or anything...). I guess we'll just have to wait.
  12. Meta Flare Well-Known Member

    i could be wrong but ti thought the wing armors couldnt be controlled.
  13. BrotherMutant Well-Known Member

    Thats my point, I want them to be ;)
  14. Meta Flare Well-Known Member

    oh.. then hell yeah. i hate those things. they are the bane of my alts existence.
  15. Kryptonian Being Active Member

    I'm hoping to expect a power that increases you're speed in attacking with you're weapons. That would be so awesome I can already picture a combo
  16. Destroyer Active Member

    I'd like to see a "Gravity Field" Ability, that extremely slows anyone who enters an area, think Circle of Destruction, and maybe add a small AoE/DoT for people in the field?

    I'm really just glad that we'll have some people switching off gadgets and HL.
    Getting tired of fighting them in PvP
  17. General Powers Active Member

    I would like to disintegrate my adversaries. *evil laugh*
  18. derek matthews New Member

    I see what you mean I was just thinking the same thing since the power is based around time and space manipulation it would make sense to have a time slowing ability and the teleport thing would be cool as a new movement set but if its just a power thats cool
  19. mzk3905 New Member

    Two things.
    First, since there is a new power coming out, does that mean that Nature and Sorcery will be revamped by then. (I hope so).
    Second, the new power coming out sucks for me because I'm only premium, meaning that I have to spend $10 on the DLC so I can't buy a power respec token afterwards. This means that I am going to refuse playing until it comes out because there is no point in leveling a character if I'm gunna have to restart him anyways.:(
  20. MrMigraine Well-Known Member

    I'm continuing to spin my wheels as I imagine all of the cool things that Quantum could do ... but I mentioned this in League tonight so I thought I'd bring it up here too.

    I'd love to see this new power set - since it deals with both time and space - I'd like to see it add a new kind of buff to one's teammates: Shortened Cooldown Timer for everyone in the party. Or perhaps Shortened Cast Time.

    Just trying to think outside the box here ...
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