Quantum Powers: What do you want to see?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by StarSource, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. StarSource Well-Known Player

    So we're all hyped and excited about the new Power tree. But what are you really expecting? What do you want out of it?

    I would like two things, number one more then two;
    1. The power's color to be like the atomic attacks of the OMAC robots, green with black detail.
    2. An invisibility skill as seen in other troller powers.
  2. Singlemaltkiller New Player

    a pet you can leave out that pumps out recharges like a watcher throwing heals and brick throwing taunts.
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  3. Circe New Player

    I disagree with #1. This isn't Atomic.
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  4. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    please god NO!!

    Invisibility and Stealth are so friggin broken man.
    not a good idea. just give me powers that work.
    in fact, if Invis. actually worked i probably wouldnt be leaving Mental.
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  5. X-zero Loyal Player

    The powers will be a blue and white color though I rather have green and black since two powers already have a blue color.
  6. Flashhh New Player

    teleport attack
    power trees space-time
    hope its a fast paced dps like gadgets,hl
  7. StarSource Well-Known Player

    I know they are not atomic, but I read somewhere that quantum was developed around the old alpha test atomic, hence Captain Atom being the poster boy for quantum. Really I don't care one way or another, I just like the atomic coloring.

    TK Pusha:
    I know, but I just love being able to go invisible, as that is the closest thing to a pause button we get in an MMO. Sometimes you just got to go you know. ;)

    How do you know that the coloring will be blue and white?
  8. X-zero Loyal Player

    One of the mods/developers/green names posted it in a thread when the powers where announced.
  9. Dynagirl Committed Player

    I think that can work. But, it has to be a super charge power. Call it a temporal shadow, you call up a figment of you from the past to do damage and give power. Quantum's battle drone equivalent if you will.
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  10. Sivulla Dedicated Player

    I want to see Schrödinger's cat.
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  11. El El Committed Player

    the color you choose is ugly man,i rather have a color combination of cosmic and mr mxyzptlk.
    This power is time and space.

  12. StarSource Well-Known Player

    Man.... oh well, good to know I guess. Thanks man, you got a link to that post?
  13. Singlemaltkiller New Player

    Healing has the watcher as a "leave it out" helper pet, Tanking has Brick, troller has no "leave it out" currently. Battle drone is a super charge and is only temporary. I was looking for something to more level the playing field. Give it a power bar like the watcher, so you can't just leave it out and have it have an infinite power bar.
  14. StarSource Well-Known Player

    Its not ugly when you consider that I play a Tamaranian.
  15. El El Committed Player

    mr mxyzptlk

    This color combo would work just fine in my opinion.

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  16. AIpha New Player

    Thats not how brick works but I see what you are getting at. Brick only taunts if your health is below 40% and even then if you hit a power you take it right back from him.
  17. El El Committed Player

    true,but we have see the whole picture a bit universal where all type of characters can relate their toons with.
  18. Ice Lantern New Player

    I am hoping that it takes skill to DPS effectively with it but rewards those who are effective with it.
    I am hoping it favours Precision over Might.
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  19. Snow New Player

    Quantum is "like" Atomic but they're still different.
    This link shall tell you everything Quantum> Quantum Powers
    I have a feeling our Inspired by is Captain Atom (Heroes) and Monarch (Villains)
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  20. Little Sister New Player

    I definitely want a shield (looks like Time Bubble is it) and I would love a pet. Something like a little rainbowy orb.