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  1. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Every LO I see has Time Bomb either first or clipped with Warp. Why not put the PI applicator down first then Time Bomb?
  2. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    Because of how TB works. You only get power back on what comes AFTER. Extra damage for TB is based on damage done AFTER.
  3. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Anomaly >TBomb >WB >TBlast >Time Shift would make sense because you can only get 3 moves in before TBomb exploded right?
  4. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    I can get a 4th power off before the explodes, but I seem to have power issues when I do. My quantum character is an alt, but I remember all 4 powers being part of the am when I set up my loadout. The timing on using all 4 is kind of tricky too. I can look up what my loadout is when I get home.
  5. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Honestly I've always used 3 DW, Tblast,Time Shift. I had a tough time getting 4 powers in so I went to 3 and it was way smoother.
  6. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    If you're talking about Warped Reality as a PI applicator, then it's because it doesn't work that way. WR applies the PI with weapon attacks. And, it doesn't do a very good job of it at that. People who are using WR to clip, afaik, are doing it because they think there is an unlisted buff (there is no buff listed in the Current Effects). They might be using it to clip the long animation time of Distortion Wave, but Time Bomb doesn't have a longer animation than Warped Reality, so if they're using it to clip, it's clipping for the sake of clipping, not to get any real advantage.

    To my knowledge, this is still the standard:

    Warp Barrage, Time Bomb, Distortion Wave, Tachyon Blast, Time Shift, Vortex
    1. WB, TB, DW, TBlast, TS
    2. WB, TB, TBlast, Vortex, TS (or, do #3 if you have no supercharge)
    3. WB, TB, TBlast, WB, TS
    4. repeat
    • Time Bomb starts your power regeneration with the Advanced Mechanic.
    • Distortion Wave is used simply for setting up the Destabilized Power Interaction, which is why it only gets used for the first Time Bomb.
    • Some people put Anomaly in place of Distortion Wave.
    • Warp Barrage is delayed damage; casting it before Time Bomb has a chance of adding extra damage into the Time Bomb explosion.
    • I see people using Gravity Well. I suppose they think that slow Damage over Time that doesn't get power back is preferable to trying to front-load Warp Barrage.
    I think some of the alternative loadouts have come about because of the damage cap on Time Bomb ... particularly the use of Gravity Well.
  7. Twincam Well-Known Player

    I have played around with multiple loadouts and the one I have atm works best for me. The damage is petty good.

    1. Time Bomb
    2. Distortion Wave
    3. Warp Barrage
    4. Tachyon Blast
    5. Warped Reality
    6. Time Bubble (Useful for solo while power levelling)

    I keep 5 active all the time, but typically start with 1,2,5,3,4 then clip whatever power with 5 once it comes of cool down. When it is not I just repeat 1 - 4.

    I find that the super charge is not really that great so not using it.

    Even though warped reality does not do a PI, its still a Might/Precision Buff so that is why I stil use it. Your 6th power slot you can use whatever you want, I sometimes use temporal extortion to give power back to group as I have heaps, esp is there is no troll and a power heavy healer is running.

    I have tested the WR with adds while levelling, when not active in T8 cr 172 - 175, i need to repeat my rotation about twice to kill the adds, however with it active i can get away with doing the rotation once in some cases.

    Just as a side note, get beta mods in your Crit stat gear sockets. It really help a hel of a lot.
  8. spack2k Steadfast Player

    u should always use Warped Reality if u have the crit head mod for it , even if time bomb is caped , every single ability will do more dmg.
  9. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Warped Reality is neither a Might nor a Precision buff. It's a proc buff.
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  10. Twincam Well-Known Player

    You are right, its a standard attack buff :S Think temporal extortion is the prec and might, got confused.

    [Attack Debuff]
    Imbue your weapon with quantum energy, increasing the chance that your enemies will take extra damage and be rooted or levitated in place.
  11. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    There are no standard attack buffs currently, only with the revamp will they get standardized. Right now we have a variety of attack buffs ranging from Prec, Might, crits to proc. Temporal Extortion and the other power dumps are Precision and Might self buffs but really pathetic ones pre-revamp. After the revamp those will be 20% Precision buffs for yourself and group members.
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  12. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Warp Reality was used to get a small boost in damage. The PI came from DW/T Burst/Anomaly. I'm just curious why it's cast after TBomb.
  13. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Also pre loading Time Bomb with Warp Barrage does not yield any better numbers.
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  14. Gimpy Loyal Player

    Just make sure to use DW once every 3 TB,

    DW/TBomb/Anomaly/your choice/your choice
    then repeat 2 times w/out DW and your power will be fine.

    Unless the Devs have changed the way cast Q powers work together, pay attention to the descriptions and use them as intended.

    If they have altered how the powers currently interact with each other then they should also change the descriptions on the powers.
  15. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    Dis wave does nice damage and can stun. I understand why people would not want to reapply the PI with it but beyond that i think it still deserves a spot in rotation. To swap out for time shift seems like a downgrade but I did not test that far. I just used each power on training dummy and took the best damage. I still have my toon set up for precision when I was trying to play hybrid.
  16. Mazahs Loyal Player

    DWave and TShift have similar damage "base numbers" but since TShift also benefits from the PI it is the better way to go.
    Apply PI thru DWave on first rotation, skip the next 2 and in it's place use TShift for higher DPS
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  17. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    I alternate between

    DW/TB/WB/TBlast/TS De every 3rd rotation


    I get similar results but the former tends to help get that extra bit of damage in the beginning of the rotation. The latter gives a nice kick to adds when clipped lower the chance of taking damage.