Quantum dpsing

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  1. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Yeah, while your not in general going to keep up with more burst type players (especially once you over gear a bit) It's a solid power.
    I normally put it right around the same damage potential as Atomic or Light (with similar skill)
  2. Gimpy Loyal Player

    I wouldn't mind the cap so much if they gave it the "close as it can get actual speed of Quantum particles" instead of this "suddenly time stands still for only me while everyone else is unaffected even the NPCs laugh at you standing there" ............
  3. Absolix Loyal Player

    The cap was on Quantum since it first got its AM, way before Oan SM. It was implemented, and still exists because Time Bomb's mechanic allows it to be affected by damage modifiers twice. This allowed Quantum to get too much of a boost from supply drops' 50% boost, and was the reason people complained about Time Bombs hitting for 100k+ back in Throne of the Dead even with the cap.

    The cap scales with Might, but the devs made it so that the cap is applied to your damage after cr scaling affects your damage. So, Time Bomb's damage will be cr scaled, then if it is above the cap it will be pulled down to the cap. It takes about two tiers of cr before this becomes a possibility, and that is about when content becomes easy to solo.
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