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  1. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    The only way i was able to consistently match the start up dps of tap range using the buffs was to clip it all with phase dodge and thats just useless effort for equal or barely better results. Either method you use the at the end of the raid the overall damage will be close, its not like one way makes you a total beast and the other don't if your a good player. Its mostly about positioning and combo transitions but faster start up does give you a tiny edge.
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  2. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    You just saw the parser in my vid though lol and tap range wins out. And I melee alot but was just demonstrating start up times. Also about melee you need to be careful what groups of adds you use melee on, if your not hitting everything in the group your missing out on dps for the scorecard and should use midrange in a situation with many adds if they are not super close and you can't hit them all. The testing was done with both range and melee but just easier for a demonstration to show range.

    Even when interrupted and get back up and use insp thats a loss in dps cause thats 3 seconds with no AM damage.
  3. Mazahs Loyal Player

    All good Crappy, and sorry OP for hijacking your thread.
    There's some good info by some solid players in here and hope it helps you get the most out of your power.
  4. Mazahs Loyal Player

    It's 1.5 if you reapply as your still in combat, if countered. But I digress..
    Do what works for you , others have done same testing and as Fatal has said "results may vary"
  5. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Animation time of insp 1.5 sec then 1.5 more seconds when you start back up so 3 seconds. And thats a big loss when playing with muni and mental guy. Just getting back up is your best option and getting AM damage.

    Edit: i think what your missing in your calcs is other animation times.
  6. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Kewl. Ty.

    Like I said with the testing numbers. They are just numbers. It doesn't mean everyone will produce or have the same result, example bad ice, mental, and gadget dps. You really have to work hard to be bad at these powers, but there are plenty of them. All I'm saying is base numbers are just that, base numbers. If someone doesn't understand how to dps, it won't be the same. That's why I will look over what others do, but I've always put together my own loadout. To me, the loadout is half of your dpsing. There are many factors that go into being a great dps. I mean we all have a 6 power loadout, but the end result is rarely ever the same.

    Look at the difference in opinion with HL between you and Crappy. I know all you all do your home work, but no one plays exactly the same, even when parsing. One person could be better at clipping, their AM, etc. This will effect your base numbers also.
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  7. Korlick Loyal Player

    Since this topic is on, i have a few questions:
    1) Does pre-loading Time Bomb with Warp Barrage still a good thing? or that doesnt work anymore?

    2) Why only use Distortion Wave once every 3 Time Bombs? I mean...i know its for the PI, but the burst damage it does, do not buff the Time Bomb? or is just not worthy?
  8. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    They said they switch out dis wav for time shift while things are debuffed. (which means losing a LO spot...). Dis wave has nice damage but i love that it stuns also. Maybe not in af3 but everywhere else lol
  9. Mazahs Loyal Player

    No real need to preload Tbomb with WBarrage, yes it still works, but can mess up the timing if doing multiple rotations it can mess up due to the 4 second timing of Tbomb and the delayed hit of WBarrage.

    Skipping Dwave and replacing Tshift for the 2 rotations hits harder than continually using Dwave every rotation. So yeah, like you said only using Dwave for the PI then subbing in TShift which hits harder because it uses the PI from Dwave.
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  10. Korlick Loyal Player

    Havent done the proper tests because my Quantum toon is still lower than the Test Dummies, but heres the thing (and why i was asking that), i can hit T.Blast, T.Shift and D.Wave before Time Bomb explodes. What am i missing? i mean...if the power hits the enemy before T.Bomb explodes, the damage should add to T.Bomb, right?
    Or is there a X amount of time between the damage and the buff to T-Bomb? i mean...Z power hits - yellow number appears on the screen - xx seconds pass - buff applies
  11. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Create a localized time loop. Any damage caused by Time abilities is amplified and returned when Time Bomb ends. A portion of the power spent on damaging Time abilities also returns. Damage is further amplified when you are close to a target.

    So yes, any damage done from time bomb is cast till it explodes. The thing with the Tbomb is the timing which is 4 seconds I believe
    so for you using TBlast , TShift, DWave that's the damage being returned and amplified. If you only use DWave every 3rd rotation in it's place you use WBarrage which hits harder than DWave all day long and has almost as big of an AOE.

    That's why originally many people pre-loaded the warp barrage, but it can get a bit tricky since WBarrage is a delayed hit (again 4 second window) it can actually reduce your total numbers if you're not perfect with timing 100% of the time. Think Jared in Desecrated Cathedral I prefer not to preload as I'm usually ending with a weapon tap in case Tbomb misses, since your next attack after a missed tbomb will deliver the damage from Tbomb

    BUT, just like anything else each persons results will vary a bit.
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  12. Korlick Loyal Player

    Thank you. That helps understand better one vs the other.
  13. RLManuel Committed Player

    You said,

    Then I said,

    Then he said,

    After seeing Mazahs post and reading the others that followed, I decided to give quantum a try again... last time I played Quantum I had around 200sp and was spec'd might(with synthetic mods) and I didn't come close to the top of the scoreboard and since I didn't want to only play troll I switched to Light since it had better Dps and is a solid troll.

    Last Friday after I read the rest of the post in this thread I switched back to quantum, and after playing this weekend with quantum, I will admit to being wrong in my post... With 265 skill points and moded with might VIII's, I can now say quantum can keep up with and beat the top tier powers... I've only been beaten by Big gun chesser's( yes, Big Gun is super cheesy), and mental/gadget exploit artist and ice dps that use ice elemental on adds...
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  14. Gimpy Loyal Player

    Careful Bro, I said that once a few weeks ago and was instantly berated for it.
  15. iMint Well-Known Player

    Its funny...they capped Quantum because of the exploit being done in Oan SM....but people use the Mental WM exploit all the time and that has yet to be fixed....I see no consistency with the way they do things.
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  16. Mazahs Loyal Player

    This also drives me nuts as you also have inconsistencies with Ice Elemental, 3 EMP and 3MT too. The devs have acknowledged the Gadgets / Mental and pretty much stated, nothing will be done until statsmatter (which really sucks!)

    Also and just to clarify as many people think there is some hard cap on TBomb. Time Bomb's cap scales with the Might you have
  17. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    There is a cap on it.
    Do paradox wave or something
    Go in as mental and 1 shot each boss or hit them for over 1 million with mass terror with 14k might.
    Go in as quantum and use time bomb and watch it hit for less than the previous 3 powers used with 14k might.

    Now, you wanna tell me it scales with might and no cap? Bologna. When we could still walk into wave,i had to use my weapon as it did more damage than time bomb.
  18. iMint Well-Known Player

    I don't mind the 3EMP/MT...and I've accepted Ice Elemental...but I what I don't understand is why Mental is still being exploited and why the devs have done nothing about it for over a year even though its been reported many many times.
  19. Mazahs Loyal Player

    You misunderstand what I put. I wanted to clarify that as our toons incur more might, that cap grows as well. Using Pwave which is T5 when we are T8 is a terrible example.

    Is there a TBomb cap? YES ABSOLUTELY THERE IS Is it ridiculous the devs haven't done anything? YES, but same is true with sad state of a few other powers BUT that cap scales with might, meaning it's not a hard cap that will never grow.
  20. RLManuel Committed Player

    I know, but once they mod straight might 8's and if they have high skill points they will do just fine with quantum. The cap is still BS though...