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  1. PMan21 New Player

    Hi all, I am looking for advice on a layout I'm currently using for quantum because I feel like I'm not being competitive at all with this loadout. I am currently just using.

    Gravity well > TB > WR > DW > WB > Tach blast.

    I feel like I'm doing something completely wrong due to the fact that whenever I'm running content I'm generally the last dps.
  2. RLManuel Committed Player

    It's not you it's your power... quantum it capped.. no matter what you do you will be last...
  3. PMan21 New Player

    I honestly hate that time bomb is capped. I would switch but I love the trolling too much.
  4. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    It's not you, Quantum, electricity and Nature are all sorts of messed up right now.
  5. AbBaNdOn_IGN Committed Player

    CR? You definately should not be last. What kind of content? If your villain post ur name and we can run together and compare.

    Using gravity well makes me think ur an end gamer but you saying u always come in last sounds like a noob.

    Mechanicly its dumb to use WR AFTER TB. WR doesnt give power back or deal damage so using AFTER is a complete waste of time. It would actually help gravity well and inital hit of TB if it went first. Gravity Well's damage works with TB mechanic (dont know about power back). Shouldnt it go after TB? I dont know where you use it, I was thinking you do it before TB cuz you have it on a out of the way button.

    Im not an End gamer but i dont even mess with gravity well. If i was going to give up my healing SC it would be to include the damage SC from time tree that works with TB. WR and heal are on my right trigger and my whole rotation is on left.

    Quantum works good at range but u do even more up close.

    Also how are your SP placed? All crits/def and leftover into might?
  6. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Not true in the slightest. Time bomb is capped on the amount by might, but is a solid mid tier power.
    If he's last he's clearly doing something wrong, especially at tier with similar geared players.

    Typical AM loadout would be TBomb - DWave- Warp Barrage - Tach Blast
    TBomb - WB - TBlast- TShift
    TBomb - WB - TBlast- TShift
    TBomb - DWave- Warp Barrage - Tach Blast

    It's done this way since DWave- is your PI applicator and lasts for 12 seconds, allowing 2 more rotations before needing to be applied again. You can use whatever you want for last power RSK, QTunnel, WR etc.. but this will out perform your current rotation.

    Keep in mind that TBomb is slow to act, but even if it misses your next attack still applies the damage. You will fall short of burst powers but shod be just fine against most mid tier.
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  7. PMan21 New Player

    CR is currently at 189, and SP is 176
  8. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    I'll give you guys a free cookie worth of advice.

    Put more power points into the space tree and not the time tree. You will get a 5% crit damage bonus rather than a 1% crit chance.

    Time tree: time bomb, dwave, time shift, tachyon blast,

    Space tree: gravity well, warped reality, fill out tree

    Iconics: the two damage crits

    Do your rotation and then clip gravity well with warped reality. And get in a habit of using your range attack after each bomb so if it misses, the damage is still applied to the enemy. Don't use warp barrage as it's not a smooth power at all and is a time delay. Mod all might as well.
  9. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Try using time bomb, distortion wave, tachyon blast and time shift in that order. Make sure your fast so you can get all those powers to hit before time bomb goes off. You can also use the warp reality(the buff) and clip time bomb with it. Your gonnna want to do that as fast as possible though cause if your slow you can possibly not fit all 3 powers inside of the time bomb window and end up loosing damage.

    Some will say use warp barrage but I've been trying it and other things and warp always seems to net me lower damage for some reason and others I know who are or where quantum have said the same thing.

    I recently switched my alt to quantum and was actually pretty surprised at what I was doing with it after I hear all the bad things about it. Now don't get me wrong it's def not a top dps power but if done right you can actually do pretty well.
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  10. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    This here is important to learn. Things will die a lot before time bomb goes off so getting used to this technique is a life saver. I think you have 2 seconds to cast a power or tap range and hit something for the damage to transfer. The best way I've found to do it is to tap range right before your next power. Usually in this situation your next power will be time bomb so just tap range before it but be quick about it.
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  11. Absolix Loyal Player

    Warp Barrage, Tachyon Blast, and Time Shift actually do the same damage. The difference is in their AoEs. Since hitting at least two enemies is important to double the damage of your powers, and thus double the damage of Time Bomb they are typically prioritized in order of their AoE sizes. Warp Barrage has easily the largest AoE, being the one power that might potentially have a larger AoE than Distortion Wave, Tachyon Blast which is a slightly larger cone AoE, and then Time Shift which is a smaller cone AoE.
  12. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I'm aware of all that just saying from my findings and others i run with warp is dropping our dps for some reason when used. i haven't really dug into why and don't really care why lol cause quantum is kinda blah so what works best works best at this stage in the game im not concerned why :p
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  13. Absolix Loyal Player

    My issue is that if you are going to claim it decreases Dps, I will likely doubt unless I have something more concrete than "findings", numbers, data, etc. There are too many people relying on anecdotal evidence, and telling others to follow advice based on anecdotal evidence only confuses more people, which is why I tend to be skeptical of anyone making claims about the power I spent so much time finding the base damage values for without numbers and/or data to back it up.
  14. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I've been messing with one of my alts lately. The tap range your doing, is that between each power or is your tap only before you do timebomb?
  15. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    The only problem I have with the numbers people do. They are usually done on a test dummy and does the info. take into account the different CR. Plus giving numbers based on a test dummy can't reflect your or someone's play style and reaction time. Which is why some people find powers work well for them, and others it doesn't.

    Not saying your info is wrong, I've never been a fan of testing on dummies. The way I've always tested powers, for myself, is just running content. I'll take suggestions from people to get a start, but I'll tweek and adjust based on my own playstyle.
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  16. PMan21 New Player

    I have the same question
  17. Mazahs Loyal Player

    You are tapping right after TB explodes. If it fails to connect then the damage is then passed along to next attack. Using a tap range after TBomb explodes guarantees that even if it does not hit it's intended target the next tap range will.

    Also in response to Black, Absolix is 100% correct. You can use a variety of other things, but the max damage of the TBomb AM is spot on. It's numbers, and they don't lie, sure some results will vary from player to player but what he said is top damage potential of the AM. I respect crappy, but he said the same thing about using the tap method vs 3clip with Light too. Myself Brice and Farmerbob had the data from days of testing. To date I haven't found a light dps in game that can match those numbers using what he said was a waste . Again much respect for him as a player, but absolix is right.
  18. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    I said that in my post above. I've been quantum for past 3 years in pre wm, wm, and am. And I've topped boards in gom so it's possible, you just need skill and a good loadout spec.
  19. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    With light just the tap range will net you the best and fastest damage especially for the score card. I even put video prof up of some quick tests i did and tap range always wins especially when it comes to the scorecard. Its very easy to see. Set your parser to 10 seconds and look at your first 2 reads really just the first but theres a few seconds the buff lasts into the second read so you can take that into consideration if you like. . Also make sure you don't use blaster adapter when testing.

    My self and mighty hornet have tested both ways multiple times and the tap always brought us out on top no matter what way you run the buffs recharge before insp or after, insp 3 head mod you name it we tried it. I don't know how you guys where testing it but i think you guys must have been missing something. Also by specing into the assault tree more you get a 1% crit chance that ends up putting out more damage overall then if you spec into the support tree more which is crit damage. Even if chomp/insp did slightly more dps on start up you lose damage over all by not having that 1% crit chance.

    Quick demonstration in he vid below at the beginning. Its not the hours of testing i've put into it but the basics of the start up damage differences. Not to mention if you want to do better on the score card tap range is better all day cause you put AM damage on the card faster then wasting 1.5 seconds in the animation of chomp/insp that do such tiny damage then your Am damage is delayed a extra tick and don't start till light blast. So by the time you get your AM damage going with chomp/insp i'm already almost into mini gun and put much more damage up score card wise.

    The short 12 sec boost just doesn't make up for the animation times where your doing no damage and also delaying you AM damage. Parsers are also closer then the damage gap in actual content. In content there is more of a gap cause of damage out you put on the board. If you really think about it it makes sense even with no testing.

    Also i'm no expert with quantum but just from doing a few runs with the same people in the same raids i just found myself doing better without warp. Could possibly be my might isn't as high as it should be.
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  20. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Yeah I saw your post s before. Again, do what works for you but the parser didn't lie and the scoreboard didn't either. Certain places you absolutely go tap into combo as it's better suited, but with the way Inspiration is still bugged anything where the adds aren't dead in 12 seconds your missing out.

    Even at times when you get countered you can still reapply INSP as your back in full AM in 1.5 and enjoy double buff for 10+ seconds.

    As far as the video I've seen it, but if your using LB on anything but boss fights your doing it wrong. Fan Claw Final Claw Ram will always win out....Not a single fight in game that isn't a boss fight you can't safely melee (hell you can melee all of it with good tank and position.

    Again, much respect but what your promoting for light is wrong. Still very good even above average, but not optimal.