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  1. Daolon Zar Well-Known Player

    Whaddup, everyone.

    I recently got an email from DCUO talking about the CR skip and like a dope fiend getting a bag dangled in front of their face, I came crawling back and re-downloaded DCUO for my PS4. I did the CR skip on my main guy since he had the most feats/SP, and I've been tryna get as many as possible to make him viable in this strange, new world that I've come back to (like every time I leave this game for a year or more and come back).

    Anyway, my main is a Quantum DPS and I think my old rotation from a couple years ago is out of date. I was hoping to get some tips and advice from any of y'all who play a Quantum DPS as to what you guys run and what you recommend.

    My rotation is centered around Time Bomb for sure, where I hit that then go into Gravity Well(?) to put that one effect on people before running through Alcubierre Wave (sp?) and a couple others whose name I can't remember right now -- but I wanna make sure I'm getting the most out of it. Any advice is appreciated and good looks on anyone taking time to read this!
  2. Captin Raptor Well-Known Player

    I go gravity well, time bomb, lift, A wave, heat vision (with artifact) and oblivion (with soul cloak)

    I switch A wave with Einstein ray for single target bosses

    I use robo sidekick instead of oblivion for adds in hallways and quick stuff
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  3. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Time Bomb is a DPS loss. Stick to your burst powers. I use RSK and a SC and rotate 4 powers.
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  4. Rainnifer Committed Player

    I don't use Time Bomb at all. Instead I use Gravity Well for PI and then Lift, Alcubierre wave and Gravity Bomb.
    Oblivion supercharge and Quantum Tunneling shield. Works decently overall.
    I've been thinking of switching gravity well for anomoly once I get the Grimorum Verum artifact to 160 just for extra supercharge generating, hopefully the pet from the artifact is actually good at setting up PI for me.

    Time Bomb has been kind of odd for me. People say it helps you do more damage, but I found it to not be worth using overall. You're left slightly more vulnerable when casting it because it takes a good second and you can't "jump cancel" the animation. It also uses more power, and makes my cooldowns no longer line up "perfectly." I'd also have to switch out either my supercharge or shield which are both useful. It's also really slow to deal its damage so casting it on enemies that will die quickly isn't worth it at all. I haven't noticed a difference in damage large enough to make using it beneficial for me.

    That being said, if you think it works for you/how you play then there's no problem in wanting to use it. I think Quantum is pretty viable all around since so many people have different loadouts for it, although Graviton Charged loadouts seem to be a little stronger than Destabilized ones.
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  5. Pardoz New Player

    I roll with Heat Vision (swap for Singularity if you don't have the Grimorum at 160 to apply PI), Alcubierre Wave (or Inspiral Waves in Alerts with no controller - less damage, but lower power consumption), Lift, Gravity Bomb, Oblivion. Last slot can be Gravitonic Field for another DoT, Quantum Tunneling for the shield//teleport, or occasionally Time Bomb for fights where the boss doesn't move much (or adds don't die before it goes off).
  6. Daolon Zar Well-Known Player

    Interesting, I generally stayed away from all iconic powers every time I played. I know Robot Sidekick has always kinda been one of the few most people recommend, I might have to look into re-spec'ing and trying it out. I was having some issues with a single target boss in a solo run where he took me out a few times before I took care of business, maybe robot sidekick could've helped.

    The artifacts and augments and all that are basically Mandarin to me, I'm still trying to figure them out. I'll have to check which ones I have when I'm not at work and see how badly I'm utilizing the ones I have, lol.

    How do you feel about the Quantum shield power? How effective and practical would it be for different kinds of scenarios?
  7. Daolon Zar Well-Known Player

    Damn, I remember when Time Bomb was hot **** and a must-have, lol. What are the other powers you rotate for your DPS?
  8. Daolon Zar Well-Known Player

    That sounds like a decent line-up you got, there. I definitely want to play around with different loadouts and seeing what's up, figuring out something that works well for me. I just want to be able to not bring anyone too far down when I get back to trying raids and all that again.

    All this artifact and augment stuff is something I'm still learning and trying to figure out, I definitely don't think I have the one you mentioned. How would I go about getting that one?

    That casting time for Time Bomb was definitely being a pain in my *** when I was doing this Atlantis solo mission and that atlantean boss who keeps switching weapons was causing me way more trouble than he should have -- I think all the cast time that you can't cancel out of made me eat too much damage. I ended up beating him after a few tries with my loadout but I definitely feel like I can improve it. You also mentioned it isn't worth the weaker enemies who die too quickly since it takes so long to do the damage, and that's something I noticed right away. I'm just making sure me considering a rotation without it wasn't crazy talk lmao.

    I'm glad to hear you think Quantum is pretty viable, I remember lots of people saying it's great for trolling but not as useful as a DPS which is more my style, so I'm happy there's options to make it work. I'm gonna have to re-spec and re-evaluate some stuff. Any iconic powers you think are worth grabbing, too?
  9. Rainnifer Committed Player

    Quantum is my favorite power, it's amazing for trolling and I find the DPS side of it fun and kind of useful. I haven't really tried other powers as in-depth as Quantum, but It's never let me down so far. I don't think you have to worry about bringing your team down unless you were somehow extremely incompetent in how to play.

    The artifact I mention you can get from JLD content I believe, it has a pet that fights along side you (similar to the robot sidekick but it doesn't take up a loadout slot or slow your power regeneration I believe) and at rank 120 I believe the pet will shoot a beam that places Graviton Charged PI on the enemy. At 160 that beam will affect multiple enemies around it.

    Yeah Time Bomb seems to be a hit or miss for people, it's certainly a miss for me lol and I've been doing good without it.

    I saw you ask above about Quantum's Shield power, it has 2. Time Bubble which is your basic shield, works similarly to all the other normal shields most/all powers have. And Quantum Tunneling (highly recommend ;)) It teleports, need I say more? The teleporting effect has been extremely useful for me for getting out of/away from attacks or quickly getting to downed teammates. I even used it to grab all those civilians for the feat in the Shattered Gotham raid without having to die or warp back to rally, I also used it to maybe cheat on the flying race feats... I think the shield is slightly weaker in strength to Time Bubble, but what makes up for that is its lower cooldown, 12 seconds long. If the shield isn't broken prematurely, you can instantly use it again and stay protected.

    I don't like switching the shield out for anything so I don't usually do so.
    If I were to do single target I switch out A. Wave for Einstein Ray and Gravity Bomb for Energy Expulsion, and I change Gravity Well to Singularity.

    I've never really touched Iconic powers much, so I can't really help there. Supposedly there is a good loadout that uses Sonic cry or shout? and Super Speed but it's more of a melee loadout that you have to be closer up to the enemies. Don't quote me on that, it's been a while since I've seen the video but it's one of ObsidianChill's quantum videos.
    Although I do grab Super-Strength just because, I have fun every now and then picking huge things up.
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  10. Captin Raptor Well-Known Player

    robo side kick, teleport and the superchargers i switch up basee on the scenerio.

    Depending on the boss fight or situation and when its best for me to use my sc ill either start match with teleport or robo in loadout and armory switch to sc loadout when needed or vise versa.

    Quantum teleport shiled is one of the most useful moves in the game. When the situation dictates it can be a game saver.

    Yeah theres alot to figure out with the artifacts if ur just starting with them. For quantum, if ur going to play both roles id suggest starting with Scrap of the Soul Cloak as ur first artifact to level up. It helps build ur supercharger and is helpful for both.
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  11. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Yeah the Time Bomb meta has really changed. The cap on it from the revamp seems pretty harsh
    After the revamp it was always maxing out and there is always the problem of something dying before it goes off. I was reluctant to use RSK because I am not a fan. I could still replace with a shield if needed for extra survivability.

    So for my multi target I use Singularity, A Wave, Lift and Einstein. Some people might use Gravity Bomb in place of Einstein which is single target but both it and Singularity can miss because they are projectiles.

    For single target, I swap A Wave for Gravitonic Field. There is more base damage on Gravitonic's 3 ticks combine and it is not range dependent like A Wave.

    I don't like Gravity Well because there are so many bosses in this game that teleport or run around and leave the AOE field. That's why I've developed my rotations without that power.

    Artifacts are tough one to figure out because it is not quite clear where Quantum should focus. Temporal Vortex isn't terrible but is a cone and doesn't yield the same damage that some other 50% SC yield. Oblivion is not bad but it's 100%. Some players, regardless of power set, use NVB just to get a buff on their damage. Some players go with Speed Drain because it is 25% and can cast it more. Scrap and Eye Of Gemini is an artifact combo that works best with 25 and 50 SC. The advantage to this combo is you can also use it for Controller artifacts to help you generate more shields and SC for the group. It can be a bit cheesy but Eye does a damage proc that doesn't split along with the damage from Speed Drain so you are building your numbers from consistently casting your SC when off cool down. Vacuum Bubble doesn't have the same damage as Speed Drain and Backflip from Acro flips you out of the Eye's circle.

    There is a new combo of Transformation/Strategist Card from the current content and available from event content. I seemed to have some good testing with an AOE loadout but I haven't made up my mind of its benefit on my single target loadout. Pet damage does not benefit this artifact combo though and it's doubtful anyone would use these artifact for Controlling

    Grimorium Verum could be used as a 3rd artifact with either of these combos. It provides a decent might buff and pet damage. If you went with the Trans/Strat combo, I would stick with Oblivion as SC and only use it with supply drops.

    Other artifacts that could work include Dead King's Scepter which works with your orbitals and trinkets. At a certain rank it starts giving you mini orbital that randomly activate while using your powers.

    There is also Philosopher's Stone at rank 200 which gives you and extended buff from the supply drop.

    Some Artifacts are not worth rank 200 but some are. Getting your artifacts to that level quickly will require a lot of marketplace purchases with real money. Something to consider.
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