Quantum DPS ideas?

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Onicks, May 11, 2013.

  1. Onicks New Player

    i simply cannot settle with a DPS build! erg! lol...anyone have a melee and ranged DPS loadout for Quantum that they are loving?
  2. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    Honestly haven't done any melee =b

    but haveing tons of success with this ranged loadout:

    Grav Well, Warped Reality, Tunneling, Singularity, Gbomb/alcubierre, Tachyon Blast.

    Gbomb/Alcubierre, the decision is basically whether or not you can use your weapon combo->singularity back to back or not. For example you can use staff and just use singularity without a problem. Then I use alcubierre and start rotations with that as it's more reliable than warped for the PI. Personally I quick clip HBs usually, so I need gbomb to alternate with singularity so not to have downtime between power uses.
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  3. Onicks New Player

    I am going to try this out man thanks!
  4. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    For sure, I forgot to add though, I do use the persistant 60% mod. It's pretty nice. With that, you can also go with Inspiral waves instead of Gbomb, but you have to be mid range as there's a shorter range on the power. It's the best option if you can stay in that mid range area. It'll hit just as hard as gbomb when you have the persistant 60% modifier, and you can just spam it back to back. All the while taking less power than singularity or gbomb. So it's a good thing to have in your back pocket to swap in for fights where you can be a little closer.
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  5. Aiden Warren New Player

    Go to war room and see what powers does good damage and know that it's from Might
    0.45% per Might Point. Try out all different powers.
    and the 35-50% Damage buffing and Power Interactions
  6. StrikingShot New Player

    I recently switched to Quantum

    I have a Cr89 127Sp DPS, 2282 Might

    didnt like the time tree very much
    so i use the grav charge PI

    Loadout from L to R
    Inspiral Waves, Temporal Extortion, Singularity, Tachyon Blast, Gravity Well, Alcubierre Wave

    I find personally i dont use my weapon attacks very much, so a Super Charge is wasted for me
    I chose temporal extortion over Warped reality because its an +70 or so to my might for sure, and as mentioned if im not using my weapon it doesn't help me

    I always start with Temporal extortion for the boost, alcubierre wave to set up PI, Grav Well, Sing, Tachyon blast
    Then it depends ill either put sing back up or isprial waves
  7. Jax Prime New Player

    Has anyone managed to get a good build with Prec? OR is it completely impossible to play Quantum in that way?
  8. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    I think you're just mathmatically at a disadvantage when using something like prec4/5 because you get more overall stats going with the mixed. BUT, I'm a prec leaning build. Prec/health, prec/power, and prec/might, and I'd say I do quite well.
  9. thoughtpatern New Player

    as far as i can tell just about evry power benefit from being prec and might based, with a bias jn non red slots going either way as you see fit
  10. Jax Prime New Player

    I see, im just used to the combo system and interactions on HLs i suppose. Been tempted to switch since GU25 but sticking to it for a while.

    Might have to play Quantum at some point, see what all the fuss is about.
  11. thoughtpatern New Player

    just make new toon to try t out tbats what i did. an wnow i want to switch my main.
  12. Rvdo New Player

    I use Alcubierre Wave, Warped Reality, Tachyon Blast. Gravity Well, Singularity and Energy Expulsion.

    I'm not sure wich one is better: Singularity or Gravity Bomb. But Gravity Bomb costs a extra power point. I start out with Alcubierre Wave to get everyone 'Graviton-Charged' so I can do extra dmg with powers like Singularity and Gravity Well. You can clipp everything with Warped Reality (wich also get your enimies Graviton-Charged) and Energy Expulsion is a decent 35% finisher. Tachyon Blast is a pretty good power to if you use it right. I didn't like the SC's but I haven't really tried them that much, but just like electricity dps I rather don't use one.

    If anyone has any tips for me what would work better I would appreciate it, but this ld and rotation works out pretty great so far!
  13. Meta Flare New Player

    Dang... That is my exact load out lol. I was hoping no one else used it lol. I love that load out.

    Oh and I think singularity is better.

    Just realized you use energy expulsion. I use oblivion cuz it hits everyone. And I mean everyone.
  14. Rvdo New Player

    Edit:I just tested Oblivion, it is a great power lol. I just used it wrong.
  15. Meta Flare New Player

    Lol it's awesome. Have you used the 25 % one yet?
  16. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    Singularity has a slightly higher avg damage from what I saw, although it was limited testing so not sure if it's totally true. Gbomb however has a faster reuse and when i'm spamming during a troller SC or something, I like it better. So personally I dropped singularity for gbomb. If you are using the 60% persistant mod, and willing to be in close-mid range, inspiral waves is actually the better choice over gbomb. It'll hit just as hard and take less power, and an even faster reuse, which i can actually go faster than gbomb allows me. But, I like the range so again I've been doing gbomb.
  17. HRH New Player

    What I have found to be the best is L to R

    A.wave, singularity, gravity well, Gbomb, warped reality, oblivian,

    I play it ranged by clipping shurikan storm with my powers so my rotation is

    A.Wave, SS, gravity well clipped with warped reality, SS, singularity, SS, Gbomb, oblivian when needed repeat

    I have had a lot of success with this load out
  18. Meta Flare New Player

    Mine is pretty similar. I use tachyon blast instead of Gbomb.

    I can either start my rotation off with Tblast and then have the modifier for warped reality into gravity well.

    Or I can end with it, usually on bosses, I start with WW then use gravity well then singularity then finish it up with a Tblast.

    It's pretty effective and has all the styles of moves I like.
  19. NeroNoctis New Player

    So you are not getting any iconic innates?
  20. Meta Flare New Player

    I currently don't have any iconics either. But I have the powers I have so I can switch back and forth from troll to dps accordingly.

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