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  1. PMan21 New Player

    What's the recommended artifact setup for Quantum DPS? Right now I currently have soul cloak, grimorium, and Eye of Gemini equipped.
  2. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I don't feel there is one Meta build for Quantum. Some people will say Trans Card but I don't agree because it doesn't affect the damage of Time Bomb as it's big hit doesn't crit. Also, using Trans will lower your base might, further reducing the damage from Time Bomb. And Trans has no bearing on Robot sidekick if you use that. Having said that, Time Bomb is not a must. Just something to consider.

    If you are serious about DPS, you need to have a Single Target loadout that uses either Heat Vision and/or Energy Expulsion. So Solar Amplifier or La Mort Card are needed. I don't mind HV since it turns blue and doesn't clash with Quantum graphics. I prefer Grim because of the PI set up for single Target but also the might stat and free damage.

    Personally, I use Philosopher's Stone because of its high might stat. I use it when I cast Oblivion but the it also buffs my Time Bomb rotation. I tried to come up with my own loadouts for what I think works for me. I try to use as few Artifacts as possible because I'm not investing a ton ofmoney into them. Sure a melee rotation for adds using Whirling Dervish with Grim, Trans and Strat may net more damage when you do numerous sparring target rotations, but adds don't last that long in a raid with 3-4 other DPS so why focus Artifacts on that?
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  3. AD Leo Well-Known Player

    Drop the Eye for the Solar.
  4. Magg Redd Well-Known Player

    Find one that you like and run with it. Hone you abilities, and become the best you can be, but DON'T worry about what will get you on the top of the leader board. Sure, everyone loves to win and be on top, but when you focus on where you are on the leader board all the time, you tend to stop having fun doing it.
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  5. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    My arts are:
    La mort card
    Trans card
    Solar amp

    Offers good stats (except la mort) and exceptional ST damage in energy expulsion and heat vision.
    Having 2 channels is a more relaxed style of play but i dont sacrifice mobility as i can block cancel both and i run quantum tunneling so im VERY mobile. Seems to work really well overall. Not top on leaderboard mostly but rarely bottom either. Its a fun loadout i use an those arts fit it pretty perfectly i just wish la mort card gave 5% rather than a mediocre 3%
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  6. Evanhhs Well-Known Player

    What's your time bomb loadout? Wouldn't its slow dropping animation reduce the overall effectiveness?
  7. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Don't use Time Bomb, it's far too unreliable.
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  8. Vashh New Player

    I'm currently running:

    Trans Card
    Strat Card
    Solar Ampli

    And I gotta say, they hurt! I normally get top dps if there isn't any high SP electric abuser in the raid. It's all about your loadouts and rotations
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  9. FlexVibrant Well-Known Player

    Timebomb isn't viable.
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  10. The OmniScrooge New Player

    I use Solar, Trans, & Strat. Sometimes mix it up with Grim. I often deal significant damage with the setups.

    Will be leveling up La Mort to test.
  11. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Update to my above reply.
    Currently running a channel heavy “lazy” dps rotation thats hitting really hard and seems to also be universally good.

    Solar Amp
    Transformation card
    Grimorium verium

    Rsk/oblivion (RSK usually but if greenspam i swap to oblivion)
    Quantum tunneling (for reasons i have explained multiple times, its just too fun and Op)
    Heat vision (due to SA)
    Energy expulsion (the other channel)
    Lift due to CC and i get crits over 100k
    Gravity bomb/gravitonic field (adds AOE and is power friendly. I use gravitonic field if we have a good troll and i have power)

    Rotation is easy and like always, with 2 channels is steady damage thats pretty consistent
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  12. FlexVibrant Well-Known Player

    The only thing with Gravity Bomb even though it's my favorite move(the name and animation is cool to me) it has whiff potential and just doesn't do enough damage as one would expected even with the PI interaction or a neoven. I tested it out with another Quantum, it's just too capped. I wish they updated some of Quantum's properties.

    The best 3 Quantum AOE moves will be

    Time Shift

    I was running warp barrage for fun, made it work in elite raids but I was doing more with other moves.

    Einstein Ray will be Quantum's best single target move, I've hit for some crazy crits 170-180K and that's not even maxed. Combination of that with HV/EE, I've surpassed most prec WD/DW/Bow DPS users.

    I would be up by 20Mil to 40Mil just in random runs, for AOE optimal is

    Whirling Dervish two taps
    Sonic Cry


    If you want to keep it at distance:

    Time Shift

    repeat 1234


    Lift or Singularity (your choice to vary)
    Energy Explosion

    This rotation will eat adds up just stay in close range.

    The anomaly into D-Wave hits hard too. D-Wave can hit for 150K+

    I've run so many loadouts with Quantum I have 5 different DPS builds, my parsers stay at 100K +

    My artifacts currently
    Solar Amp 200
    Grim 200
    Trans 200
    Strat 200 (equipped for AOE)
    EoG 200 (not equipped in any loadout)
    Soul Cloak 191 (not equipped in any loadout)

    compared to other powers, Quantum crit % don't stay high enough to be fully invested into stat. For Quantums starting out, I suggest to first focus on Trans > Grim > Solar Amp and save Strat for last.

    I don't use Quislet or any of the new artifacts just based on lack of knowledge. But I've seen other powers use it and it hits hard.

    But I invite anyone to run with me on USPS and see how Quantum works. I may look into making videos and tutorials for the Quantum community, basically 5 people lol.
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  13. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Lift is ST not AOE. It can have an AOE “pull” effect sometimes but its really not reliable and theres no damage.
    And yes, i agree about better options than gravity bomb, timing is everything with it. I do it cause i like it and make it work.
    If u do destabilized rather than graviton charge i am a HUGE advocate of distortion wave. It hits like a truck, has a huge AOE in “layers” and the animation is just tops IMO
  14. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    Lift does turn into a multi-target DoT on Graviton-charged enemies.
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  15. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Fair enough, hadnt noticed in my testing.
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  16. FlexVibrant Well-Known Player

    Before you assume something is unreliable learn about the move first and be open to trying to different loadouts before you assume it doesn't. If you're on USPS I'll run any raid alert or duo with you to show you how effective the loadout is. I'm not some new player lol. I been around Quantum since 2013 and lift is definitely not single target only it has different purposes, I've work lift into both loadouts but it can hit for good damage in a proper loadout. It's not weak at all but you wont see me use it on a boss.

    I get you favor more moves than others because you play for fun, but when it comes to be effective these loadout I posted really work and are some of the best for Quantum. Try to run with me.
  17. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Take a deep breath lol
    I never questioned the effectivness lol
    As for unreliable, i was specifically speaking to the pull effect that lift has and im not assuming anything, i use lift in one of my current loadouts, it rarely drags surrounding enemys in, it does on occasion tho. This is why i say the pull effect is unreliable.
    Im a fan of lift, not knocking ur loadout at all my friend.
    Also yes add me Drippin Excellence
    Im always down to talk quantum and run w/other quantums to discuss/test
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  18. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    To add to it (via more testing you prompted) i see the ticks now for the Little DoT lift applies. I never noticed it because i scan for 5-6 digit numbers, the 4 digits i ignore due onchalking them up to RSK and/or void gazer.
    I cant differentiate the colors as im color blind so while i have tested and tested and tested i just never noticed them before. Now that i ignored the real hits and was scanning the 4 digit hits i can see them as the oets r consistent an dont crit but the DoT does
    Appreciate it!
    Also, i meant to ask, why not use it on a boss? Does fine for me. I mess around changin stuff all the time to test an use other things at times but lift seems like a solid option