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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Jensu, May 27, 2013.

  1. Jensu New Player

    Hi there:

    I just went Quantum on my main Controller and was wondering does anyone know a decent loadout yet
  2. Lights Derp New Player

    Space: gravatron field, t.extortion, singularity, a.wave, q.tunnel, event horizon
    Time: t.burst, t.extortion, t.bomb, warp barrage, q.tunnel, event horizon
    CC: t.burst, t.extortion, singularity, anomaly or g.bomb, q.tunnel, event horizon
    Damage: t.burst, t.extortion, singularity, warp reality, q.tunnel, event horizon
  3. Meta Flare New Player

    To to the guide, or make a load out and experiment on your own.
  4. Phobe's New Player

    hybrid style for good dmg and pwr output

    {tach. burst} [anomaly] {Time Bomb} [Single Sheild, (forgot name)}
  5. Solarstar New Player

    Someone called for the guide?
    I think you mean Time Bubble.

    Phobe, keep in mind that Tachyon Burst and Anomaly serve the same exact purpose of placing the Destabilization PI while Anomaly will also land the Healing Debuff on targets while in the Controller Role.
  6. Objeckt New Player

    Don't mind the guide thread, most of them have no idea what they're talking about. You need PoT, which tach burst is good, if you're running with a quantum dps then the other one is an option to apply the PI for them. You need your instant power in the time tree. Defense debuff which could be time bomb or singularity - singularity has shorter cooldown but time bomb sticks the debuff on more consistantly. Quantum tunneling is great for picking people up or getting out of danger. Event horizon as a supercharge and one other move for whatever you want. Could be einsteins ray for a pull, alc wave for the damage debuff/push, warped reality for more damage, or a crowd control move like anomaly. You could also have a lot of room for your iconic power innates.
  7. Phobe's New Player

    thats the name!

    also tach. burst does apply the pi, but also the P0T so they are both necessary on the same load-out. and ive had anomaly stun 4 targets with regularity. it helps with cc to have more enemies destabilized for time bomb to work properly. ;)

    and i left out the last two spots in my first post, powers 5 and 6 are obviously temp. exertion and event horizon.

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