QoL Request: 60fps for PC

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by SigmaAtom, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    Hi guys

    @ DB Devs
    as per title..

    Fur the love o' Geoff an' the wee man weh the dug!! *please*. can we have the option for 60fps on PC.. flip, maybe even PS4 and Xbox One?

    I *used* to have it with NVidia (see my guide) A PC Player's Guide to 60fps and Higher Resolutions..
    But now I'm on AMD.. and V-Sync doesn't work properly with DX9 :(

    30fps is an anachronism from the PS3 days.. like erm, those shoes with bells* from the 1500s on a millenial. :)



    @ Forum members
    If you support this, please show with a 'like'.

    *Crakow boots (jester variant)
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  2. Proxystar Devoted Player

    Don't have any problems getting more than 60fps on my PC on an AMD card... just sayin
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  3. codyxrhstou Active Player

    Vsync is called Vertical Refresh in radeon settings,turn that on,turn off Vsync in-game.
  4. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    PM'd :)

    Hey codyxrhstou

    tried that before.. it works when I do the master/global setting.. but I get crazy screen tearing.. in the 'gaming' section there are individual game settings for each game.. nothing works :confused:

    thanks for trying tho :)
  5. Great Architect Committed Player

    Letting Windows manage your page file is an awful idea. Whilst it doesn't touch the GPU, it does have "interesting" effects if you're running 8GB of RAM or more. Minimum page size should be 0.5 - 1.0 of your RAM.

    Turning off Search Indexing is also recommended, as is switching off the Windows Sleep / Fast Restart options. The polling for current state is a resource hog.

    And finally, ensure that Windows knows how many cores your CPU has.
  6. Shark Dental Loyal Player

    I would like this if I could understand half of what it says, lol. I must be too old or too young.
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  7. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    :) thanks for trying to help

    hehe I must have not been clear..

    erm not to sound too 'braggy' erm.. I have a HP Z600 workstation with 12c/24t@ 3Ghz, 24GB of 1333mhz DDR3 and two NVMe PCIE drives and a whole handful of sata SSD's, my card is a RX 480 8GB.. I am getting 120 fps (4096x2160p) which with V-Sync turned off.. is keeping my card at a toasty 90C. If V-Sync was working.. it would be around 60C-ish.

    Ironically for all the power my card has.. DCUO has been a chore to deal with since day 1 of owning the RX 480.

    I am getting crazy screen tearing if I use the global V-Sync (also micro stuttering but that seems to have stopped with the new /latest drivers).. if I try in the 'gaming' setting which has each individual game. nothing works.

    Soo... I struck on the idea of modifying the .ini file. This strategy has worked before with L.A Noire years ago..but I found out in an old thread on these forums, the game resets those settings at log in.

    Och.. besides, I have no idea why people wouldn't want to match the refresh rate of their TV/Monitor.

    Ironic.. :(
  8. SigmaAtom Committed Player

    :) hehe thanks for cheering me up Shark!

    maybe that was just a joke.. (idk mate. kindly)

    something else to concentrate on.. I'll write a pamphlet to fps :)

    Pretty much the whole world's TVs do 60hz.. that is; 60 images per second flash across our screens.
    Graphics cards* are able to produce a higher amount of images than that.
    V-Sync is a tiny program that makes the images stop at 60.
    When a graphics is at its maximum output, it becomes hot, any images above 60 on the screen are wasted, as the TV can't show them.*
    30fps is very old standard from around the 1920s*.

    *or maybe consoles depending on the game, older games definitely.

    *some CAN show them.. there are 72hz 85hz 100hz 120hz 122hz 140hz 144hz, that can each show that amount of images per second, but these are very uncommon.

    * seriously.. it was the standard for the first TVs from John Logie Baird, he also invented the (iirc 48/44fps) 50fps and 60fps, but the BBC said they weren't going to pay for that and told him to do 24fps.
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  9. Great Architect Committed Player

    "Trying to help" is the first line of diagnostics...

    Next is: -

    Did you try what I previously suggested, before blowing it out?
    Have you set a specific profile for DCUO?

    DCUO is a mother for memory management - failing to properly close files being the main culprit, resulting in a huge overhead. Either you let it roll, and lag - or you expand the Windows Paging File size to deal with it temporarily.

    Micro-stutter and the tearing have the same root cause. I tried limiting the memory profile available to DCUO, but that means it just crashes rather than lags. But I find that preferable. At least I know when I'm going to have to restart the client - it forces me to.
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  10. Charmed Legacy Dedicated Player

    Overclock it and call it a day lol ;)
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  11. Proxystar Devoted Player

    Are you sure it's because you're not far exceeding the refresh rate of your monitor, if you're pushing too many frames per second you'll get noticeable tearing.

    DCUO is a pretty old game, so it's not going to be hard to push excessive frames.

    despite what you've said elsewhere above too, 144Hz monitors are not that uncommon within the 1080 resolution bracket anymore, it's just they sell a lot of 60Hz ones cause they're cheap and most people don't even know the difference.

    if you want a 4K monitor above 60Hz then you're going to spend a lot more at present.

    To be honest if you're playing DCUO in a res higher than 1080p you're by and large in my opinion wasting your time, any graphical difference you're getting is going to be negligible and unnoticeable.

    My monitor for example as AMD free sync, so I can lock it to 60Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz 144Hz, whichever I might have it set at and avoid any tearing that might eventuate from pushing too many frames.

    It sounds like that might be what you're experiencing.
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  12. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I have an Nvidia card and was experiencing the same issue, where forcing Vsync in the Nvidia control panel wasn't working, but I did find a solution. Since you have AMD I don't know if it will work for you, but it's worth a try. I'm not at home atm so the details are a bit fuzzy but bear with me. If you find the actual .exe file for the game (dcgame.exe I think it's called) right click on it, then choose properties. In one of the tabs in there there is an option with a checkbox. I don't remember the exact wording but it was something like "Disable DPI scaling" or something similar. If the box is checked, uncheck it. If it's unchecked then check it. Save the settings then try the game again, with Vsync turned off in the in game settings but turned on in the AMD settings.

    Hopefully that helps.

    As an aside I did ask Mepps a few months ago if we could have a 60FPS Vsync option in game and he told me he spoke to the systems team and they said it is something they could implement without too much work, but there was no timeframe given.
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  13. BumblingB 10000 Post Club

  14. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    This entire post makes me very happy to play on PS4. :)
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  15. codyxrhstou Active Player

    But PS4's fps are still capped at 30 while playing dc.
  16. codyxrhstou Active Player

    Ok Ive got the same gpu with you(sapphire RX 480 Nitro) and Im using those settings I told you about for a year now without getting any screen freezes.
    Also my tempratures are way lower than what you described, while playing DCUO(40C max),which is weird.
  17. willflynne Devoted Player

    Also running an AMD card, and for what it's worth, here's what I went with. In the control panel for my global settings, I chose the Enhanced Sync option under "Wait for Vertical Refresh" and have the "Frame Rate Target Control" set at 60 FPS. I also have V-Sync turned off in the in-game settings.

    With that, tearing really hasn't been an issue, although every once in a while I'll get an odd flash in the graphics in-game, especially if I bring up something like the inventory or the On-Duty tab.
  18. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    No it's not. PS4 has always had a 60fps option in the game settings.
  19. codyxrhstou Active Player

    Oh alright my fault,it was just a ps3 thing then
  20. Proxystar Devoted Player

    I know right, its great when the manufacturer decides how you're going to run your device for you ;)
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