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  1. TANK69 Well-Known Player

    Hello! I have some ideas for changes, and I need some response from the green ones.

    1. +1 Free Armory for every characters - To support to be support
    2. Account bound artifact progression - Its not just help alts to catch up, but help you to try other playstyles aswell.
    Because of this garb... uhm, clamp, its more neccessary then ever.
    3. Rework socketing - There are powers/roles which hasn't any viable option for example the leg socket.
    4. Rework Affinity Mods- As a might user, I just only has benefits from A and B, and the rest is just useless. Its not even touched since the first cluster f... uhm, revamp.
    5. Rework crafting - I just only whis that the person who had the idea of the Flashpoint crafting feats, has to do this 24/7 for a month and after that appologize to us. Srsly. The system needs a huge rework since 2 years ago, or more. Its laggy, its too much item to sort out, there are no tabs or any filter.
    6. Account bound cash - Since you don't give a flying f... for the mailing between our characters, just make it account bound in the shared bank.
    7. What is the reason that you can't fix the position of my characters in the list in the login menu? Why can't we make the orders of our character list freely?
    8. Rework mail - A switch to turn off/on league members and make separate groups in the list like characters in the account, friend list, etc.
    9. Account bound ignore list. - No need to explain.
    10. Cross faction group invite - You don't even care about sides anymore for years and the population balance either, so if you don't make it to switch faction (and/or merge with NA), then this must be happen.

    You can continue the list if you want.
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  2. TANK69 Well-Known Player

    11. OP Items - Make it dual socket or if I fully complete it, make it purchaseable a full one for my other spec aswell.
    12. PVP - Erease it from the existense or do f.... something about it.
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  3. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    This is more a list of what you want and not QoL. QoL is stuff that smooths out stuff that’s already in the game, not change/rework them.

    1: armories are there to make players want to spend money to get more. I doubt that will change but it would be nice.
    2: this will never happen. It’s not even QoL. As great as this would be, they have 0 reason on why they should do it.
    3: just make things that aren’t percentage based into percentage based. And for leg mods maybe just add more abilities that work with them.
    4: what exactly do you not like? They aren’t meant to be huge impacts. Just slight enhancements. Not everything has to be a dps buff.
    5: the crafting in flashpoint isn’t as bad as some people are making it out to be. It was easy to finish the sets for the feats of people made a plan for how to do it faster. It was a rather simple set up. If you ask for crafting to be looked at you should expect them to make crafting more in line with actual crafting in other games where you have to go to different locations and gather resources. Best to just leave it as is.
    6: first QoL you said in your list. But what’s with the hidden cursing. “Since they don’t give a flying f…”. Great way to ask for things. Insult the ones you want to change things.
    7: if you want them in a certain order than login and out of them in the order you want them in. Sure it could help keep things more organized. But there are more important things they need to work on. Like the constant crashing of the game when you port phases/locations.
    8: I like this one.
    9: this has been suggested many times and hope they do add this.
    10: again, why insult them while asking for things? In general something should probably be done to help the villains side on some servers.
    11: what exactly do you mean by dual socket? Mod sockets? 2 components? 2 ranks until its complete?
    12: I’ll leave this one be…
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  4. SpyderBite Active Player

    This is a personal wish list. Not a QoL list.

    Btw, If you subscribe, you get another armory every month using your Loyalty Points.
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  5. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    For starters, How about during instance runs we get another Teleporter that warps us back to Vendor so that we can repair our gear more efficiently.
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  6. Zero303 Well-Known Player

    i agree with most points. especially mail and cash beeing global.
    but then perhaps we whould have even more goldsellers.
  7. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    To re-examine the consumption of mana or for certain power the consumption is extremely unfair, when one does not have Troll has side and the allies, that does not count that penalizes ink too much the creativity of build for certain power!
  8. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    If I had only one choice of a new QoL, it would be the addition of a repair vendor in our League Halls. I would really love for our League Halls to receive some refurbishing or renovations.
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