Pyramid Elite advice:

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  1. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Hi folks, just wanted to drop some advice for the alert (elite) for those who were unaware of the mechanics, or just needed a few pointers on things they didn't know.

    For starters, tanks, please be aware that the scarabs will crawl out of the ground behind you in certain places, and kill your healer or DPS. 2 steps forward, look one step back. Could save you some time.

    **1st Boss fight! A monstrosity.
    Mummy: lunge the special attack.
    Bird: breakout/block, rollout of special attack.
    Jackal: block the special attack.
    Croc: lunge the special attack. If croc lands attack, lunge to make him stop mauling.

    1 dps on each end of room (get your portals!)
    Tank, keep boss sorta in the middle.
    Healer can shield up and grab the stones. (Or DPS)

    When going for the feat (not touching portals) watch the boss special attacks, and keep the crowd near the middle.

    ***2nd boss fight!
    Isis will call out a monstrosity, see above for how to handle it.

    Isis special attack drops thorns: roll out, jump out, just get out quickly! Try not to roll into a trap stone (gray square on floor).
    When Isis goes to the center (lunge to interrupt) and get a portal. 1 person per orb, maintain social distancing.

    Tank, every time she goes for an orb, adds will come out and immediately aim for the healer, be ready, and taunt quickly (a breakout helps during lunge, so you can stay on your feet).

    Get your orb, and stay away from others.
    Healers, during the lunge Isis parts (4 times) have a shield ready to help mitigate damage from people already carrying an orb. It could save your team.

    After she's interrupted, roll out fast towards your orb. Often she will drop thorns, and 3-4 thorns in the middle on everyone is dangerous.

    Anything else, feel free to add! Good luck, and remember to watch out for the special attacks of the monstrosities!
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  2. BumblingB I got better.

    The Brier move also stuns, tank leaving his group cleanse helps teammates to get out easier.
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  3. Henoshock Well-Known Player

    Tank should just Immunity the Bird's skull. And bodyblock Croc's charge. Heal should save shield for Jackal, or for Briar on LB. Tank can pop Superman shield against Jackal's skull.

    If Tank is meleeing a Monstrosity, the group can't be melee. If not, it's fairly safe to melee.

    It's not neccsary to transport stone slabs on first boss. Just get cogs. Either Troll (which I like to run with) or the Heal in a 2 DPS setup.

    The auras on LB from fields don't do much. Some CC and a small DoT. It's really bad to miss an orb because you lose over a quarter of the room in space to move. The 3 other group members should pick 1 pillar at the beginning. Tank can usually grab the 1st orb. Tank doesn't need to grab any orb, group just needs to grab the first 3, then burst Isis after the last lunge phase.
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  4. Essential Exobyte Dedicated Player

    On the briar patch you can pop a shield and block. You just need to time your shields and watch for isis throwing the green balls your way that turn into the patches. That is pretty much what kills ppl in that fight, and the floor traps.

    The croc enemy is just a bit much imo. Getting eaten-out by a huge croc is very out of context and especially when someone else has to come over and croc-block him.
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