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    If PvP ever gets fixed I believe it would raise the population by 20%. If that does happen then I suggest the game be changed to three different servers and charge money for each server you choose to use. A server for pvp ONLY could charge fifty dollars a yearly subscription. A sever for pve content ONLY could be charged seventy five dollars a year. Then you would have the all access server where you get the both of best worlds that pvp and pve have to offer which will include a reduced price on both pvp and pve gear sets and access to all maps and DLC's in the game. This would cost one hundred and thirty five dollars a year. Skill points and feats will be determined on which sever you pay for. For this to happen PVP must be fixed first in order to attract new and returning costumers. Thank you for your time.
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    I wouldn’t charge the pvp servers (pve server too) just to access, on top of membership, I feel like that would just drive people away. Then the current players trying to complete feats on the pvp server would be driven away as well. Plus not everyone buys year subscriptions

    And I’m not sure your sp/feat format would work on servers 1&2(pvp only, pve only) since there is feats for both pvp & pve, the game is currently designed to have both pvp & pve. They should keep the servers as is, just fix pvp some other way
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  4. MiniCake Level 30

    I pay for a monthly sub and you want me to pay for other subs on a different server .Whatever your smoking plz lower the dosage.
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    This thread's title tho...
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    A lot of people changed the world for the better by breaking the "rules" of that time. We need to get the fiery spirit of the competition here again. We need to fix bane, 2 face and a few others and start off making legends pvp fun again. Legends is a bit slower and less complicated so new people can get some experience on 1s 2s and 4s and 5s without dealing with rage spam.

    In legends pvp you can (mostly) see attacks coming and correspond. It can be fast paced or slow depending on the skill of the players
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    And that has absolutely nothing to do with the OP.
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    Having players names display on a big board in the Watchtower sounds pretty cool, but do you know what would be even cooler? The ability to move the names of the people in your group from the left side of the screen to the right.
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    Yea the idea wasn't very good at all lol
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  11. Do Your Googles Active Player

    How is it not a good idea? It has the potential to increase the size of the community and generate more money for the game.
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    I wonder if it's technically possible to phase lock a player into the game's PvP phase?
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    It won't generate any money if no one pays for it. There's a reason they moved away from subscription only, which your "idea" is.
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    It probably does... at the expense of at least one DLC, more likely two. It's already been stated that as much as they would like to fix PVP it's not receiving a priority simply because they do not have the resources. Why? Well, it will take at least one DLC cycle for a team of developers to unravel the existing system and go through all of the changes that were made along the way. Once they get a chance to do that they can then plan out the mechanics and other stuff behind how it will work and then implement it.

    This discussion comes up every now and again... and the same answer is given every time... and people refuse to accept it. PVP fixes and SM are not on the current roadmap... only on a wish list. Sad? Yes... but that's what can be done with the resources available.

    The better question would be: are you and the rest of the DCUO community... not just the vocal ones in the forum... willing to sacrifice at least one DLC to get PVP and/or SM brought back? I hate to break it to you, but the vast majority of the casual DCUO community would answer that question with, "No."
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    I said this before but people who are against the idea of allowing the devs to skip through one dlc cycle so the devs can fix PvP to a solid state are selfish af. This has to deal with improving the quality and diversity of the game, not what you find entertaining to you. That’s just one of the reason for devs not fixing PvP but regarding that topic is what it is on the surface.

    People don’t know this, but there was a push for the stats revamp to come about. If the casuals were to have silence that push revamp would have never happened.
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    That's where surveys sent out by Daybreak will help... but answer them honestly... and give them constructive feedback so they can actually dissect what you give them and be able to prioritize things better.

    I do believe there is a bit of a catch-22 going on in that, "I don't PVP because PVP is broken," combined with, "I ran the ever-living *bleep* out of this DLC in 2 weeks, got everything, and now I have nothing to do. The next DLC can't get here fast enough."

    You can't help the selfish attitude... people want to play the game on their terms... whether they're here for casual fun or want to be elitist asp holes. It's their money. They spent it for the membership (or purchased the DLC) and should be able to do that. That's just how it works.

    The stats revamp made sense on multiple levels. Advanced Mechanics and CR Differential screwed things up like crazy and actually made developing content more difficult for the developers than originally expected. Going back to working off the stats numbers directly instead of adjusting them made it easier for them as well, thus reducing development time and bug fix time... a win for everyone... so you weren't going to get any pushback from the devs on this one.