PVP - Unbalanced, yet still not fixed?

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    I post this thread not as rant, but as a message to the developers to revamp and rebalance the current PVP experience as it is. Not all of my PVP experiences have been unfair, as I have lost and won matches fairly, but many of them have. I hope that this thread will catch the eye of someone on the DC staff and that the mature members of this community that see validity in the following imbalances will support this. This thread will not address specific statistics for each power or weapon, nor will it address all powers and weapons in the game, as it is purely from my experiences from PVPing in the Arena. I would also like to request that the powers and weapons that I do not address in this thread, whom those of you who read this also find to be unbalanced, that you would help and address them here. I apologize if what I consider to be unbalanced is not, and if so, please address my errors respectfully. Here goes:

    So, my character is a Level 30 Hero with Full Tier 2 PVP Armor with six pieces of Tier 3 Level 99 PVP Armor, PVP Combat Rating 98. I use Dual Pistol and Fire as DPS. For fire, I use Inferno, Fiery Weapon, Meteor, Stoke Flames, Overheat, and Spontaneous Combustion. I also have Dual Pistol Weapon Mastery with Ultra Flurry and Dual Flurry Mastery. I mostly 1v1 in the Arena. Some say that Dual Pistol is underpowered, however, I found that with skillful application and timing of my combos, I can defeat some people purely weapon-wise. However, this does not always work.

    I am not sure if it is something to do with Dual Pistol, or if it is advantage granted to certain weapons, or if it is just lag, but I experience a delay when I attempt to block my opponent's critical attack after getting up from being knocked down. I am aware that there is supposed to be a delay during blocking, however, I have experienced multiple accounts of my opponents NOT being countered when I block just before they launch a crit (after being knocked down), which in turn they initiate a block breaker. In contrast, if I counter an opponent and start dishing out critical attacks as they are getting up, I will be instantly countered as soon as they block after getting up. These delays aren't just limited to happening right after me being countered, I have experienced Critting and Blocking Delays in general. The first two of Dual Pistols' melee attacks are not critical attacks, yet I have experienced being countered as if they were critical attacks multiple times (By this I mean the red shield appearing above my opponent and me being knocked down). I have also experienced opponents blocking seconds after I previously critted and still being countered. These scenarios could have been caused by lag of course, but they occurred too frequently to say for sure and again I haven't seen my opponents suffering from these issues; opponents such as Rifle users, who seem to be able to launch Block Breakers and Critical Attacks back-to-back with no delay (which is not possible with Dual Pistol). These are my weapon-combat issues.

    Now for powers...

    In PVP, I rely solely on Precision to win, simply because Fire just does not make the cut in damage. True, I do not use Might mods, however as I have fought opponents with the following powers and inspected their gear, and found that many don't use Might mods either, I have still experienced major damage disparities.

    Hard Light - I have not enjoyed Block Breaking or Crowd Control advantages with Fire. Hard Light can do this in combination with excessive damage via Construct Combos (We're talking damage in the 10,000s in seconds). Specifically, the Ram and Impact can block break and deal massive damage. Chompers cause Panic and allow for the user to initiate high-damage attacks with ease, even with low levels of dominance which I will address later. The Chainsaw is directly counterable with blocking, but still deals huge damage, same for the bat construct. In short, Hard Light's damage is colossal, so much so that many of my opponents who use it rarely use their weapon, relying solely on the Construct Combos. Include proper timing, and they are unbeatable.

    Rage - Similar to Hard Light, deals massive damage via Construct Combos. Mangle deals massive damage and I am pretty sure has no blocking vulnerability (Could be wrong about this). Outrage Comboes can be countered only if blocking before the user initiates the combo. Rage is one of the most used powers I've seen in the arena. It does big damage, far more than what fire and other powers can achieve, however it seems to be more balanced than Hard Light due to its lack of Crowd Control and Block Breaking powers.

    Sorcery - I don't think this power has excessive damage like the aforementioned powers, however I see major healing output from this power. I have seen healing to the point of almost healing as much a Soder Cola Infinite, and when combined with the Soder Cola, almost bringing the opponent back to full health.

    These, are the three main used powers that I have experienced major combat disparities from. The other major issue concerning these powers is the nullification of PVP Gear which I have experienced. Users of these powers, can easily win a PVP match without a lick of PVP Gear due to the buff to "Entry Levels". I have inspected my opponents gear and noticed players as low as level 9, with full level 9 PVE gear coming into the arena with their newly purchased DLC powers doing nearly as much damage as someone in full PVP Gear (without taking into account said person's powers). This takes out the entire point of PVP Gear. For example, Hard Light users who are newer can still cause Panic even with low dominance levels.

    Now, out of the three unbalanced powers I mentioned Sorcery is the only one available to free players. The other powers available to newer players do not seem to make the cut in damage which explains why I have never seen them used in the Arena. This applies a very Pay to Win feeling to DCUO PVP, which is unfair. Possible and necessary solutions to these issues could include revamping combat by either buffing the low-damage powers, or nerfing the high damage ones, and rebalancing weapon combat and countering mechanics for all players regardless of the chosen weapon set.

    In short, if there is a single player who experiences a legitimate disadvantage in PVP, then combat is broken, and they deserve to have a fair experience. These issues decrease the amount of skill needed to be successful in PVP. I doubt there will be change to this without the community's support. DCUO is a fun game, but not cheap, and it is paramount that it be a balanced and fair game.

  2. Dylan Top5 New Player

    Lol, no complaint about Fire and Nature, the true top powers in PvP...

    Not biased at all :rolleyes:
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  3. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    As I have stated, as a fire user, it does not nearly achieve as much damage as some other powers. Perhaps you would like to share your experiences with Fire users as to them being as powerful as you say?
  4. Dylan Top5 New Player

    Then why mention sorcery? You're contradicting yourself

    News flash! PvP isn't all about damage, Fire can take on two players at once and still come out on top, they still do great damage as well. Give a fire player a rifle and see what they can do. Also, you fail to mention Nature. I guess you play these powers and you want balance in your best interest. Fire is clearly the best overall power in PvP, no arguing it.

    Tip: Next time you make an essay about PvP balance, do some research and learn about every power. If balance is what you really want and you play fire or Nature, expect a pretty hefty nerf if anything gets adjusted. You're not fooling anyone with you "selective" pvp balance requests.
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  5. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    Had you actually read my entire post, you would have noticed that I specifically said at the beginning that "This thread will not address specific statistics for each power or weapon, nor will it address all powers and weapons in the game, as it is purely from my experiences from PVPing in the Arena." It would do you well to actually read before jumping to radical conclusions.

    And again, had you read my post, you would have noticed that I mentioned sorcery NOT for its damage, but for its healing output.
  6. Sabigya Steadfast Player

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  7. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    True, the bit about Level 9's being opponents in PVP were an incorrect exaggeration and an error on my part. However, the issues concerning PVP gear disparities still stand.

    I also was not aware of the Counter Immunity, and thank you for bringing this to my attention. However, you turn a blind eye to the obvious issues I mention regarding Arena PVP such as the damage and my regular attacks being countered. If taps are blockable, then another issue has been revealed. Dual Pistol has only two taps before it crits on its third attack. This would mean certain weapons such as Dual Wield which has far more tap attacks than Dual Pistol can immediately stop before this counter occurs, according to my understanding.
  8. Dylan Top5 New Player

    You're also not full 100 and modded. I'd much rather take balance suggestions from an unbiased player(you're essentially saying Fire is fine because it doesn't do that much damage, lol), who has PvPed long enough to get the top gear and can base their suggestions vs other full modded cr 100 powers. Get some more experience and knowledge about PvP please.

    Half the stuff you're saying is wrong and shows the limited experience you have in PvP

  9. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    You seem to be confused on what a "critical attack means".
    Do you mean a hold attack or an attack that crits?.
    If you block the 3rd tap of a DW user they will be countered. The 3rd tap of almost all weapons are blockable.
    Dual Pistols is a unique weapon in the sense that hits in burst hits. If ANY one of the ticks are blocked, the user will be countered. Unlike DW which hits in large hits, and has less risk of being countered.
    Kind of hurts one's credibility if they do not know the basics of PvP and exaggerates in order to make a point.
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  10. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    I never said I knew everything about PVP, in fact I stated that this thread is purely from my experiences. It also hurts ones credibility if you only pick out the errors I've made and are ignorant to the other issues. I requested that if I made mistakes, those who read my post would respectfully address them. It seems you are incapable of doing this.
  11. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    Basics of PvP and everything about PvP are 2 different things.
    Experience does not hold much ground in balancing, if it did, oh boy this game would be gone by now.
    The other statements you have made, have already been addressed or are being addressed. There is literally a thread about HL right on the first page. There are already too many threads threads solely around PvP gear and the minimum buff.
    If you want to request any form of Nerf/Buff/Change/Revamp it is best if you do it in a non-anecdotal manner.
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  12. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    Considering that there is no such official PVP tutorial with the exception of researching online, learning PVP is based on experience which you seem to believe is irrelevant. How can you address issues with no experience?

    This is sly. I was referring to the issues addressed in THIS thread, considering the fact that you have insulted my "credibility". If said issues have already been addressed, then I would never have posted this thread. There will be no progress unless staff sees that enough people have the same issues, which should be obvious.
  13. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    Best if you read the rest of the post, especially the last one.
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  14. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    Answered by the second line of my previous post.
  15. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    Sounds like you got beat and want those powers nerfed get better or go play legends.
  16. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    This. If you didn't read the entire post, you have nothing to contribute.
  17. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    I saw what you wrote you got beat so you want those 3 powers "looked" at meaning a nerf .
  18. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    Read it again. Better yet, read it as many times as you need to until you can understand the purpose of this thread. You probably won't considering your signature.
  19. HazeTA New Player

    The whole game has been imbalanced for 4 years, what's your point? I'v given up on the notion that the devs are capable of the B word at this point.
  20. ShadowTheHunter Well-Known Player

    True. I still think we should try though.