pvp starter gear??

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    Why don't we have a starter gear set for PVP anymore? It isn't fun to go in with PVE gear and get annihilated every time trying to earn enough marks to get decent PVP gear. The people that have been playing since day 1, might still have fun, but for anyone who is new or doesn't have the gear anymore (because we thought it would always be available lol) doesn't even have a chance. What are we supposed to do, just stand there and let ourselves get KO'd just to get a few marks and no feats?? That's not fun at all. No wonder PVP is dead on this game.
    If there's no starter gear, then they should clamp or buff our stats in the instance to make it fair, and to even things out like what they do for events, and give everyone at least a fighting chance (pun intended). Or at least make the loot/marks even.
  2. Brit Loyal Player

    The gearing process for PvP is incredibly painful, almost as if it is designed to intentionally turn off anybody brand new trying it out.

    The best advice I can give you is to start out in Legends PvP. Gear is non-issue there, so you can start out with semi-balance while you learn the ropes, instead of having a half-suit of intro gear and going up against teams of full T5. Legends will give you the marks you need to gear up. By the time you hit full cr98PvP, you should be able to jump over to arenas and at least have a fighting chance.
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    Would you go into a PvE raid with no gear? Then why would you go into a PvP match and think things would be different?

    The map to PvP, unless you know what your doing, has always been LPvP to grind out at least the first set of gear. Then you'll be ready.

    FYI, PvE gear is the first set of gear. Your buffed to 96cr.
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    All of that, & you don't realize that if you go into PVP (without any PVP gear)
    You are automatically buffed to 96CR. Coincidentally the starter gear was 96CR

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    There is starter PVP gear in the Police Stations, but it will do you next to no good.

    I just posted in another thread about this :: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/dcuo/index.php?threads/we-need-answers.300811/