PVP questions related to Last Laugh DLC feats

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    I played this game a lot in 2014 and took a 7 year break. I recently came back and have been trying to grind out all of the PSN achievements. I'm about 80% done and the one DLC i have yet to touch is Last Laugh. I like PVP and used to do some PVP back when i played this many years ago, but the feat descriptions are confusing me. When it says complete the Assault Headquarters arena match, what does that mean? Is that the 8v8 for Watchtower/Hall of Doom under the Arenas PVP tab? Can I do legends PVP or do I need to do Arenas for it to count? It also says Win 100 Assault Safehouse Arena matches. I'm assuming that's under the Arenas PVP tab and just pick any of the 3 options that say Safehouse?

    Just looking for some clarification on these feats, exactly what I should be queing for, and if I will be able to get into these types of matches. I know most people don't play this game for pvp but i would still like to get these achievements since I've grinded out most of the others. I que'd up for all 3 safehouse options on both Arenas PVP and Legends as well as the 8v8s for both, but I was not able to get into a match. after an hour. It was late at night so that could be why. Any advice/help is appreciated.
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    Could give the option to buy these feats.
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    Sad but true.
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    Any of the safe houses will work and yes it’s the 8v8 headquarters maps.
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    Only advice I can give is you are gonna have a much better experience building groups for these feats vs pugging them