Pvp Queing with LOW level toons has got to go

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by Black Prime OG, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Well, pvp is official fun again. So fun people are running set groups. Alot of people still shy away from pvp because of the past. My problem is solo queing or not queing with a full four man group. More often than not you get stuck with a 12cr player/teammate. Well your chanel are not good. At least for arenas I believe a separation needs to happen. Back in the day you were dropped into different tiers from low level to 30. I really appriciate the new players wanting to pvp with the big dogs. Legends is where you should start playing with higher levels. Learn HOW to pvp. Earn gear. Follow the path that's fair to all. Most won't agree, but I don't see people running end level raids with those ready for khandaq. Thoughts or Solutions anyone?
  2. GhostsAndMagic Dedicated Player

    no the problem is when u solo queue u get stuck against a team with roles with 4 dps on your team and cant kill anything cuz dps got over nerfed for the most part
  3. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    I do not agree because I often beat cr98+ players with my low level toons, even after the update.

    So just because new players suck, doesn't mean vets that run lowbies have to suffer through noob tiers when they are fully capable of demolishing a cr100 player with 200+ skill points.

    pvp is 90% skill, 10% gear.
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  4. Cougara New Player

    You have to start somewhere. Not everyone was born with a keyboard and the title of "PVP God" and have to work their ways up.

    More power to anyone who wants to attempt PVP. We have to learn at some point.
  5. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Your reply is correct, but is it really fair for all? The 90% skill is where alot of those low cr players are lacking. I said it needs to go away, but asking for ideas to fix it. Just because you and four players in your league make a new toon to pvp with and know what your doing does not make it fair to everyone. A very small percentageof those people have a clue what is going on. The 12cr tanks, trolls, heals, and dps have no clue what they are to do in their role or how to help. This is where the learning takes place, but it should not have to ruin my match. If I were new I wouldn't want carried like that. I would want somewhere to learn. They can't really do that in open world pvp.
  6. Captain Carkus Well-Known Player

    While I don't agree with everything you said, I do agree with the fact that low levels do disrupt instances. While I do understand that some people (me included) like to PvP on our low level alts, allowing low levels queue into arenas does more harm than good. The majority of low levels queuing into Arenas are new players who have no idea how the game's mechanics work. Low levels do not have access to 15 Power Points either and usually do more harm than good in PvP matches. They cannot contribute to their role and more likely than not end up unintentionally helping the other team.
    With that being said, it wouldn't make much of a difference to me either way since I rarely pug anymore, however I'd still prefer it if low levels couldn't queue for arenas.
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  7. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I agree not everyone knows how to pvp from the start. Nor do they have all of the power point or skill points to understand how to play their power in pvp. I don't believe throwing them in a 100 cr match and dying 10 times teaches them anything except to not pvp. Legends is where you learn and gear up. Then try arenas at level 30.

    Like I said before, people who don't know how to pve get the same treatment. Learn your role and get gear or your not running in groups. Well, maybe leagues. There has to be a better solution.

    My buddies and I had our last match last night against 4 low levels. So unfair for them and not even close to being fun for us. Most who are posting are end level players. I would like to hear from people who are just getting into pvp and your thoughts.
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  8. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    Having all new players in a 4v4 is still as much as a rofl stomp in legends than it is in arenas. If the new players were magically given max gear you wouldn't see any difference unless it was 1v1.
  9. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    That's what legends pvp is for.
  10. The peoples Badguy Committed Player

    The Bad guy says suck it up. If you can raise your hands to fight then you have the right to battle any where. If The Bad One gets stuck with a low level or less experienced player then the People turn it up 2 notches and leads by example.
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  11. Sabigya Steadfast Player

    What if you want to learn how to heal in PvP? Go play Atro or Donna? Want to learn how to use WM combos or your powerset in PvP? Will Legends work for that as well?

    Legends can only teach you countering, clipping and comboing. Nothing more. It's rather irksome to see people treat Legends as something players can use go in and learn and suddenly pop into Arena.
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  12. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    Legends PvP will not teach you how to Arenas PvP. 2v2s with limited power sets are much different from 4v4s/5v5s with roles and flexible power sets.

    Arenas PvP is not the "grown up" version of PvP compared to Legends. Both have their own different high level mechanics to think about.
  13. Cougara New Player

    I like and appreciate your post; however, I, as some others before me have stated, disagree that legends is the place to learn PVP.

    What I think they should do in this game is level cap people in some aspects.

    People in the PVE world would die if they level capped anyone in this game from doing certain aspects of the game as the people who consider themselves "OP" would be stuck using skill then having to straight overpower people. This being said, it doesn't hurt capping or creating enviroments in which there is a level restriction placed on gear (syncing) so that there is a cap placed on the highest level or amount of SP that a person can use in that environment.

    There should be "Free For All" type areas, but there should be areas where up and comers can learn and a cap in place so those with much more experience cannot just join and steam roll players.

  14. AvatarOfStealth Well-Known Player

    I can smell what the bad guy is cooking.
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  15. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    The reason I say legends is there is no real place to learn PVP any longer. They use to have what you are asking for, but removed it because of the amount of PvP'ers making alts and not being able to pvp because there w as s not low level pvpers. Well not that many. So they did away with splitting everyone up for better question times. It's not like open world is any better. Some flying mental or fire person can one shot fully geared people. So that's not really gonna help.
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  16. hintofcoolness Well-Known Player

    I have nothing against low level characters in regular pvp arenas.

    (Except when I'm doing 1v1s to kill time and I enter the Batcave primed for a good fight and then see my opponent flying around the map hitting cogs for 5 minutes.)
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  17. Tsigalko Well-Known Player

    what i hate more than low lvl queing arenas, is geared players thinks that they're an "experienced" player and start calling noobs and leave the match before it even starts. here's a tip : if u saw a low lvl in arena, inspect him/her.. if he/she is equipped with pvp cola and pvp trinket, its almost 100% that he/she is an alt and know what are they doin, and probably will kick ur 100 gear's ***.
    few days ago i que 2s with my friend using our lvl 18 char, we ran across this 100 cr celestial player and her partner. they cant get even one kill out of us. one of them leave in the middle of the match saying "the pvp system is broken when noobs like you can win against experienced player like me".. i mean really? she cant even get a single counter and she called herself "experienced"? stats in arenas are fine, but i guess the system is broken if a crappy player like her can get to 100 cr easily.

    but i have to admit, there are few things that IMO will improve a lil about these arena ques:

    1. make lvl 30 a requirement to enter arenas.
    i dont think this will be a problem whatsoever. it only takes like 3-4 hrs to get to lvl 30 from lvl 1 right?

    2. remove stat buff for ppl with no pvp gear
    but make it easier for people to get the lowest tier of pvp gear for min stats (t0 gear, 96cr). i mean bring back the cash gear.. the one u don't need marks to buy them, only cash. but make it cheap.. i mean max 1.5k cash so that free players still can get the complete set gear.. its fine, i mean its only t0 anyway

    3. make minimum cr 96 pvp a requirement to que arenas
    wont be too hard because of point #2

    gear doesnt matter if u have no skill. and gearing to 100 aint that hard, so dont get over your head if u have 100 pvp cr. me for example.. i have 4 toon with 100 cr pvp and 2 other in 98/99, doesnt mean i am a pvp master coz there are tons of ppl that can own me in arenas. and even if they use a low lvl char i would probably still loose. if u are interested in arenas, dont stop when u reach 100.. keep queing, keep learning.. if not, just stick to PVE, maybe pvp just not your thing
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  18. krytine Loyal Player

    Hate it 8f you want but personally if someone is under 30 no pvp. That's it they can do their dueling to get ready and legends pve to learn about either way so again unless your a level 30 which takes less then a week for most players now you don't get to unlock pvp
  19. Hylozoist Level 30

    Omg yaaaaaaaaaaass bring back low level arenas. It's the only way I get the feat anyway.
  20. AvatarOfStealth Well-Known Player

    I want to formally approve of this post. Remove stat balancing, i say, i have lowbey alts,i dont mind but make 96 gear free. This will allow all players to have their basic functional PVP set and also will encourage even more players to do Arenas.
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