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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by cravex15, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. cravex15 New Player

    So I have a question about obtaining which kind of gear for PVP and PVE. So correct me if I'm wrong but...the gear you buy with Marks of Triumph can be only used for PVE/story missions and not good for use with PVP? And the gear you buy with that skull-influence-currency stuff only good to wear for PVP matches? And you cannot use the influence armor for PVE nor can you use Marks of Triumph armor for PVP?????
    Is there a difference? Does it matter???
  2. Statman New Player

    That is correct.

    The difference between the armours is the defense/toughness stat.

    Defense is used against NPC's. Toughness is used against player characters.
  3. cravex15 New Player

    Gotcha..cool. Thanks!
  4. John New Player

    ahh but you can use the supply boxes for influence to use in pve and the colas. The berry colas are cheap with the influence.
  5. cravex15 New Player

    Ok wait a second....what about the weapons purchased through influence? I cant find any lvl 30 weapons for purchase with Marks of Triumph (if they even exist) so Are the lvl 30 influence weapons good for all rounds of PVP and PVE?
  6. Ilunis New Player

    Sort of. As for your assumption, you can buy 103.5 dps weapons in Central City with MoT if you have the Lightning Strikes dlc and are cr53.
  7. Statman New Player

    As Ilunis said, the only PvE weapons that can be purchased are from Central City which comes with DLC2. Other PvE weapons can be obtained through completing instances as drops. PvP does not recieve this same benefit, which is why PvP weapons are all purchasable (though some are recieved in weekly award box drops from Arenas and Legends.).
  8. JayJay2515 New Player

    PvP weapons are good for that, PvP. Only level 30 PvE weapons you can actually buy are the ones in Central City other weapons you have to hope drop out of a NPC
  9. cravex15 New Player

    I do have Lightning Strikes dlc and am a Legendary member, BUT Im not allowed in Central City yet as my Combat rating is only 41, so that is not happening right now. For now I have my Hand Blast weapon I bought from Ursa in the HOD with my cash and influence points. Its the only weapon vendor for lvl 30 I can find thats not Central City. Am I ok to use it for both PVP and PVE? Is there another vendor I should know about?
  10. JayJay2515 New Player

    No and no
  11. John New Player

    you can use it until you get a better weapon run some alerts and especially fos 3
  12. DarkTemper New Player

    Yea, you can use that weapon until you get a PVE weapon from a drop. PVP gear has a very low item level so it will not increase CR and high CR is what you need to be able to do the higher content stuff.
  13. Pew New Player

    If you have DLC6 you can get high end PvE weapons from doing 5 daily solo DLC missions and then completing the indoor instance.
  14. cravex15 New Player

    Sorry I dont know what DLCs came when. I got Legendary membership as soon as I got the game so I got everything all at once. Which one is DLC 6? Whats it called?

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