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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Uberlicious, May 1, 2013.

  1. Uberlicious New Player

    Earlier this year, the layout for the PVP Player Scoreboards was changed to make the scores "easier to read". Ever since this update, when I enter a PVP 8v8 match (USPS3), I am usually unable to read my numbers unless I ninja kill by chance since, being a healer, my damage and kill numbers are on the low end of the damage/death for the group.
    This is extremely frustrating, almost to the point it makes me want to not run my role during these arenas. I know put out huge heals, and I would like to know if there is a way to make the scoreboard either all fit on the readable text area or to be able to scroll through the player list so I can see the results of my effort. Is there a fix to this that I am missing? Please advise.
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  2. 478874 Dedicated Player

    I notice the score cards on the PS3 do not scroll do under any circumstance. I submitted a video demonstrating this over the weekend.
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  3. Uberlicious New Player

    That's awesome. Thank you. Hopefully this will get some attention. :)
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  4. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Yeah of course, it bothers me and pretty much every other player I know too. We just need to get upvotes now.
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  5. Uberlicious New Player

    Yep! I've called on my league. I'm on a mission...
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  6. xDecap New Player

    FIX IT... suicideslums!
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  7. KySmooth New Player

    I agree fix this!
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  8. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Can be viewed in 720p
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  9. Villainousz New Player

    The win is what matters! Lol
  10. Uberlicious New Player

    Villainousz... -_- I want to be able to read my numbers even if I'm in a terrible PUG and get smashed.... ijs
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  11. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    PS3 can't scroll? That's weird...
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  12. Villainousz New Player

    Ehh, I guess lol
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  13. Uberlicious New Player

    Thumbs it up, silly.
  14. Goony New Player

    im guessing only a ps3 issue, i also would like to see my numbers
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  15. The Doctor Loyal Player

    Yep, this is ridiculous. Should have been fixed immediately.
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  16. HealerHollidae New Player

    Ongoing issue since I've been a member. No matter the instance pvp or pve
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  17. Savage Blues Active Player

    please fix!
    One Pieced
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  18. sAssyCc Well-Known Player

    this has been a problem for far too long!
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  19. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    True but if you need the 67,000 damage or heal feat, seeing the scorecard helps.
  20. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are investigating. Can anyone confirm this is still happening?
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