PvP Moments we will never experience again

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  1. Puppet Master New Player

    Post some of your favorite open world pvp moments. I will kick it off by sharing a few of mine.

    Being a healer I would always make sure my super charge was fully charged before going into open world. I was sorcery and I used Transcendence. There were times when league members would get into trouble in open world and use league chat to call for back up. On more than one occasion I would answer and they would invite me to group with directions on where the fight was taking place. I would take off in that direction flying through the city while watching the health bars of group members slowly dropping to zero. I think to myself "I got to get there in time I got to get there in time!" Then when they appear on my radar I drop down from the sky and slam into the ground, immediately pop Transcendence, start healing and bring everyone's health back up to full. Now we drive off the other faction and win the fight knowing that even though we won this round they will be back and in greater numbers.

    A hero moment would be when you are on hero side and a low level is being attacked by a villian while doing their mission. They call for help in the shout chat and you respond thinking "this is a job for ___ duhdada" So you group up with the low level and head to his mission area only to find a few vills lurking around ready to gank anyone doing their mission. Not expecting a fully geared top tier pvp player to show up, you catch them off guard and pound two of them into dust while the third makes a run for it. The low level thanks you and is blown away at how strong you are and you respond by telling them "one day you will be as strong as me" then take off flying into the sky searching for more people to save.

    Anyone else miss defending or attacking the safehouses? or planting mines on people in open world?
    I will most likely add to this myself in the future.
  2. BƖack Dedicated Player

    I miss days like this...
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  3. Solarbound Committed Player

    The PVP war on USPS3 hosted by Mepps and Radar X, as the acting generals, that took place in Gotham prior to the release of the Last Laugh DLC. No greater PVP moment in this game's history and it could never be replicated. I feel sad for these new gen players that will never get to experience PVP in the way OGs like myself did way back when.

    DEVS, the neglect has been going for too long. Bring us back a true sense of our glory days.
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  4. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    In this tournament, I go by the name Saiyuki Zatara, from 33:53 to 35:03 and 1:53:32 to 1:57:30

    Don't know why I did so bad, maybe the nerves lol but I still had fun.
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  5. Operation Failure Well-Known Player

    That's was entertaining to watch. Its great when players could get together and brawl with one another like that. Oh how I miss the days when players would at least use their weapons.
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  6. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Facts lol, now it's just power spams and game over, that is boring man.
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  7. FrankZappa Well-Known Player

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  8. Operation Failure Well-Known Player

    Ayye thanks man.
  9. Neb153 Level 30

    Back in the day on PS3 heroes and villains would hang out at the STAR Labs building and respectfully duel each other, so much fun and drama back then
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  11. JustaRandom New Player

    Retirement of HoB from 4s;

  12. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I didn't particularly enjoy open world pvp, because of the lag. It was fun, but as a PS3 player. You knew you would freeze eventually.

    I miss just pvping in general. Even as broken as it is. I try with no luck to get people to pvp.

    Here is a video of a couple of buds and myself running pvp at 4am. Couldn't be done nowadays.
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  13. Saami Loyal Player

    I think people need reason to pvp again. Remember when Belle Reve map came with feats? That ignited pvp to life for some time.

    Worst thing i ever heard in early forums was " people pvp because of pvp, no reason to add any long time goal". It was stupid thing to say back then and it is stupid now.

    Lets stop giving new gear, maps, feats etc.. for pve and see how long people would play.
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  14. Puppet Master New Player

    people play fortnite and COD because they enjoy the actual gameplay not because they will unlock feats. people will play pvp if it is fun to play but the devs do not understand fun.