PVP Is Dead- Why Not Give PVP Feats For Free?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by JSnaples, Aug 13, 2023.

  1. Proxystar #Perception

    You don't even remotely need PvP feats though to be over 800SP for PvE though, how do the PvP feats affect your PvE experience? They don't, you just want them, because you're a completionist and because PvP is more difficult and needs fixing you're throwing your hands up and asking to have them given to you... does that pretty much sum it up?
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  2. SilkyPawz Bunny

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  3. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    Username checks out. ;)
  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Can also confirms checks out.
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  5. Mike_B Level 30

    I have every PvP feat in the game. I spent a long time in the broken DCUO PvP. You know what, give people all the feats and wipe PvP from the game. Its just taking up unnecessary space. No one plays PvP. Que up 8s. If no one is trading wins you're not getting in. At this point, why not? Other than to gatekeep.
  6. JSnaples Committed Player

    Yeah I find it very hard to believe that in 2023 you managed to find groups that need all those pvp feats, including the ones in the safe houses.
    800 sp? Bro what? This is why I never post on the forums. I make a suggestion and then here comes keyboard warriors ready to lash out and type up essays. Like chill it's not that serious.
    I didn't say give all feats free, if you were capable of reading you'd see I pointed out they could make them all buy able with replays instead. The pvp feats would not even be that many Skill Points and the only reason I suggested the game make them free is because it's impossible to run any pvp these days, not all of us are unemployed like you and can wait 15 hours for a match to queue up.

    I still remember when they made feats buy able on other characters, people like you cried "WELL THATS NOT FAIR! I HAD TO GRIND FOR MINE!"
    I still remember when they made "CR skip toon" a thing, people like you cried once again "WELL THATS NOT FAIR! I HAD TO GRIND FOR MINE!"

    This game will never progress with so many people thinking selfishly. No 2023 player is running 5v5 Arkham Asylum..the queues don't pop up anymore. It's not like PVE where you have to run it to progress in the game, the devs have neglected PVP for years so at this point they may as well admit they don't care about it and do what I suggested because why not at this point? If you truly believe it's possible to get these feats in 2022, go queue up for a 5v5 pvp match.
    Oh right, I should spend 5 hours in LFG chat attempting to scramble people together for one 10 point feat..
  7. JSnaples Committed Player

    I think I already answered your question but thanks for your mid life crisis rant
  8. Proxystar #Perception

    Thanks for the projection ;)
  9. JSnaples Committed Player

    People like you are why players don't like to go to the forums
  10. JSnaples Committed Player

    Exactly. This happens anytime someone even suggests a big change on the game
    Replays that can buy feats on your toon?
    "But what about all the time I spent on my alts having to get those feats!?"
    Cr skip for your toon
    "But what about all the time I spent grinding my alts to top cr?"
    It's always the same argument with these people. It's almost as if the 12 year old mmo game needs to make changes to keep up with new players and all the content they release, meaning things can stay the same forever? Wow!
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  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Can you get a group for the FFE perfection feat? (all levels, no deaths?) If not, should they grant that feat? If so...well there you go 8 people you can split into 2 4s and knock out safehouses, moon, ace, Arkham, Belle Reve, star labs....honestly I'd guess you have a better chance of getting the PvPs done than the FFE 'all no deaths', and all those total a LOT more points than the single FFE feat.

    Point is, it's not 'impossible', just very hard or time consuming. Several people have told you how they did it and how to do it...you just don't want to do it. Again, for someone not willing to try, or do things they need to do...many feats in the game are equally as 'impossible'. Should they give them all away? In that case, those dang gizmo blimps seem 'impossible' all of a sudden...bleh.

    BTW...I also need the FFE perfection feat as well as several others I've personally written off as 'impossible' for the amount of effort I'd want to put into them...so it's not a matter of gatekeeping when I say NO....they should not give ANY more feats away, unless they actually shut PvP down. If they do that, yes....the feats will be given away for free.
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  12. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    As someone who as all the PvP feats, I don't really care about the notion of "I worked hard so you gotta suffer through the same hell" type of thinking. Just give the people the feats and move on. Pvp is low on the list and hasn't been touched in years. Why are we arguing about whether or not to release these pretty much unobtainable things because of players not playing the content. . I've also honestly grown to believe attaching character progression to feats was the worst idea ever and whoever came up with that should have been fired.
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  13. Proxystar #Perception

    I think you're being over emotional and no people like me are not why people don't come to the forums.

    Your idea either stands on its own merit or it doesn't, do not blame me because I question your idea and find it to be flawed and then instead of actually engaging you emotionally lash out at me and effectively accuse me of "bullying people off the forums".

    Not only is that entirely unfactual, it's just over emotive gaslighting because you yourself know your own argument is lacking and you've got no genuine counter point and you know it.

    On the point of the topic, you do not need the PVP feats to have 800sp at which point the PVP feats are entirely irrelevant to your PVE experience.

    The PVP feats are utterly and entirely irrelevant from any statistical perspective, not having them does not put you at any discernible disadvantage in PVE nor PVP for that matter should you choose to engage in PVP even if it's considered imbalanced.

    The only realistic reason you have to want the feats is because you're a completionist and you want to have them all and because there's issues with PVP hampering your ability to get them, or you're just flat out not good enough to get them, you're basically up in here begging for them to be given to you for free so you can tick them off your list, its truly pathetic

    It's basically no different than saying, I don't want to go for all the elite+ feats, but I want them so please give them to me for free because no one wants to queue it with me, it's literally the same thing.

    If you're going to ask this for PVP then you have to support that exact same thing in PVE, so I ask, Do you?

    So basically, it isn't "people like me doing anything", if you're going to come to a public forum with ideas don't just expect an echo chamber of blind support,, its entirely unrealistic, be prepared for people to engage with you and at time not agree with you or confront your ideas with questions.

    I have no issue with you personally, but your idea has issues and that's just the cold hard truth.

    Sorry, not sorry.

    /drops mic
  14. Offline Well-Known Player

    So because you grinded at the peak of the game where matches was found almost instantly means we shouldn't get free feats even though pvp doesn't exist in the game anymore? No one does pvp. All you sound like is a players where you want to be top sp players and be able to look down on everyone else who doesn't have the,feats in pvp.

    There was a system where roles countered each other. What would we want to go back to it? It was such a mistake to have.
    I played peak pvp and all it ever was every game was pre made, 2 heals, 2 tanks, 1 or 2 trolls and rest dps.
    No chance any players want to go back to gear like that made for specific roles.

    The scissor thing is why we've the role less gear now.
  15. Offline Well-Known Player

    An ice tank back in the day would take on 8 people in pvp and win no matter their roles. Heal, troll, dps, other tanks. The ice tank won. Healer wasn't king. Ice tank was king.
  16. Proxystar #Perception

    Also just as a general comment this whole notion of

    "Just delete PVP from the game" has to literally be the dumbest thing ever.

    That whole premise is so utterly unrealistic it only comes from a place of having no idea how the game works, you cannot just delete PVP any more than you can just delete other aspects of the game.

    I have to question the sanity of even raising it as a thought, its one of those thoughts you might have, but once you write it you should think about it rationally and abort without ever saying it lol
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  17. BumblingB I got better.

    Ice shields were stripped by a healer attack ability. So either you remember wrong or fought healers that had no offensive powers.
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  18. Offline Well-Known Player

    No mate. I remember the ice tanks in pvp. Nothing moved them including Healers. I was there when ice tank got nerfed because of how strong its shield was.
    If you don't know ice tank was the top pvp player at peak before ice nerf don't comment. Thanks and bye.
  19. Proxystar #Perception

    For a while as well certain movement mode powers such as swoop attack also stripped tank shields.

    It's arguably one of the things that should never have been removed in my opinion.
  20. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Yes, in 2023 I've played pvp on alts and gotten feats lol. I didn't say I found groups, I PUT IN THE EFFORT TO MAKE GROUPS. All it takes is one friend to make a group of 8, and you make a group of 8, and yall que at the same time. Less people for 4s and 5s.

    You're getting very emotional and nasty. You don't know me, you don't know my employment status. Further, the only player here that is selfish is the one asking to have things given to them instead of playing the game.

    It's not about gatekeepers. It's about effort and reward. This is what the ENTIRE game is about. Like others mentioned, there are far harder feats, and people less willing to get them, so who should dictate which ones are given for free, you?

    To replays and skips, naw, not me. Both of those things still involve some effort made originally on one character, those feats aren't given to you. You have to earn it on one character then buy them on another. CR skipping really only hurts you, since ya have to go back and replay everything for feats anyhow...and, you skip to EEG or EG without any experience with your powerset good luck pulling your weight in a group.