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  1. FutureSoldier Level 30

    Since it's been stated that it is hard for PVE changes not to affect PVP and the opposite I was thinking if it would be possible to completely change how the legend characters work, give them new loadouts and a secondary role. It would take a really big amount of time I assume but it would also stop PVP from affecting PVE. People could pick their roles for 2v2s/4v4s/5v5s/8v8s like Alerts and Raids work. Make it similar to how league of legends or overwatch works.

    Disable roles in 1v1s: Keep it dps only
    Have roles enabled for people to choose in 2v2/4v4/5v5/8v8
    Batman (Dps) (Troll)
    Arkham Asylum Joker (Dps) (Healer)
    Atrocitus (Dps) (Tank)
    Bane (Dps) (Tank)
    Felix Faust (Dps) (Healer)
    etc etc


    1. Monetization would be easy so people would have to buy legend characters with Marketplace cash.
    2. Add more characters for people to buy with MP/Make all characters cost MP.
    3. Add new maps to buy with new feats
    4. Skins for each character which people could buy with marketplace cash

    I know this would probably take more time than them just rebalancing arenas but I can't think of anything else that it would stop PVP and PVE from affecting each other.

    Question: Do you think this would require more resources than just balancing arenas?
  2. xxHELLSTROKExx Committed Player

    I'm sure you've seen every post that has the "we aren't doing anything to pvp" so I'm just going to comment my idea also anyway knowing full well that nothing will happen in pvp.
    Monetize pvp:
    You must subscribe to dcuo to be allowed in. 5 instances a day free. Every instance after costs 12 replay badges. Legends are no longer bought but rented per week for 87 replay badges. If this generates them enough money, then they can do something to pvp
  3. FutureSoldier Level 30

    Everytime someone mentions PVP you always seem to comment something negative about it, people like you are the reason the community is toxic. Stop being so negative about people wanting a fix and mind your own business, if you don't like people requesting PVP changes then stop looking in the PVP threads. Thanks
  4. BƖack Committed Player

    Nowadays, it is difficult to get a positive answer from someone who do actually PVP and especially from a PVP player.

    That's because most PVP players are long gone from this game/forums.

    Most people that answer now in PVP threads are PVE players that don't care about fixes in PVP and everything related.
  5. xxHELLSTROKExx Committed Player

    I reply bluntly. Also, you don't have any say in what anyone replies to so feel free to not read my responses. Most of my replies are "they have stated they aren't going to do anything with it" and sorry if it bothers you but it is true. As far as my second half of the reply, it's just another idea on how to get it back in the mix. Stating that I know it won't happen isn't opinion. And Black is right, the pve players farrrr out populate the pvp crowd.
  6. xxHELLSTROKExx Committed Player

    Also, feel free to read thru any of my posts/ replies. I write books replying to strangers to try and help them. Maybe if more people stopped hassling devs about pvp the community would be "less toxic".
  7. BƖack Committed Player

    It's actually sad that DCUO nowadays offers good gameplay only in a PVE mode.

    Not saying this because i'm... Ok well i was a PVP player,

    But because what this game has to offer in 2020.

    Namely, good PVE? and a so broken PVP?.

    You see what it looks like,

    Not all people like the same colors, same comes to games, not every player likes and play PVE.

    Once, when PVP in DCUO was fun and not broken.

    Talking here about times 2011 and 2013, there used to be a many of PVP players.
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  8. xxHELLSTROKExx Committed Player

    I'm never going to argue that it wasn't great or that it couldn't be again. Personally not a fan so I have no cares about it. I'm still trying to figure out where I was being negative. I gave an idea, one that would generate money possibly and only affect people that want to see pvp be fixed. If the devs said "hey, if every member pays $30 a month instead of $15, we will fix pvp" I'd vote no thanks. So the burden of the money generating aspect of it should fall solely on pvp players. If they said $30 gets us more perks and pve instances, count me in.
    My opinion will always be that it should just be erased and that's never going to change. New players don't know what is up with it and they probably aren't on the forum to find out what is going on so I personally think it drives more players away than it attracts and that's bad for everyone. But yeah, sorry if it upsets people but I will respond to a post that no one else is paying attention to to reiterate what the devs have said so that player doesn't waste time hoping for things that will never happen. I guess I could just actually be negative and say "use the search function noob"

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