PVP Heros Bounty not working

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by street0018, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. street0018 New Player

    So yesterday I was palying some pvp and LegendsPVP and my not one of the Ko counts toward the 5 for the hero bounty, in pvp I'm a 100cr player and was playing against 99-101 and legends always count to towards the bounty but yesterday was not the case.
    Hope you guys can look into this Btw yes I was in the correct faction.
    PS: excuse my English
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  2. MC GreenLantern Active Player

    The bounties are also not working in ring war or diamond heist. The player ranks are also not showing in these events everyone I have come across has said 0cr and 0 pvp.
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  3. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    The players you knock out must be from the opposing faction. As a hero it can become challenging to be matched against villains.
  4. MC GreenLantern Active Player

    Since the V Day update PvP bounties on Xbox have not been working. When I'm fighting other players I know have PvP gear it says 0 where their rank should be instead of 30 CR as it did before. Knocking out player bounties in legends and arenas isn't counting. Im also having the same issue in ring war and diamond heist with the open world bounties. If you would look into this that would be awesome.
  5. street0018 New Player

    Is not that hard for example if I'm playing 1v1 arenas i just need to be in the correct faction in my case I need to be on the vill side, the bounty will not count if the task force is activate that means I'm in the heroes faction so every KO i deal as a hero wont count. Same deal with legends u just need to be on the correct faction when in the match.
    Since the last update not one of the KO has count toward and adding for example the contract like KO a healer 5 times or KO 5 that have swift movement still 0-5.
  6. Gno Hunter New Player

    I can also verify that it is not counting. Correct level gap and correctly pitted heroes vs villains. Please look into this.
  7. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are tracking this down. Thank you for the reports.
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  8. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    No that's not how it works. It must be a real member of the other faction (hint: some arenas have already been adjusted to not say "heroes" or "villains" anymore). Role- and movement mode-missions don't care about faction.

    But that doesn't change the fact that it doesn't register knock outs at all - that's the bug.
  9. street0018 New Player

    You are wrong that's how it work and I know that cuz when we trade wins for 8v8 the bounties do count if the we get the correct faction when in the match. (Trade wins 8villians vs 8villians) there's no need for it to say villains or heroes if the task force is enable u are just in the wrong faction.
  10. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    It may have been changed then. It is hard to get any PvP done these days that I don't bother with it much at all. But I do wonder how it works in maps without any heroes or villains?
  11. GingerOnTheRocks Well-Known Player

    Any update on this? Playing though legends pvp is still not counting towards bounty missions. I still have the mission in my log, not sure if the mission itself is glitched or that the trigger is just broken. I know for a fact it's not just me getting unlucky and and getting the wrong faction because I have played probably 50 matches now since it has been broken.

    I'm hoping this isn't an intentional change, this would make getting the pvp bounty mission feats an order of magnitude harder.
  12. Dubauteheff New Player

    Been working on the bounty feats myself. Getting no progress as well. Also the feat for completing 10 diamond heist and ring wars are getting no progress either. Stuck at 8 of 10 for the last 6 runs. Hope this gets fixed soon.
  13. Road Kill Active Player

    A few days has past and no info on a fix? I've been grinding the diamond/ring war feat on xb1 on a daily basis untill this issue has stop my progress. Please look in to it. Thank you.
  14. street0018 New Player

    Any updates? 15 days past and nothing.
  15. GingerOnTheRocks Well-Known Player

    Same, still have 80/100 on the bounty missions. I'm still grinding out legends characters in pvp but it sucks I'm not getting progress towards this while I'm at it.
  16. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    For the bounties to count in PVP, you have to match the alignment of the type of wanted poster you have. If you have a "Wanted: Gotham/Metropolis Villains" poster, you must be a hero and when in the PVP instance must also be on the hero side. If you went in under "Task Force X" and had your alignment temporarily changed to villain in order to permit you into the instance, it does not count. For villains, it's "Suicide Squad."

    If you want to always have the wanted posters count, go into your settings... under game play you would switch the "Enable Task Force X/Suicide Squad" to off... but keep in mind that it could drastically slow your queues down.
  17. MC GreenLantern Active Player

    That's not the issue the issue is they are not progressing at all whether it's open world bounties, legends or arenas bounties.
  18. Justice Warrior New Player

    No new for this bug mepps ?
  19. Moonz New Player

    Same issue with me. I'm stuck at 4/5 on a Gotham Heroes bounty. About a week or two ago I noticed that completing a poster didn't increment my progress on the WANTED: Knocked Out or Alive feat. Now i cannot even complete a bounty. I am a villain on XBOX One.