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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by junglejim, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. junglejim New Player

    So ive logged on to find im still pvp cr 90. I probably deleted the weapon if im honest. No problem there i can buy it again. With a 90 cr though i cant buy any Android gear all thats available is the green gear. I have full android equipped aside from the weapon including accessories and trinket. Surely im not expected to go through the tiers again? Why cant i just buy the 99 lv weapon everything im wearing is 99 am i missing something here im reluctant to waste marks?
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  2. hollowfighter123 New Player

    I can't see the new pvp gear and i have 90 pvp CR
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  3. junglejim New Player

    Already made a post about this im 90cr missing a weapon n now cant buy a 99 weapon or see any blue/purple gear ive no weapon equipped everything else 99pvp cr
  4. junglejim New Player

    Any sort of official response? With no pvp weapon cant do arena and cant waste marks buying a green till i know whats happening
  5. Rhinosus13 Loyal Player

    Are you at the right vendor?
  6. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Nope, try harassing Mepps about it, as they either don't think its important/doing something else/haven't noticed this bug. I'm getting very annoyed either way.

    So you said your missing the weapon, while I'm missing one LvL 99 Ring; I'm sure it has something to do with that. But even still I should be able to atlease see the LvL 99 Gear in the vendor, right?
  7. junglejim New Player

    Yeah exactly im thinking maybe missing 1 pvp item has stopped my cr scaling up with the update. Stats did cr didn't pretty annoying im playing destiny when i should be doing arena . Im not wasting marks i know im going to need on a green weapon in the meantime .
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  8. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Really? He has Android gear, there is only one vendor that sells this and the highest set. Why would he be at the wrong vendor? If he has already brought the Android gear from the right vendor?
  9. Rhinosus13 Loyal Player

    He might have gone there by mistake it happens *shrugs* , wouldnt be the the first post Ive seen where people havent tried everything before running to the forums to complain n thank you for taking my post seriously lol :)
  10. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Copying my post from other thread.

    I can't see any of the new PvP gear in the highest tier meta wing vendor, I can only see the green 97-96 gear from the lower tier vendor.
    Current PvP CR 95
    Current Gear is full Lvl99 gear with 1 ring missing, Ring was deleted or never brought before GU 41.
    USPC Villain

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  11. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We are taking a look here, to see if we can find the issue or clear up some confusion.
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    If you're missing an item, please grab whatever the highest piece of gear you can see on a vendor. For example, if you deleted a ring, go ahead and buy the best one you can see.
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  13. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    That fixed it thx, But I had to waste marks just to see the gear in the highest tier vendor even tho I have a full set of lvl 99 gear and only missing one piece. :confused:
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  14. BeastBlood New Player

    A vender near the STYL doesn't show anything
  15. Tautgaunt Active Player

    Why can't we purchase the basic PvP set for just plain gold?
    I still have the 86 set with V expert. I plan on just using the basic set with VI mods for open world PvP yet it costs marks now?
    I haven't ran a pvp instance since 2011. PvP instance in an MMO is archaic. Open World pvp is where it's at. DCUO still has the best combat mechanics at yet run on an archaic environment. As I've argued before, it's like having Pro NBA players play H-O-R-S-E on park or using a race cars to lug Rose Parade floats.

    Why is DCUO trying to force players into their instanced mindset? First DCUO ignored us and ran an instanced PvP DLC. I wish I can pull my post on the old deleted forum about GW2 and PS2 and the future of open world PvP back in Jan/Feb 2012 in their PvP DLC thread. That is before even details were given out of those game and all they've shown was overland maps.

    DCUO never monetized open world PvP that's why it's now empty at Metro and Gotham. It's not enough that all new players are shunted to PvE, now they won't even allow players get basic PvP gear without running their old school instance "match-style".

    Monetize Open World PvP as an example:

    Put a Barrier outside Police Stations:
    Allow players to break this tough barrier to enter
    Put a Barrier to the Watchtower in the Police station
    Allow players to break this tough barrier to enter the Watchtower.
    Allow players to invade the Watchtower.


    Teleport to teammate devices
    Summon teammate devices
    Spawn Devices that spawn teammates in that deployed device (time: 15-20 minutes)
  16. junglejim New Player

    Yeah thats gonna mean 1500 marks just to see the 99 gear though -_-
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  17. FameYack Committed Player

    It is actually free now,
    just start fighting
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  18. Abisial Committed Player

    Because that won't be abused or anything
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  19. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Will we be reimbursed for doing that, I mean it is well known that safe guards were put into place for the very thing your saying to do.

    I am missing a back piece for LordExecution365 long story and have been waiting for the new season before I continued on my PVP gear.

    Just does not seem right being I only have 500 MOV and will have to use that when I am saving for my next piece of Elemental.
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  20. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Well if you are missing a piece of gear then surely that is your fault? I mean you must have deleted it along the way or something. With PVP gear being uptiered you should have replaced the piece you were missing. It has been known for two weeks now that the gear was getting uptiered, so you could have easily replaced it in that time.
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