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  1. Aexion New Player

    So I am having this problem where I go to the PvP gear vendors and none of the gear is available I don't know if this is a bug or it's not available for anyone but all that comes up is:
    Berry Soder Cola Extreme
    Soder Cola MK-9000
    Supply Box

    Absolutely none of the gear is there. And this is just for T2, T3 and T4

    In the vendors with characters like Ursa, there's only T0 gear, not even the T1 gear is available. If this is a bug what do I have to do

    This may be a stupid question or not, but I'm not sure. I need a lot of clarification as to what's going on here so. Assistance please
  2. Voltaic Bolt New Player

    isn't a bug, this is the new way of pvp now, u have buy the T0 gear first to be able to SEE, BUY and USE the next tiers.

    once you buy T0 gear (bloody bat if you are villain or archangel if you are hero) the Avatar Bombardier (T1 gear) will appear for you.

    and then u must buy full T1 pvp set to see the T2 pvp and then buy T2 pvp to see T3 pvp .... bla bla bla...
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  3. renzhe New Player

    Info: Pvp Vendors
    Info: Pvp Rewards

    Required Pvp CR Rating to see the different Pvp tiers:
    Pvp CR < 77 ---- Only see T0
    Pvp CR = 77 ---- Unlocks T1
    Pvp CR = 81 ---- Unlocks T2
    Pvp CR = 82 ---- Unlocks T3
    Pvp CR = 83 ---- Unlocks T4

    A Pvp tier full set consists of the following:
    - The standard 8 gear pieces (Chest, Legs, Head, Shlders, Hands, Waist, Feet, Back)
    - 1 Neck
    - 1 Face
    - 2 Rings
    - 1 Pvp Trinket / Pvp Utility Belt

    To unlock the subsequent pvp Tier, you have to purchase a Pvp tier full set eg To see T1, you must have a T0 full set. To see T2, etc.......

    Note that T0 only has a Pvp Trinket. For T1 and above, you can either get the Pvp Trinket or Pvp Utility Belt.

    Sometimes, you get Pvp gear from the boxes, and even if its not the role you want (eg you are getting DPS set but you get a Healer piece), it will still count towards your Pvp Rating, hence helping you save Marks of Valor.

    Modding does not improve your Pvp CR rating.

    Either don't mod at all or just mod with beta mods (which you can recover the exos at no loss), until you reach say T3. Then its up to you, whether modding with beta mods, or modding with higher level ones if you are loaded with exos.
  4. Aexion New Player

    Thank you so much, it was very helpful. And I have one last question about all this. Now that all the CRs for PvP are closer together does that mean anyone can go to an Arena PvP and it can be sort of fair, or is it still like if you aren't T3/T4 you will get mauled
  5. renzhe New Player

    Get comfortable in Legends before going into Arenas.

    Regardless of gear, experienced pvpers will sniff out inexperienced pvpers in seconds. Prepare for but*hur*.
  6. handsom3jimmy New Player

    Sheesh I never knew that smh but know I do thanks to you! So I have a question, as long as your in T0 all the PVP armor that can be sold is T0, regardless if its archangel or raptor infiltrator gear from robin?
  7. Voltaic Bolt New Player

    Raptor infitrator, Hawk and Aegis both are T1 gear
  8. Bandee0817 New Player

    i'm really confused now. someone said that pvp gears not affect on legends pvp. is that true?? i always know that i need pvp gear for legends too

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