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  1. Psyken New Player

    TO start off this is a guide for people to know how much gear in PVP will cost and how long it will take exactly
    You must buy every gear in order you cannot mod and skip to the next gear unfortunately if you lucky reward boxes may reward you with a piece of gear so that way you can save on marks of Valor

    T0 - Cash only can be bought simple.

    Cost of T1 Blood bat
    Weapon $878
    Weapon 50V
    Chest- 50
    Legs- 50
    Heads- 50
    Shoulder 40
    hands 30
    waist 30
    feet 30
    back 35
    face 10
    = 325

    Trink 20
    Ut Belt 20
    Neck 20
    Rings 15
    = 75
    Total 400V
    Cost of T2 Gear:
    Weapon 100V
    Chest- 100
    Legs- 100
    Heads- 100
    Shoulder 80
    hands 60
    waist 60
    feet 60
    back 70
    face 20
    = 650

    Trink 40
    Ut Belt 40
    Neck 40
    Rings 30
    = 150
    Total 800V

    Cost of T3 Gear:
    Weapon 250V
    Chest- 250
    Legs- 250
    Heads- 250
    Shoulder 200
    hands 150
    waist 150
    feet 150
    back 175
    face 50
    = 1625

    Trink 100
    Ut Belt 100
    Neck 100
    Rings 75
    = 375
    Total 2000V

    Cost of T4 Gear: (punchline)
    Weapon 500V
    Chest- 500
    Legs- 500
    Heads- 500
    Shoulder 400
    hands 300
    waist 300
    feet 300
    back 300
    face 100
    = 3200

    Trink 200
    Ut Belt 200
    Neck 200
    Rings 150
    = 750
    Total 3950V
    iv observed the amount of hours it took to earn this gear with REPLAY BADGES it takes atleast 3 hours to earn T1 - T3 and atleast another 2 to get full punchline

    Without REPLAY BADGES your looking at 300 days and 7200 hours to reach the goal of earning the Punchline set which is about 10 months

    If you strive to earn 50 marks a day it would take you 150 days to earn your set
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  2. Shadow Vlad New Player

    How many MoV can you get daily? And the weekly box?
  3. Statman New Player

    You list cash gear as Tier 0, but then you list Blood Bat as Tier 1. What's going on there?
  4. Zizzi New Player

  5. Zizzi New Player

    OP, I think your conclusion at the bottom is a little bit... Biased? Not sure if that was the word I'm looking for.

    Anyways, one shouldn't take into account how much "time" it takes to get a full set, but rather the amount of "matches" it takes. It's a more accurate comparison I think.
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  6. Gr33dyMoney New Player

    matches does seem the way to go... maybe this person "wins" everytime they are in a match so they did it by time?
  7. Psyken New Player

    With the 1v1 4v4 5v5 and 8v8 they each drop the reward and weekly so its 50 from each + 25 + 10
  8. jpharrah1010 Loyal Player

    im no math magician :p.... but whats the replays total.... if i were to do this in a day
  9. retched New Player

    You actually kind of forget that as you progress in PVP CR, you rewards would increase. Does this guesstimate take that into account?
  10. NoobishGuy New Player

    I have about 100 marks of valor right now but I can't seem to find the T1 gear when I talk to robin?? pls help
  11. BlueNight Active Player

    You need to buy the full set of T0 (CR 77) gear including rings, neck, mask, weapon, and trinkets to get your PVP CR to 77 before you can see the T1 (CR 81) gear at the vendor.

    Likewise, you need to complete each full set before the next set is visible.
  12. NoobishGuy New Player

    thank u bought a trinket just now and it did the trick :)
  13. TheArmorsmith Committed Player

    I'm grinding it out now with replays I nee to join a league or a group of people doing the same thing as me because it sucks doing it alone....sad face....naw but hit up Super Mode on USPS3 Hero for group pvp
  14. EBANESER11 New Player

    Hey I'm doing the same and might be able to help:

    ADD ME IM:


    *******(O's might be zero's(0))
  15. EBANESER11 New Player


    I am also working on the same thing on USPS3 and are normally on every day, but I live on the east coast so the time on the east that I normally play is around noon and after
  16. TheArmorsmith Committed Player

    Yeah I'm on the east coast too I'll inv you sometime
  17. EBANESER11 New Player

    K. I will talk you asap!
  18. VisionedAndrew New Player

    I decided to do the math
    T2 14 RESETS 68 BADGES
    T3 31 RESETS 372 BADGES
    T4 47 RESETS 564 BADGES
  19. Moonshine New Player

    When you say we must buy all gear pieces to advance to the next tier does that include 2 rings, utility belt and trinket?

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