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  1. Ekaterina Committed Player

    Honestly never really paid attention to the amount of grind there really is in grinding pvp gear. i just grind but after the release of the cr and lvl boost (anniversary gift 2017). i actually started wondering why it was soooo much to get a full set and no type of boost to help quicken the grind.

    PVP Marks
    43,600m = Full Set (includes everything)
    1 Win = 200m = 218W = Full Set (win all matches)
    1 Lose = 100m = 436L = Full Set (lose all matches)

    I know with this current dlc gear cost (PVE) went up and lets say that your going for full 165gear plus the 2 OP pieces

    PvE Marks
    1430M = Full set (includes op ring and neck)
    1430/10 =143 complete Oly or Gom runs

    Its less time to max out pve gear then it is pvp. (side note im not speaking about replays so please don't bring that up just pointing out that there is too much of a grind in pvp and queues are not constant to compensate amount of matches needing to be won to get full set). These numbers are for actually grinding the gear in pve, you don't actually need a full set to max out your cr as long as you have op ring and neck and 165cr accessories with weapon your full 190cr. There is no short cuts in pvp gear like it is in pve (Sham'tar gear etc). You will need the full set, accessories and weapon included to jump up to the next cr. I honesty propose this be changed. PvP Shouldn't be about grinding for gear and hope to win 218 times before maxing out. Im not saying that gear shouldn't matter im saying it should not cost that much to get it nor should you have to grind 5 tiers of pvp gear before you can get to the current tier. Lets be honest pvp is more fun when you everyone is geared. At least have it to how it is in pve side once you have completed a full set on your character your alts can buy it 50% off. I know there isn't a lot of time spent in pvp with the development team working on power revamps but i honestly hope you guys look into options in getting this addressed.

    My Suggestions
    • decrease cost of gear
    • increase win/loss amount received per match
    • After completing full set on main be able to get gear 50% off on alt characters
    Please add anything else that may grabs the Devs attention in at least getting this looked at thanks!!!
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  2. Thomas Wayne jr Active Player

    A Pvp boost would be a very bad thing.
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  3. Ekaterina Committed Player

    Why do you think that?
  4. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
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  5. SalamanderMan Well-Known Player

    Nope, cost is fine.
  6. spack2k Steadfast Player

    • No
    • Maybe
    • Yes

    143 Olymp runs are done in around 3 years... while losing 436 times 1vs1 -> I can do in less than a month.
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  7. PsianideUK Well-Known Player

    I definitely think the cost of all pvp gear should be halved once one character on an account reaches CR 101. I doubt it'll happen though as it might decrease power change token sales.
  8. Soul Dedicated Player

    Brice tried bringing this up with the Devs multiple times, the last being when Belle Reve and the 101 cr gear were released.

    Responses were dismissive and pointless.. so I don't expect it to change unless we get a PvP revamp, and push for it really hard as part of said revamp.
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  9. SavageBlues New Player

    The pvp community as not received any kind of attention and that's sad because it's the only thing that keeps this game appealing
    Hopefully we can get back to good scrims again and it will also help bring back old players that loved pvp as well. This Forum should be pushed and we should keep trying even if we get pointless and dismissive responses. I get where soul is coming form that it can be frustrating when you speak on the same topic and nothing gets done but we should keep trying IMO lol.. MAKE PVP GREAT AGAIN
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  10. SarahCarrygun Well-Known Player

    I remeber time when some pvp gear dropped from pvp arenas. Would be great if they would do something like this:
    In 8vs8 Arenas add a chance of drop. For example, you are 99pvp cr and when you win some 8v8 arena you have a chance random 100cr pvp item will drop for you. That would solve the problem when you have to wait for hours to q up for 8v8 arena and also you would farm pvp gear much quicker.
  11. Saami Loyal Player

    At first we should try to find a way to decrease pvp queue times.
    Atm it takes too long to get in 4vs4 or above matches (eups).
  12. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    The only boost I can think of working, and having minimal work to do. Another double marks weekend. The ques were awesome that weekend. Of they add more feats, it will draw the complitionists out to play also. Maybe having some pvp only styles. These are the three things that drive the game and would help gain more attention for pvp, in my opinion.

    Double marks
    Pretty bases items, skins, or auras

    This is what everyone spends money getting. Put them into pvp and see what happens.
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  13. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    That's the lack of people pvping. Competitive teams don't really do ques. Unless they messing around. There just are not that many people that question for pvp. I sat for 30min other night with no que, solo, qued into 4 different 4v4 maps.

    If we can get people back, that should fix the ques.
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  14. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Lol, how about a horrible idea. PVP TIME CAPSULES! They only fall from pvp. Can't believe I even wrote this.
  15. Brother Allen Loyal Player

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  16. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Reminds me of Justice League Dark. Lol.
  17. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    lol...Totally a bit off subject but I have to say that movie was a bit disappointing for me. Not terrible by any means but not the best either. I did enjoy Deadman and Constantine though.
  18. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    not that i want a boost but im curious as to why you take the stance you did since gear barely matters in PVP now as it is
  19. Soul Dedicated Player

    While your Batman is like that, a Daybreak Dev just saw Black Prime's suggestion and his Batman is like:

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  20. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    I...I can't stop watching.