PvP feats and styles guide

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    so you want to get the feats for pvp and some styles also? maybe you want the styles for the feats? lets talk about it.
    first of all pvp is broken and dead so getting these feats will be harder than getting any other feats in the game. there are feats for 8v8 maps but since pvp is dead you will never get an 8v8 match. you can Q for one all day long but it will never happen. what you have to do is get a group of 16 people together. create two raids and q for the arenas at the same time. this is the only way you will get an 8v8 map. you will have to do this for most pvp feats even the 5v5 maps since so few people actually do pvp anymore. when you do, do pvp you will run into the same 5 guys over and over again. They will also call you trash when you lose even though they depend on cheese to win. so you will have to look at what feats you need for arenas, team up with people and Q at the same time in order to get those feats.
    If you are trying to win to get marks so you can unlock styles than that will be difficult. pvp is not based on skill it is based on cheese. you have people catching counter delays and spamming cheese in order to win. right now mental is the OP power so you will see a lot of mental spammers in arenas. if you want to win and earn marks faster best thing you can be is be a tank or some FOTM power and cheese your way to the top.
    chances of you winning are greater in legends, just watch out for two face he is broken and cheese. most of the other characters for legends are pretty balanced you just have to put up with the counter delays which makes pvp feel sloppy and slow for all of us and no it is not your connection the devs literally put that in the game on purpose. so ya teamwork makes dreamwork, i would say go out and have fun but no one has fun playing pvp so ... good luck i guess.....
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  2. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    This isn't a guide. This is just an exhausted rant with weird tips thrown in.
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  3. MojoDuul Active Player

    what do you want as far as a guide is concerned? want me to list every single feat and how to get it? to get the feats you will literally have to do what i said above. Like it or not this "guide" probably has helped some people out.
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    I know these are either out of date or for LPvE but these are what organized guides look like:



    They explain and break things down for people to learn other than just telling them to 'cheese' and "just watch out for two face he is broken".
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    I am happy i was able to provide new information for people that no one else has provided on pvp. people need to know that two face is broken, they need to know rifle is broken. do you know how many people lose in arenas and have no idea why they lost? people need to know that in order to get certain pvp feats you have to organize with other players and q at the same time. players need to know these things in order to get these pvp feats. i feel sorry for people Qing for 8v8 thinking they will actually get one. people need to know it is easier to get feats in legends other than arenas. all relevant information.
    the pvp guide you posted is so horribly out of date a lot of the info in it is irrelevant now.
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    i found this amusing
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    You didn't provide any new information other than your own opinion about what you feel is 'broken', which is laughable because ALL of PvP is technically broken. You're even recommending that players synch queues and trade wins which is apparently akin to cheating. What a great guide.

    Yes I did say those guides were out of date. I was trying to highlight what an organized guide looks like, however I can see that isn't possible for someone like you. Good luck to you in all your future endeavors this thread will likely be deleted like the last PvP "guide".