PvP Counters Bug

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Zizzi, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. BadHansel New Player

    Can someone explain the 2 downvotes? o_O
  2. hugstar1208 New Player

    Im new to PvP, playing legends and lair battles only atm. To be honest i thought i was just a terrible player because i never seem to be able to counter properly. The above video perfectly displays the problems i seem to be facing on a daily basis. Please fix so i can start to learn to play pvp properly.
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  3. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    Those would be "Trolls", "Haters", "No life's". They down vote any and every topic.
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  4. 666GODZ666 Active Player

  5. TheForsakenEvil Well-Known Player

    And what about the delay, at which point I can't attack, while still being able to move around after breaking out? What is this?
  6. Zizzi New Player

    Hmm someone changed the title of my thread. Interesting.
    Anyways, any word on this yet?

    Even after finishing a block breaker animation, there is extra time with which you are vulnerable to a lunge. The time is usually somewhere between 1-3seconds. I haven't actually timed it, but 1-3 seconds is a pretty good estimate.

    It is even possible to throw a block breaker, block and still be lunged, even though the block would have countered the lunge.
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  7. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Yeah, I have encountered the same thing on a constant basis. The most frustrating is BBs that don't break blocking targets.
  8. 478874 Dedicated Player

    Definitely a major problem with shield.
  9. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    Such a god awful horrible design. Don't want to call out names or target individuals, but as it is the system is better than nothing, but not by much. The delay times already mentioned seriously need to be looked at because there is absolutely no skill involved anymore. If you're fighting a PVP-mechanic addled boss and you make a successful block, they can still get right back up and hit you with a tap attack and cause you to fall over even though you successfully and 'skillfully' were handling the flow of combat and were attempting to 'accept' the new system.

    You fall over in this game FAR too much now. Already made the point in several old threads where I attempted to video capture some gameplay and the the broken mechanics only underscored just how unattractive gameplay actually looks. You can't sell this to people based on gameplay footage.

    DCUO has spent far too much time with limited dev resources trying to reinvent itself which has resulting in bleeding customers. While many, if not the majority, of changes do more good than harm, many things that did not need to be tweaked were taken back several steps. The PVP mechanics in PVE worked out well in theory, but in design the flaws listed above only hurt more than help. Get it working the way it's been explained in this thread and put the skill factor back in, and get rid of the blasted immunity already. A dogpiled player is supposed to get wiped out. The escape supercharges have been in the game since inception and if people aren't using them then there's a very good reason why, and one that begs they are looked at again. There are several ways I could suggest reimplementing the escape abilities either by making a new input that activates them without wasting a loadout space (always enabled if acquired), or by reducing the SC cost, or make them power based (IE: uses the entire blue bar and prevents blue bar use for five seconds after), etc.
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  10. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    They merged 2 threads into one. I was simply wondering why they didn't do it earlier.

    This is now one of the most important bugs and players who know it, can use it to win against new players that don'nt know this....I don't need to mention where this would lead to...
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  11. 666GODZ666 Active Player

    hmm well i just recently started trying out some melee weapons to help improve damage in PvP. cause as it stands for 1v1 PvP the Bow is not that great. ( what is good and what is not good is based on a per user base. so obviously this is just IMO.) and i was trying out staff.

    i was playing 8th Precinct and facing off with Donna Troy. well i did not care for staff too much. so i started to just use the ranged attack. just single right clicks. and i can tell when Donna Troy is gonna lunge at me. it the next thing she does after blocking. so when she is done blocking i block being ready for a lunge as to punish her. but it turns out i am the one getting punished. mean while nothing happens to her. the last time it happened i was even blocking before she ever intiated her lunge.

    this "window" does not seem to be limited to just using BB combos. :(
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  12. 666GODZ666 Active Player

    i pretty much agree with everything you say there except for what is in red at the end there. costing the entire power bar is far too penalizing. HOWEVER removing the immunity from both PvE and PvP is a great idea. all these powers that break you from control effects and give immunity for a short time should work just fine. but like you said need to lower cost of SC. however if you lower SC cost of the CURRENT powers like this then some will be more OP. so the only option for lower SC cost is to create one more power for either each tree in each powerset or just one tree. and modify the existing powers as to divide the effects. (or even the power form movepower) cause these power will also do things damage the enemy or stun them or heal you. so to separate the control breaking effects with these other effects would have to be in order. which would allow for the control breaking power to cost like 20% or 25% SC. and would have a cooldown of like 6-12secs.
  13. TrueMarvel New Player

    Games should reward you for being aggressive not defensive. Yet this game is far more slanted to defensive. Hence why the combat has gotten so slow
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  14. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    It was just an alternative, not my favorite from the stuff listed but tossed it out there just for variance. Definitely up for tweakage, though the basis of the idea is what counts, which is using an alt source of energy to feed the ability. Just keeping in mind it's not something that should be spammable in any situation. If you're going to use an escape power it needs to be used to escape, and not just give you god mode so you can jump back into the fight while taking no damage. That's the whole issue with the derp blue immunity.
  15. Amazon Committed Player

    The issue is not that is ts defensive or offensive, prior to the Halloween content the immunity thing was fine... Since then it's slowly been getting more and more out of sync, I've been posting about it for months, it's almost unplayable at the moment.

    The worst part is the delay in breaking out, sometimes double or triple breakouts, that take a few second and a LOT of mashing on the r1 to get out of control effects and the more effects at the same time the more breakouts and delay in getting out.... So basically constantly getting stunned extra DMg, can't react when you do finally react you lose 3x the power., makes me wanna rage quit constantly.

    Unfortunately its a mess, we did have something in the past where the servers where out of sync an did it something similar. It's almost to that level again, may, or may not be the smse issues though. The servers "slide" and had to be reset.

    And to the poster raisin, I think, you're right, the devs are stretched with resources and priorities at that moment, and it's hard to focus on one issue when you've got things like hme turf (biggest DLC ever) power revamps etc etc all going on at the same time... Hopefully this gets addressed FAST.

    Thanks devs if you're reading this.
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  16. vikingkid New Player

    Definitely agree, Amazon. Removing the immunities from counters is not the answer. When they worked it made PvP a lot more fun. They just don't work now, and that is the biggest issue. And, because they don't work, it makes the glitches with breakouts even more noticeable. I have to spam my block key everytime I get stunned to breakout. Hitting the block key only once rarely actually breaks out. And when you hit the breakout key multiple times, it seems to queue a block up of sorts because if there is a blockbreaker flying at me while I breakout, I will be blockbroken on the breakout. The only reason that happens is because blocks get "queued" up during the breakout with the multiple block key taps, thus the breakout counts as a block, and you get knocked over. I've never blocked someone on a breakout, however.

    The window timing, the out of sync windows, and the breakout glitches compound into a complete mess and have destroyed PvP.
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  17. God Mode New Player

    the block breaking system is working as intended. people were clipping.the system completely making bb and blocks spamable it was frustrating. this was the cure just careful of ur penalties. However, turning who gets the immunity when is clearly messed up by the video and has been for awhile now.
  18. TheForsakenEvil Well-Known Player

    How is it working as intended when it doesn't always connect when someone is blocking while not under immunity?
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  19. God Mode New Player

    the block breaking system is working as intended. people were clipping.the system completely making bb and blocks spamable it was frustrating. this was the cure just careful of ur penalties. However, turning who gets the immunity when is clearly messed up by the video and has been for awhile now.
  20. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    This is pathetic when i performs a sucessful BB and when my enemy get up after it, he lunge me and i down. :(
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