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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Zizzi, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Like TK has said... This has been around for a while now. Various threads on PC side about it for months. I get this happening plenty of times.... It's very annoying. It's a reason I've seen people in-game calling PvP a "luck" based mechanic now.

    Though this is the first actual video evidence I've seen someone give so hopefully they take a few to look into this. Though considering how long it's been happening... Idk.
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  2. Trinidad James Loyal Player

    +1 Thank you for making a video. I hope this gets to the top of the 1st page as Devs like to ignore all the problems with PVP. Tho I wish you were able to get the no damage bug too.
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  3. Goku1144 New Player

    I would like to see this fixed as well
  4. renzhe New Player

    I personally find that when using Shift for breaking out, its like a slightly longer Tap Shift. If you Hold Shift to break out, you can get BB if someone throws a BB your way.
  5. Last Dragon Well-Known Player

    And that's why i won't ever consider duels a real skill test in this game.
  6. Pew New Player

    I used to live and breathe PvP for a long time, but nowadays these bugs on top of disconnects, lags and extended power cooldowns (red loadout bar of death) make me ragequit after the first PvP match.
  7. Volaron New Player

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  8. DarthPig New Player

    I was dueling a friend and he was complaining about the shields block breaker. He says there is a difference between when he gets knocked down and when the animation actually starts. He called the shield broken, is this an intentional thing.
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  9. Talve Dedicated Player

    Sure, the "good old times when grass was green and sky light blue".

    Not really.
    Block was as strong as it is now.
    Hard stuns were still there, just with no immunity.
    So you could still farm stuns and do same kind a burst on knocked down opponents like you are doing right now (with only exception of ice/fire having breakout moves and occasional trinket, so you "actually had to watch out for animations instead of playing with your eyes closed". Does not change the fact that block was powerful).

    And block had no 0.5 second limit. So you could actually tap your block like crazy, and likelyhood that someone hit you with blockbreaker when you were doing shortest versions of blocks was much smaller than it is right now.

    I used to abuse it in and out.

    And blocking left taps was still there. So doing double short taps over and over again on certain situations was even more powerful as they were even less likely to be punished.

    It was just not that popular, as meta game had not phased to blocking.
    Blocking went over the hill when the immunity came and everyone started to test the new system and therefore using 1h, because 2 tap hold was 100% on every single time.
    So "reign of one handed" and "era of forgotten dual wield and MA started".

    Now blocking is still there and people are used to the abusing it. It has become the current meta.

    As far as i know, shield's blockbreaker activates directly at start of animation. If there was a delay, then that can sometimes caused by clipping (sometimes) and lag.
  10. Zypher New Player

    How is blocking in the past "as strong as it is now?" That makes no sense. They revamped the counter mechanics so that successful ones would reward you with 100% damage immunity for a brief period of time. Just by default what you said here is wrong. The difference from how the mechanics work now in comparison to the past is very different. Especially when you factor in speed, delays and immunity.

    One handed came into style because of spin-chops damage, dual wield went out because of the blockbreaker speed nerf and martial arts is currently coming back into the limelight because of smokebomb. These changes were a direct result of weapon tweaks, not blocking.
  11. Talve Dedicated Player

    I was talking from 1v1 standpoint as overusing block has always mainly been problem in 1v1 and 2v2 situations.

    And in general 4v4s/5v5s immunity is best thing that ever happened, as it was way to easy to just pick a target and spam.
    If you had people spamming blockbreakers on you you could not block -> 2-3 seconds to lunge between targets meant enough time to melt to left combo damage from couple of guys (specially with low HP on PvP gear which used to be the case).

    From 1v1 situation before the hard stun immunity:
    hard stun still lasted as long,
    you could still get same burst out before your opponent stood up again.
    You did not have have immunity but downed guy could not do anything while hard stunned (except that trinket).
    And when baiting out blockbreakers, you had no delay on block (0.5 sec like it is now). You could like i said just use a quick tap block every ~30 milliseconds, and even if opponent tried to blockbreak you, blockbreaker was much more likely to miss than hit, because blockbreaker only checks once if block was pressed down (unless you used something like old version of dual wield's hold / two handed's tap).
    Plus for the old tap block was that spamming it was even more reliable and it was harder to catch.
    Plus for the new tap block is immunity ( which i guess blocks some damage over time while opponent is down).

    So block was still the same tool - create hard stun -> burst -> hard stun -> burst and overusing it was far from "being laughed at".

    So game changing mechanics were...
    Tap blockbreakers have changed (something i actually miss...as i loved abusing 2 handed interrupt+blockbreaker at the same time combos).

    And taps being clippable by block.
    Actually now to think about it, i guess that's the biggest advantage new block has over the old one.
    So i guess new block gets a little +1 over old one from me as well now.

    And because clipped spin-chop is quick enough to get off on any hard stun immunity (from block / lunge / blockbreak) you get.
    So you will never get into situation where your weapon attack hits while you don't have immunity.
    So massive free AoE damage on every single hard stun.

    That wasn't really the main popularity hit. Earlier on they actually changed 6 tap and 3 tap animations and damage.
    lso later on with the immunity , dual wield did not work as reliably with immunity duration as high damage quick enough spin-chop AoE.

    Yes, it is. But i was talking about what happened when new hard stun immunity came out, not whats happening now.
  12. 666GODZ666 Active Player

    omg. i brought this up like a while back on the old forums. everyone called me crazy. i hope this gets fixed. it is a pain being a Bow user. during solo content i am always getting punished like this. it happens often... you see the NPC target you or you know a lunge is about to come. and even though you are blocking you get punished. ><

    please oh please devs fixit fixit fixit. :/
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  13. Sektor New Player

    Quoted for longer applause.

    I hope these get fixed SOONer than later because these counter bugs are so frustratingly annoyingly ridiculous. o_O
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  14. Amazon Committed Player

    This is the issues I have been raging about for months Pew.

    I knew more people were getting the pvp rps system is out of whack and the response time for breakout is out and R1 is not registering. its extremely frustrating and basically ruins the entire pvp experience.

    +1 to the OP this is my biggest issue, even after reinstalling the entire game, DMZ-ing my ps3, opening the post, using a wired connection etc etc nothing helps its a systemic bug of the game, every second match make me rage.

    Thank you SOE for looking into this.
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  15. Amazon Committed Player

    You're right viking its affecting certain people to a greater or lesser degree.. there a re three people in my league who get this as bad as i Do, but then there is another who almost see's none of it..... its hard to tell why some get it, and some don't, its not to do with connection as I had 10Mb download speed, and my mate that wasn't getting it only had 2.3mps download....
  16. Pew New Player

    The most frustrating part is that the game just wont let you go into eternal rageleave...

    To resolve my unplayable lag i tried: Switching out DSL modem, switching out routers, DMZ no UPnP, Manual forwards, DMZ UPnP, Direct PPoE, wired, wireless, proxy services, R1R2L1L2 restore, game reinstall, full PS3 factory resets.... list goes on. All to NO effect.
    Then from one day to the next last weekend it all of a sudden is playable for me again (with some lags still, but none of the major issues) and i get sucked into PvP once more...
  17. xXMDKXx New Player

    So does anyone know if anyone from development has commented on this issue yet. Will this be fixed by GU24? Ive practically stopped playing in the PVP arenas due to this issue. Also does anyone know if this lag is affected as much in the Legends PVP'? I ask this because I havent noticed " As bad" lag in there as in character PVP.
  18. vikingkid New Player

    MDK, so far, to my knowledge, there has been no developer feedback. We still have a fight ahead of us.
  19. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    great job with video yea this is pretty much what we see on a day to day basis and what makes me want to throw my controller through my TV. when you so obviously perform the correct counter and the correct responces dont happen its very frustrating
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  20. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    no it happens to them also they just might not be able to visualy see and registure what is happening as fast or dont understand the mechanics as well or just plain cant see them through all the powers being used. but it is happening to them also
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