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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Zizzi, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Zizzi New Player

    When you throw a block breaker there is about one or two extra seconds that you are still vulnerable to a lunge. Please fix this as this is throwing off the balance of the PvP mechanics.

    This happens even after you have "completed" your block breaker move.
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  2. recespieces31 New Player

    I believe a blockbreaker is vulnerable to interrupt 3 seconds after the animation has completed on top of the interruptability during the blockbreaker animation
  3. Zizzi New Player

    ^Something like that. You should help by upvoting ;)
  4. vikingkid New Player

    This thread has been created to list out the glitches with the PvP Counter system. It may be shorter to list the things that are working, as opposed to what is not working, but this will have to do.

    Here is a video I've made displaying some of the more easily capture able bugs in PvP. Note: I made this video in 1 hour, including editing the video, finding video editing software, uploading the video ti youtube, and recording the fights on FRAPS. So these bugs are very easy to reproduce, and at least one will occur in every single PvP match/duel.

    As the video shows, the block breaker window is very sketchy. Sometimes it seems that the window is an acceptable 1.5 seconds. Sometimes it is 2.5 seconds, other times it is .1 second.
    Blocks are not always working, and immunities are not always granted when they should be.
    The stand up animation, sometimes, allows you to attack or block, during the animation.

    There are other glitches I've seen that I have not posted. Please post any and all glitches you have noticed, whether they reinforce my observations or I did not touch on them. And, please upvote this thread to bring it to the top of Arkham Asylum, so that the Devs will notice and take action. These glitches are ruining a lot of the PvP fun.
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  5. Redhot Well-Known Player

    I know these bugs all to well always think to my self wtf I countered you why are you flashing ... sigh lets hope the right people see this to fix it
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  6. Aqua New Player

    Good video, clearly shows how buggy the counter mechanics have been these past few months. Definitely needs to be looked as soon as possible.
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  7. Karasawa Loyal Player

    +1 Please take a look at this devs.
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  8. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I am not a new player, but I can see their perspective:

    How is a new player supposed to learn the combat system, when the visual feedback and timing is so messed up?
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  9. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Up-voted. Having such a long window in such a twitch combat system makes absolutely no sense. While you're at it, remove the "cooldown" effect that makes a Power used count as a third melee hit (thus knocking you down) as well as stop allowing people using ranged in very close quarters count as melee damage (I've been Blocked when using ranged up close).
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  10. Zizzi New Player

    This is still an ongoing issue, is this being looked at?
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  11. Zizzi New Player

    I would also like to add that if you perform a block breaker, and then immediately block after the animation is finished, you can still be lunged and knocked down from the block breaker
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  12. Evil Grave New Player

    Agreed it makes playing the solo content a chore.
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  13. Spidersting Committed Player

    This is a major issue as well as the issue of being block broken while breaking out. If you are being hit with a Block breaker while you are breaking out of a juggle effect it counts you as blocking and you get hard stunned.
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  14. Zypher New Player

    The extended punishment window is supposed to work together with the counter mechanics to let you take advantage of it. It's there intentionally.. I don't really know why. All it does is slow things down and has made PvP more about farming immunity rather than effective combat. Prior to counter immunity, spamming block would get you laughed at and called a n**b. It is now a legit tactic based on the system.
  15. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    Also remember that the window is different for certain weapons.
    Tap BB's all have around a 2.5-3 second punishment window. Dual Wield being the most vulnerable with a flat out 3 second window.
    Hold BB's normally range in the 1.5-2 second window.
    I think Pistols is still the least with around a 1-1.5 second window. Still way better than when it could be blocked out of. Woosah...wanted to rip my eyes out during those days.
  16. Zizzi New Player

    Is it really there intentionally? Did the Devs say so?
  17. Zypher New Player

    Yep, basically what Brice said above your post.
  18. Zpirit Dedicated Player

    also shorten the window in which you can be block broken too then lol
  19. vikingkid New Player

    Curious, how many people are actually facing this problem? These glitches are utterly game breaking for PvP, for me at least. I would assume that anyone else who had these bugs would feel the same, but my conversations in-game and the feedback here shows otherwise. Maybe it is only affecting a few people as severely as I see it. Either way, I'm no longer playing until this gets fixed. DCUO was, by far, the most fun MMO I've ever played. But since these bugs were introduced around GU 22, I can hardly play anymore without getting angry from the unending glitches.
  20. TK PUSHA Dedicated Player

    the counter timing has been completely unbalanced since the mechanics changes around LAst Laugh DLc last year.

    Just yesterday i was in a match and i literally was anticpating the opposing players blocks and throwing BBs BEFORE he would block, yet he had time to block and unblock before i could get a BB to land.

    the timings desperately need tweaking, let alone all the bugs and misgiven immunities.

    thank you for taking the time to put the video together BTW.
    keep up the good work.
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