PvP based on reaction not strategy or skill

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    You misunderstand. I remember when delays were introduced suddenly getting countered by people who could never get a counter before. I can still out counter them but the fact is they are getting counters they never would have in the past. Increasing windows makes it easier to get a counter not harder. I knew some of the top players and leagues on pc back in the day and none of them log on anymore.
  2. BƖack Dedicated Player

    Now who has better Wi-fi/ping wins A Player Versus Player become Ping Versus Ping. This is really bad and unfair. I miss days where internet didn't really mattered just true in-game skill. Edit; OK maybe speed a little mattered but not like now...
  3. FrankZappa Well-Known Player

    I should also point out that I have faced off against some of the top players in dcuo at the moment and guess what they do? they use glitches like the use BB while coming out of block glitch. so the so called top players do not even play properly they cheat!
    I use to train people in pvp back in the day and i would tell them "if you see someone block do not BB because it is already to late instead try to predict when they block and BB at the right time" that advice no longer works now because not you can BB when you see a block and still get the counter. I can not understand why any good player would want increased counter windows when it is clear that decreased counter windows would make getting counters harder not easier. the only reason the introduced it was to make it easier. so many youtubers and other players have just given up on dcuo. for the record back on pc I was considered "DC Famous" which basically meant that if you played on pc back in 2013 you would know who i am. it just meant you were famous in dcuo but no where else. I had heroes creating vills just to find me and ask for me to train them.