PVP Arenas Groups

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    Okay...this may be new to some of you. Back once upon a time this game was social. If you are flying solo in arenas to get gear, feats whatever.

    1) At the end of the match, you do not have to run off unless you just don't care. It's a great way to make connections with other PvP'ers and form lasting alliances. Hang out a minute if you liked the random group. Ask if anyone is interested in forming a group before the next match.

    2) YES ROLES STILL MATTER. May not be what it use to be but all roles still matter in PvP arenas and open world. Try not putting so much self-worth in the scoreboard. If your team won it's all good and NO you did not do it all by your lonesome. lol Healers need trolls for power. Tanks are needed for group breakouts. Dps...you know what you are good for. Distinguish yourself and be a team not a random group of thugs.

    3) Do not ignore your healer and troll. They are there for the group but their support comes at a price. They are targets. Do not yell at new healers and trolls because at least they are making an effort.

    4) If you see another group member that has higher CR in your role, just bow down and change to dps if it's the better way to go. You are there for the team and the win. Leave your pride at the door.

    Kill ya later.