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  1. xTheRevengerx Member

    With update 32 my PVP stuff won't work in PVE instances at all. I personally think that's stupid but that's neither here nor there. Where can I find a good PVE sheild cuz all I have is 5 PVP shields.
  2. Tuff Man Active Member

    Look in your Police/Nightclub vendor. They are'nt THAT good but decent. They are 57.x dps or something.
  3. Rykus83 New Member

    yeah I know what your feeling just got my new guy to 30th and was doing the marks grind to get my tier gear and had pvp weapon 2 rings and one trinket I had to replace o_O but oh well its not like I didn't have the cash to do it.
  4. Vintahl New Member

    yeah i think everyone is feeling the hit from the new update i have a lvl 30 quantum and have now got pve weapon from police station but till i can go to dlc 2 area to get a decent weapon im relying on drops that dont seem to drop lol
  5. RSL Well-Known Member

    not everyone. some of us did use the correct weapons and gear instead of discarding it so we could use overpowered PVP weapons and gear. i'd say not most players even but there was a large enough contingent who did to make it 1. annoying then for those of us who didn't and 2. annoying now for you guys. heh
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  6. Little Sister Well-Known Member

    Go to Central City and then work your way up. T4 solo instances drop them (Steelworks, Arkham, Ace & Stryker's from Home Turf). Then do the T5 solos.
  7. Peach4saints Well-Known Member

    It's not stupid at all, i think the thought of using pvp gear in pve was stupid in itself
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  8. RSL Well-Known Member

    don't forget about solo content [challenges] these drop tons of weapons but i'd wager the people who like overgearing for content don't like not being carried by/with someone else as well and having to rely on their own skills/gear. especially not when you have no functioning weapon. but the first tier should be a good starting place.
  9. RSL Well-Known Member

    it wasn't stupid it was tricksy. if you rely on a healer and troller, you could game your squishiness and lack of defense on everyone else healing you and feeding you power to use yr overpowered gear. it was for many a 'smart' move but i'm sure they found themselves with partners like me who would kick on seeing this gear when they constantly died in duos with no healer, etc.
  10. RSL Well-Known Member

    but on the whole i found these players also never cared if they failed either. they'd just continually run back into fights and die ad nauseum. they just liked thinking their gear was the best even if it wasn't correct. sadly they're still out there in the PVE content missing functional pieces. this long after the update.
  11. MsTickle Fate Well-Known Member

    Also see the broker.
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  12. Zeo Well-Known Member

    Area 51 drops a purple shield in the last boss fight, isnt hard to get.
  13. Phil Miller Well-Known Member

    Im glad the devs made the change not allowing PvP in PvE. You should try running a few instances instead of looking for the quick way around the system.
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  14. dozer Active Member

    As a healer I am very glad the devs made the change not allowing PvP in PvE.
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  15. Volkenraider Well-Known Member

    I thought skipping content was the new way of leveling up? :eek:
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  16. Phil Miller Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately your right which has lead to countless other threads in this forum.
  17. RSL Well-Known Member

    i wouldn't be surprised if the two didn't go a little hand in hand. now a fresh 30 in cash PVP gear can't stay around in gates smashing things up.
  18. Zhire'El Active Member

    The broker stinks.
    Honestly, who in their right mind would pay 22K for some stupid lvl 18 weapon?

    @OP Like many said before, go to alerts,raids, etc. to get your stuff. That's the only I did it, and I traded some with a few mates too.
    Hope you get your problem solved.
  19. Chungweishan Well-Known Member

    Perhaps the Devs should really tell new players their intentions. Because as I'm leveling up a new character apparently I access to Area 51. Can I as a Level 10? Yes. Should I? No. I'm going to wait until I'm Level 30 with appropriate gear (ie. overpowered). Am I going against the Devs' intentions? I'm guessing I am now.

    Should my other character at 68CR do Bludhaven? It's way below the intent since I'm again overpowered for it. Should people be asking for 90+CR for FOS? 100+CR for Nexus? Basically, players want others to be overpowered, it should be no surprise that new players will seek out any method to get through content as quickly as possible.

    Did full PvP-gear in PvE cause such heartache other teammates in mid-to-end-tier content? Yes. Were the Devs and playerbase warned ahead of time that people would skip content? Yes. The response I got, "No way that will happen. They still have to get PvE-gear to bypass the restrictions." People were skipping content even before PvP-Cash was released (you're welcome, walk-ins).

    So instead of having teammates with terrible Defense stats. You have teammates with terrible damage output, low health, and unhappy with respecing and using unfamiliar weapons. Only time will tell if this was the right or wrong decision. I'll lean on wrong.
  20. RSL Well-Known Member

    unfortunately the first tier and a half of duos and alerts have no CR restriction [correctly so, i believe] so those were the ones that were first exploited but then clever little devils figured out that they could equip and UNequip enough PVE gear to get a CR high enough but still wear PVP gear to get glass cannon themselves to the top of the DPS charts in their minds.

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