PvE DPS Competitions [USPS]

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Doctor Suesss, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. Gerbal New Player

    Well rage is the only thing that can compete with rage. I never liked battling but that one was fun.
  2. MirinDaAesthetics New Player

    hl may have a chance is berserk wasnt hacked lol
  3. winter13 New Player

    Don't make me get on my sorc dps this afternoon and bring the pain :eek::D
  4. MirinDaAesthetics New Player

    lets do it, send tell to me
  5. bjr338 Well-Known Player

    During Raids it freaking annoys me when that one DPS cant even pick up the man down right next to him because he's worried about his numbers..
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  6. savageprime New Player

    Well at least their honest in saying rage is the only thing thats gonna compete against rage. Beserk is a awesome SC and i dont even play rage anymore and a skilled player using beserk will always outwin "awesome level" dpsing of any other powerset.
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  7. stl4now Well-Known Player

    This has gone on for 5 pages....who cares?
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  8. Lokkii Committed Player

    I can only imagine how cool you must be irl LOL.
  9. Hooops Level 30

    Lmao... u too funny
  10. Hooops Level 30

    Oh how I wish this was on the Villain side -_-
  11. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    So is this guy rage challenging people to dps in nexus?? lol Rage is easy mode. I have never been beat while using rage, its not even fair. Anyway a dps off is kind of sad rite now. Wait until t6 raids come out and bosses actually live longer than a min and half.

    You cant properly judge dps on mobs that you can practically one shot and bosses that die in like a min.
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  12. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    This guy sound like the people everyone hates playing with lol. doesn't pick people up and always running ahead of the tank. Sounds like a good team player to me.
  13. Black Canadian New Player

    This is just 5 pages of comedy guys keep it up ;D
  14. Shad0wReap3r Committed Player

    Agreed. General rules of raiding: Always stay behind the tank. If someone goes down these roles should be picking up (in this order):: DPS, Backup Troll, Main Troll, Heal, Tank(should never have to pickup)

    If you top the charts and never pick someone up (given that someone dies), you are not a good DPS period. That said, stay behind the tank where you belong, and be a team player. Also, if you NEED three trolls to top the chart, you also fail as a DPS.
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  15. Dump Truck New Player

    There are many nuances with rage, as well, that separate the rage DPS's.
  16. Dump Truck New Player

    Why no takers.... neither posting are even Rage, that's the funny part.
  17. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    When the bosses/adds block? I can't think of no nuances that rage have to deal with that any melee dps wouldn't have to. In fact rage have more survivability being it can use tank mechanics.
  18. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Think he would get more takers if he/she were a villain
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  19. Dump Truck New Player

    Your comment makes no sense, you say you cant think of a nuance, yet you named one. LOL trololololololololoolol
  20. Dump Truck New Player

    that's like free money then. LOL
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