PvE DPS Competitions [USPS]

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Doctor Suesss, Apr 21, 2014.

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  1. savageprime New Player

    Well it started sorta legit cause I do enjoy dpsing and testing my personal skills but yea it has gotten funny when things get personal.
  2. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    I like scorecard chasers, back in the t3 days I had a leaguemate that would never attack bosses in fos1, just adds who had a lower defense number. Then he would brag about scorecard. It got so annoying, i would give verbal codes to my gf the healer so she would use hivemind or carnage depending on what I wanted. This was just to put that guy second on the scoreboard. Rarely do I ever care.
  3. MirinDaAesthetics New Player

    Tell me about it. It's comical to the forum viewers. I personally don't take **** from anyone. I didn't do anything to this guy and he insults me indirectly.
  4. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Ice is pretty good melee range
  5. MirinDaAesthetics New Player

    If anyone would like to play in a dps competition, money or not. Send a tell to me. I enjoy playing against new people.
  6. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    Testing the powers in nexus give the rage dps an unfair advantage unless the rage agree to come in w/o SC, but anyway GL
  7. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    If he was a villian I would on my rage DPS...but my hero isn't as geared and doesn't have 180 sp....and I got plenty of money....
  8. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    Lol...I use extended supercharge on my rage....it's so unfair...lol
  9. deraharper New Player

    It wasn't to insult you, it was to give people a heads up of your strategies so you don't possibly take a ton of money from people based not just on skill, but from strategies. But at least I know how you feel about me now. I try to help others, and you just go off on me. I don't even know what the length has to do with anything. I came here to check out the DLC and I saw this thread. That's it. And I'm not even attacking you, you're attacking me. lol. Why don't you put me on blast in a group raid instead of the forums. See how well that goes for you. ;)

    But I'm done here. Thanks for all the insults.
  10. savageprime New Player

    Oh I agree and many hard core ice users we can produce some good range damage but against the top tier sets we dont hold a candle but im hoping that WM and the future damage passes can bridge the gap a bit.
  11. Flightboy New Player

    What are the stipulations to this? Are we running 3 trolls like the last one I trolled for you vs my leagumate when Celestial was FOTM? (you lost btw ;) ) Are you going to have the same excuses like last time and immediately ask for a rematch? :p Is this strictly based on most damage out (Scoreboard chaser aka not beast DPS IMO) or will damage to power ratio be a factor (More of a challenge and proves you actually know how to put up numbers while making a smooth run, again IMO)? Is it going to be half of my league half of yours, all your league, and/or all of my league?

    I have a lot of friends from your league and all of them are very good too. I would like to see you (live stream, youtube, etc) a dps match agaisnt yall's best. :) That would be more entertaining.

    Some of the things you have written in here can be interpreted as eltist fyi. To each their own.

    This isn't a shot at you, so please make sure you understand this before replying. Everything stated above is either a fact or question. Best of luck on your matches and challenges!
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  12. PerfectLegend Dedicated Player

    Imaginary shots fired! ;)
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  13. pyroshade13 Committed Player

    this is gonna be a funny thread. Warning to everyone that maybe interested in this thread. If you are not HL RAGE CELESTIAL don't get into a dps comp for money.
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  14. MirinDaAesthetics New Player

    who have I lost to in your league? I never lost to a celestial dps on dc lol. I've played with you before vaggirl, I don't ever recall playing a celestial. could you elaborate on who it was lol.
  15. Flightboy New Player

    The one who you went agaisnt used to have a CPT rank and "Obivious"ly was Celestial at the time of this event :p

    EDIT: I was asked by this ^ individual in our chat if anyone wanted to troll a dps match. One you were in. Hopefully that narrows it down a bit. Regardless, just curious to the answers to the questions I did ask :)
  16. MirinDaAesthetics New Player

    captain obvious? has never beaten me. I'll ask him personally when I see him on
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  17. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    Still dont know why some people cant understand this (and take offense to it, lol).

    This game is easy to a lot of us, saying AnB is harder than Nexus doesnt mean they will be a challenge to a good (and/or overgeared) group. I say HL is harder to master than Sorc and some guy starts telling me I suck and Im always 4th place dps (even tho I only run with 3 in any group). :rolleyes:
  18. Gerbal New Player

    To bad I quit playing or id try again if you weren't rage lol. Rage is to good
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  19. Pop a Trinket dey sweatin Dedicated Player

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  20. MirinDaAesthetics New Player

    if it matters, you were the toughest rage vs rage I've played lol
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