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Discussion in 'Concluded' started by Spytle, Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. Dj_T New Player

    Everytime you jump cancel you "phantom triangle" I can show you a move on us ps3 and you can try it, I dont mind showing it but its very different and difficult, that and during raids gets you out of rhythm

    Villian side: Aggro Fear

    I can post it up if you like.
  2. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    If you don't care what i think then don't read on. o_O

    If you have been paying attention, because there have been a lot of threads going on...

    This post was about attitude and claiming that certain play styles are out of everyone's reach. It began with the Weapon Mastery thread and demeaned other optional play styles.

    The Animation Timing Post is where you can find acknowledgment about balance and upcoming changes. We feel some changes are needed with Jump Cancelling and are prepared to re-balance each power from there. So, I don't see what that has to do with me trying to go through some of these rotations people are harping on.

    My advice is to stick to the W.I.P. threads in the DCUO Development forum and not rely on this for any information about the game direction. This is simply about what kind of player I am, and trying to translate that into a particular input style in the game. There is less official stuff contained here and more personal opinion. Believe me, I can separate the two.
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  3. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    Yes, I actually was replicating it that way at first. Upon closer inspection of his video however, there is no grenade. It does not happen. So, I actually altered what i was doing and took that move out.
  4. Green Lantern New Player

    The way I see it as a long time HL DPS, I'm open to trying out the new mechanics and seeing if I can make them work for me and if not I'll just be moving onto a new powerset. Basically I'm keeping an open mind until I actually try it out for myself.
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  5. Dametria Loyal Player

    I agree with some of what you are saying, but not all of it. I think the HL players that are being called out are the ones getting up in arms because they feel like WM is going to take their bread & butter for owning the scorecard (i.e. clipping/JC).
    I am a HL player, and I think the issue Spytle is (was) trying to address was that maybe players need to be open to WM.
    I completely agree that HL takes way more skill than repeated button smashing to be skillful. It's knowing the right rotation, managing your power so you don't burn out your bunnies (trollers), and yes muscle reflex. IMO Spytle seems to be making an attempt to reconcile that but there are some people posting who want to keep rehashing and in some cases twisting what he said out of context.
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  6. oF1RESTARo New Player

    You have to hit triangle before jump! If your replicating the HL ram snap fan. I changed from quantum to HL because i wanted to try it and see what everyone was going on about. Ram combo Snap trap combo fan then triangle jump back to ram. My ram is on triangle so basically my combo is "triangle, hold square, triangle, triangle, X ( hold square then tap tap tap as fast as you can then back to beginning.)
  7. Dj_T New Player

    Currently, im not home. But this one combo showed up on youtube and he teaches how its done. I myself have been using it long before, Its a range loadout, good luck :)

    note: i dont use his melee combo! I use a different 1, both loadouts requires 3 trolls at full force

    Sorry for posting the link on top, Im on my phone and the copy past sucks *facepalm*
  8. Buckley Loyal Player

    Do you ever play on EUPC, Spytle
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  9. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    I'd like to chime in here and it is quite possible that I might get flamed for what I'm going to state but I feel it holds true (and heck who knows this comparison might have been made earlier in the thread, I'm honestly not sure because I'm not reading back through 15+ pages of "rwar I'm right, no rwar I'm right". So here goes...

    Why is it a pianist can play a piece of music for 15-20 minutes straight and it be considered skill while a man behind a keyboard making what can come out to be complicated keystrokes in a dedicated pattern for 15-20 minutes straight while making little to no error be only seen as stamina. Yes, one is pressing numerous keys down at a certain time in a certain order to make music and the other one is pressing numerous keys down at a certain time in a certain order to make a digital character on a screen perform certain actions but do they both not take a certain degree of skill to perfect along with stamina? This of course is not directed towards or meant to glorify players who go out of their way who utilize macros or "tricks" to make it easier (while I have no beef directly with you know who, here's looking at you duct tape and credit card man). But how can it be that for those players that can sit at a keyboard and hit something like 1, Space Bar, 3, 5, Shift + S, Left Click, Left Click, Left Hold + 1, 2, Move Mouse to redirect targeting, Tab, etc...over and over and over again in all different types of order in a matter of seconds chaining god knows how many sequences of keys together for 15-20 minutes straight while not making a mistake not be referred to as "skill"?

    In the end I'm not here to cause any drama or spark another argument I just simply wanted to add another viewpoint was all.
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  10. Iron YoJimBo New Player

    What system do some of you prefer? PS3, PS4, or PC? I'm just curious, because that will change your gaming experience in my opinion.
  11. Bast10n Committed Player

    I just wanted to take a second an thank Spytle and the Dev team. You can really tell that he and many members on the team care about the success of DCUO on a level that goes way beyond the fact that it's their job. I appreciate your efforts to engage the community through social media. We all may have differing opinions but we all share one thing in common. We are all passionate about DCUO.
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  12. Liongale Dedicated Player

    You're valid to your viewpoint, nuffin against that, just answering your questions here.
    A pianist who can do 15-20 minutes of straight music has 88 keys to deal with, and he has to memorize them all in the right order that goes all across them. Also it's not just those 15-20 minutes that pianst would be playing, but someone who is up to the task of playing that long would also have a repitore of other memorizations as well. Every single situation is a change of tempos and beats and sheet music memorized. It's just such a gigantic process that I know of, having played the piano for many years and still could never call myself a master... but I could master a few Hard Light combos in a week- even though there's a few combos, there's so few buttons, and the pattern rarely changes.
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  13. Red Ringlight Dedicated Player

    Why is it that someone like Van Cliburn was considered a skilled pianist and someone who switches on one of these machines not?

    Using macros to perfectly time clips and cancels is akin to someone using a Player Piano. I know the analogy isn't perfect, but since you invited the comparison, here it is.
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  14. Liongale Dedicated Player

    No matter what side of the fence you're on, you know you got a winner game when so many are passionate about it.
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  15. Spytle Executive Creative Director

    Here ya go. I gave it a try.

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  16. Jeff Bond Committed Player

    It depends entirely on what you consider to be "the best". I attempt to be the best I can be but that often doesn't mean topping the damage scoreboard. Making clutch rallies, successfully kiting a boss when a tank goes down enabling a team recovery, solo securing all four mist containers in metro while the rest of the team works through mogo/ranx, staying alive, winning 15 PVP matches in a row regularly.

    I don't chase scoreboard stats because I'm not a one dimensional player.
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  17. GreenNGo Well-Known Player

    But timing the small window for the uber crit chance with a power does take skill. I'm not sure if you watched the livestream, but it appears as if you didn't.
  18. GreenNGo Well-Known Player

    The window for the crit chance after the hold is pretty small, so yes it will take some skill. The same can be said for jump cancelling and clipping. Spytle literally explained all of it in the post, did you even bother to read it or were you just looking for fresh meat to troll as your name suggests.
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  19. Aqua New Player

    If you give every dps in the game whatever you're using in this vid to avoid losing power we can all shut this thread down and move on. :D
  20. Yallander Loyal Player

    Once again, not everyone is macroing this stuff...I know most of these players and they have literally trained themselves to do these actions nearly flawless over and over. That is the skill difference.

    Regarding the pianist comparison--not every song uses all 88 keys, some as few as 15-20 or even less in a repetitive manner. Muscle memory is a skill. Many athletes seek to train their bodies to react without thought as it is well known obtaining this "reaction" time is impossible while trying to cognitively do it.
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