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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Dark Horus, May 16, 2014.

  1. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    I'm done son , can't keep doing this to myself . the PUG Life is not the way to go anymore . after the partners and t6 groups i had this week No Mas!!!

    Just was on my villain who is 103 cr controller 2450 Vit 150 sp and i was doing the t6 alert . with 2 dps and a tank i have Never seen a tank spam so much power . this guy had twice as much power in as the Dps and half of the power i put out went to him . some people don't understand how this game works. i can only regenerate power but so fast besides super charge suppply dorp , soda and side kick

    so the dps have power but the tank and I are always low . we make it to the last boss and the real problems start . the dps keep getting between the tank and wonder woman and die . so i keep trying to pick them up. we wipe a few times and the tank leaves .

    the next tank it was totally different i didn't have to struggle to keep him powered . but the dps keep getting to close or hitting the shield . i was using my wm combo on the sub boss staff in to mortar and WW jumped in and did her block . the 2 dps and i go down wipe

    One of the dps starts to rage at me "WHY you attacking ?" started blaming me for him dying . Right ... i didn't make you hit her shield . they had power and the boss was debuffed the entire time but i'm the problem . i got kicked wasted 63 min with that group

    i would rather just do solo's until my league gets on or play another game
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  2. fyshinatux New Player

    please... PLEASE tell me you're on USPC... Q_Q

    I'd be more than happy to tank that for ya mate (I don't care what setup we have role-wise either).

    I've yet to have an unsuccessful run of the T6A, and I was even introduced to someone as the "most insane pro tank" on USPC (I don't personally agree with the pro part :p )

    If you ever need a Tank (on USPC) hit me up on Cerventia (104cr Ice Tank Villain)
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  3. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    USPS ... The thing that drives me crazy is I run this so easy on my 3 hero toons , but I do still run into bad groups on both sides
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  4. fyshinatux New Player

    Ah, just like my AnB last night.

    I've successfully tanked AnB a multitude of times, rarely run into bad groups (but they do happen). Then, last night it was like a complete noobfest...

    First of all, we sat in the last room of the maze saying "r", "ready", "hit the button", "let's go" etc. for like a minute (no, I'm not exaggerating that...) before the last crystal outside got destroyed and we wiped. Then the tank pulls Hal Jordan to the middle, and the DPS start to burn even though 5 out of 8 people (may have been 6 out of 8) agreed that we were taking the safe route of doing the crystals... We wiped thrice...

    This was my first experience with solo healing AnB (first REAL experience healing at that...).

    So yea, I feel ya on the bad groups :oops:

    and btw, a healer friend of mine that was DPS'ing that run (backup heals if we needed it) told me that none of the wipes were because of my lack of heals and that I healed just fine ^_^ (1.4 mil healing out).
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  5. Derio 15000 Post Club

    USPS pug community= terrible.

    I always run T6 alert with friends or leaguemates. I will take a 26 min 1-1-1-1 group over a 40min-faliure 2-1-1 group any day.
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  6. Darth Loyal Player

    That sucks man. I've never had a run like that in any of the pigs that I've run. What kind of a tank was he?
  7. fyshinatux New Player

    Fire Tank.

    Mind you, I'm a tank main, and I have a tank of each power... he wasn't fire tanking well from what I saw. In the end it worked for sure... but gawd was that a painful run Q_Q

    Yea, SoE needs more avatar options for these forums :confused:

    Thought you were the OP >.<
  8. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    Rage , but I had a Ice tank doing the same thing yesterday . Guess he was trying to dps hitting a power ever 2 seconds
  9. Goetosyrus Well-Known Player

    I've yet to have a fail group in the T6 and I've only run it 2-3 times with my league the rest have been pugs. There are some bad players out there but I think perhaps the numbers get exaggerated a bit. Like they say if someone is unhappy they tell 10 people if they are happy they tell maybe 2.
  10. l0blivionl New Player

    So you run with 2 DPS 1 troll and 1 tank, normally this formation only work when all roles know what they are doing. Personally I prefer 1-1-1-1 if I run with random group, sure it might take a little bit longer than 2-1-1 but the chance of survival is higher with healer.
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  11. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    Yea I had a terrible pug group yesterday...I was trolling and keeping everyone full power and I was beating the only DPS in damage after we got all the flags....it took us 20 minutes to just get to that point....I left and said sorry I don't want to be in here for hours....I told the DPS he needs to step it up and se weapon mastery and he replied he only had 60 skill points lol....woah....what the heck was a full vestment DPS w only 60 sp doing this t6 alert...hilarious....
  12. DirtyPirate123 New Player

    Hit me up when on villian side xxDIRTYICExx more then happy to help you with a 20-30 min run. Regular group.
  13. Octantis New Player

  14. Myrdin69 New Player

    since amazon fury launched, i've pug nexus twice:
    both time 3rd dps as troller, barely behind the 2nd dps, my troller partner using power dump once every minute or so, and it took about 20mn for the sentinels part because for some reason they didn't know they had to kill them together (while its wrote on the screen all allong :rolleyes: )

    t6 raid will be funny to pug i think
  15. KidMidnight Loyal Player

    you take your chances when pugging into a group or queuing up for content. if its that bad just leave. if you have to eat deserter farm for ten minutes or go to your lair to see if your rent is all on the up and up or move furniture around or go build a supercharge in central city or any of the three open world areas that have tougher ads. if your in a good group do your best and theyll pick you up next time they see you shouting.

    keep in mind i'm not disagreeing with you. i've seen way too many players in the t6 alert go spam crazy with no regards to the controller at all, i've had players in the duos and alert not even bother to respec to weapons mastery. on my main i can pretty much handle anything but you can really tell how good the other player is if your in a support role. this morning running the easier duo the dps i got paired up with was so bad i couldnt believe he/she actually had three pieces of t6 on. i couldnt take it anymore. just clearing the first ad took a few minutes.

    makes you want to be part of a league...but keep in mind the negatives there. you'll be called on to run things you may not need or dont want to run, you'll have to deal with a lot of drama. many players ive gotten to know through pugging each time i see them theyre in a different league, league leaders and senior members expect preferential treatment (thank go for random loot). as harsh as it can be pugging some of the nastiest things ive experienced in game was at the hands of leaguemates (and shame on them!)

    i dont think i would be "where i am" in the game right now if i had to adhere to other players restrictions (you have to troll, you cant dps, we dont need a healer, you can only run this with us, you can only run this when that person is not on, give me those plans, give me the mats for free).

    if you find a group you can run with on a regular basis go for it and consider yourelf lucky...all i'm saying is when that falls through i'll be here to reply to your "i can't believe my leaguemate/league did this to me" thread...

    pugging makes you stronger faster.
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  16. Dr Improbable Dedicated Player

    Not to start a flame war, but the randoms on hero side are slightly more competent than randoms on villain side.

    I suspect there's a lot of tanks now who have no idea how to play their role and just hit a lot of powers.
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  17. Octantis New Player

    My experience of being a tank in a group amounted to the same phrase repeated over and over, "tank? lol dps pls. dont need tank"

    If other tanks out there were like me, then they never got the chance to actually practice being a tank. Even in 8-mans, only one person is ever asked to tank. I'd bet money that the grand majority of players out there that prefer to tank are actually more skilled at being a dps.
  18. Dark Horus Dedicated Player

    I have been in a league most of the 3 years I've been playing but we have always been small . So I spent 50% of my time in pug groups because I run multiple characters . So I understand the risk and I have been in horrible groups before . I think it was that 47 min duo I stayed in that drove me crazy. How can you be in this content and not be able to out damage a troll as a dps . I'm glad they are stopping walk ins I hope this will increase the quality of players
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  19. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    I may take you up on that if I ever get back into PvE :p
  20. Jbizzahalla175 New Player

    Yea 99 percent of the time I run it with my league....I pugged and got a poop group....but I shouted for new group after and we did it in like 25 minutes...it happens when u pug...never know what ur gonna get...half the time it's good and half the time it's bad...
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