Psst, Hey you, yeah you, over here...Virtual Synergy (USPC-Hero) is recruiting

Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by MrHoiPolloi, May 23, 2013.

  1. MrHoiPolloi Well-Known Player

    Now wait just a gosh darn minute...actually don't wait at all, just apply :)
  2. MrHoiPolloi Well-Known Player

    Where are you? We are here waiting ;)
  3. MixZ New Player

    I am digging the post. Currently downloading DCUO while at work but how is your community at off-peak hours? I am currently stationed in Japan however due to how work is I do work night hours in Japan which means I sometimes play in the US peak hours.
  4. Scotty Ohura Well-Known Player

    We normally have at least 3 or 4 people on at non peak hours but it really depends on the day.
  5. Arathies New Player

  6. McFries New Player

    Hi I would like to join your league, please add me up! my IGN is McFries, I am very active so you'll be able to see me almost everyday:)
  7. MixZ New Player

    Thanks couldn't hurt to check you guys out I guess. Just curious though if a role was lacking in the league for off peak and peak hours for you all what would it be? I tend to play tank but also enjoying playing Light which is a control role if I am correct.
  8. Scotty Ohura Well-Known Player

    The only thing we are lacking per say is healers, but we recently got a few in the league and now it's pretty even other than our abundance of trollers, so a tank would be awesome!
  9. MrHoiPolloi Well-Known Player

    Hey all, I am re-opening our recruitment. Please see the original post for details. Could really use some T5, Origin Crisis Raid ready folks, but as always we are open to any level, CR or Skill wise.
  10. Too Many Toons Dedicated Player

    *bump* joined here awhile back...good bunch = )
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  11. Jurassic Speed New Player

    Hey i am a cr 83 healer and i would like to join ur league. My name is Jurrassic Speed. And i am a nature healer.
  12. MrHoiPolloi Well-Known Player

    Jurassic are you on PC like we are? Your name doesn't show up when I /friend
  13. MrHoiPolloi Well-Known Player

    Still recruiting. We are a anti-lfg elitism league.
  14. Marbou New Player

    *In-game names: Marbon, Green Helm, Wonder Gun / Marbou, Gold Grip, Mystic Slave (created in arch nemesis pairs)
    *Faction (Hero/Villain) and Mentors: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman / Lex Luthor, Joker, Circe
    *Server (USPC)
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points: Just getting into teens with my characters since I play all six until one gets into a league. Played four days.
    *Powers: QuantamBlaster, LightShield, ElectricPistols / QuantamBlaster, LightBrawl, ElectricBludgeon
    *Role: Damage or Control based on character. Hero and Villain pairs take one role while its enemy takes the other.
    *Do you have a mic? Yes. Will grab a better one if needed.
    *Legendary I believe. Station Pass. All DLC unlocked.
    *About Myself: I work six days a week, am in my late twenties go to night class for figure drawing on my day off and play DCUO on my free time.
    *What are you looking for in a league and why?
    Because it's funner with others and I could use some advice shared between team mates anyway. Played City of Heroes and Champions when they came out. Did enough solo leveling and team play to realize what I liked. I created those six characters to test out several aspects of the game as varied as possible. Can focus on a character once one is invited into a league, as then I will not be playing alone all the time.
  15. MrHoiPolloi Well-Known Player

    Hey there Marbou I'll keep an eye out for you in game.
  16. BattleScar X77 New Player

    I'm looking for a league to run t5 content daily and lower tier
    content as well. Do you league run T5 raids?? Add my toons to your
    friends list and contact me pls.

    sephiroth506 99 cr
    CaiusEdge 97 cr
    Genesis Rhapsodus 96 cr

    I look forward to running content with you.
  17. MrHoiPolloi Well-Known Player

    Updated the main post and of course, recruiting is OPEN!
  18. MrHoiPolloi Well-Known Player

    We added a few new members over the past couple of days and still looking for more. Come check us out.
  19. Yeah that Eddie Committed Player

    While I am a villain, Yellow Lantern, and evil minion I do have, shall we say...informants...within the heroic ranks.

    It has been said that Virtual Synergy is a league that, while they have fun, they also respect their members. The meant hero, yes hero...ahem... I was torturing..Talking, I mean talking with:cool:....said that while jokes, and banter are commonplace, it is not carried to extremes. No one is made to feel uncomfortable, and insulting/degrading humor at the expense of a league member is forbidden.

    Reallyo_O? I mean seriously? What is with these heroes? Where's the hierarchy, the backstabbing to climb the ladder to league officer?

    But I digress. I have run across the members of this league in Metropolis, running Tier 5 content against my fellow Yellow Lanterns. It is infuriating to witness their joviality, and good humor while they successfully complete Alerts and Raids:mad:!

    So...why am I bothering to write this? Victims. New recruits to a league mean untested and unskilled opponents. So, join this band of do-gooders, have your fun, make your jokes...but I, and my Corps brethren, will be waiting;).
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  20. EmotheClown New Player

    I'd love to join your League if possible! I'm a Hard Light Controller freshish level 30 named Lokirh, or a soon to be level 30 (Hopefully) Rage Tank named Ulixess. Would love to join on either or both!